Monday, May 23, 2011

[VID] 110522 Se7en on E-News Asia (FM/AMF in KL)


[Twitter] 110517 ~ 110523

OFFICIALSE7EN: @sunchan0517 생일축하해요 선찬!!!^^ 좋은하루보내요!!!  [Happy birthday Sun chan!!^^ Have a good day!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @hseeeee 승희양~ 생일축하해^^ 좋은하루 보내랏!!!  [Seung hee~happy birthday^^ Have a good day!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 요고요고!! 요고 키워!!! 형 닮은 개!!!! ^^ “@29rain: 여러분 실내에서 키울수있는 애완견은 무슨종이 젤 좋을까요? 전문지식이 필요합니다…제발 말 잘듣는걸루요!!” [This this!! Raise this!!A dog that looks like hyung!!!^^ RT @29rain Everyone, what’s the best pet to have indoors?I need some expert advice..Please one can that will listen to me!!]

29rain: @officialse7en 븐아 안열려 ㅠ [Ben ah~ i cant open the photo TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @29rain 사진 안보여?? 요고요고!!! 요고 키우라공!!! ㅋㅋ [You cant see the photo?? This one this one!! Raise this one!! keke]

29rain: @officialse7en 너 다시 고등학교로 돌아가야겠다 오늘 집합!!! [You need to go back to high school! We’ll gather today!]

[Dongwookie then tweeted something along the lines of "So scared, you hit me so much back in high school" but he's deleted that tweet now]

29rain: @officialse7en 헉 내가 언제 내가 젤 잘해줬잖아 오해한다 사람들이 ㅠ [Heuk when did I! I treated you the best~People are going to misunderstand ㅠ]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @29rain ^^알롸뷰~ [^^ I love you~]

29rain: @officialse7en 사랑까지는 ㅠ [Did you need to say you love me? TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @29rain  ㅋㅋ 그럼.. 조… 좋아합니다^^ [keke well..i… you^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @allthingsReign happy bday Raven!!! Hva greattt day!!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mingkki21 에구궁 우리 귀여운 동생들~ 2주년 축하축하!!^^ (아.. 두명은 동생이 아니구나..) [Aigoo our cute dongsaeng~ Congrats for the 2 year anniversary^^ (Ah.. 2 of you guys arent dongsaengs’s….)]

[Note: He's referring to the 2nd anniversary of 2ne1]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lilicassielf happy bday 릴리안!!! Hva greattt day!!! Holla~

[Note: the hangul is for Lilian]

OFFICIALSE7EN: RT @Brianjoomuzik Brian Joo US Link: #iTunes & Canada link: #iTunes *Don’t forget to write a review & spread the word


OFFICIALSE7EN: @CHOI777777 아 은별양~ 생일축하해요^^ 좋은꿈꾸고 오늘하루 아주 행복하게 보내기!!^^ g nite!!! [Ah Eunbyul~happy birthday^^ Have a good dream and have a very happy day today!!^^g nite!!!]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @anna_banana518 happy bday Anna!!! Hva greattt day!!!! Holla~~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @Realtaeyang 생일축하해~ 형도 보고싶다!!! 공연 무사히 잘 마치고 얼렁 돌아오길~!! love ya!!! [Happy birthday~Hyung also misses you!! Finish the concert well and come back soon~!!love ya!!]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @Kim_arun happy bday Arumi!! Hva nice day~~ holla~~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @plumeria7777777 happy bday Plumeria!!! Hva greattt day!!!! Ja ne~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @miyyoung 미영아~~ 생잉 축하해^^ 아주 좋은하루 보내길 바래용!!! Happy bday!!! [Miyoung ah~~happy birthday^^ I hope you have a very good day!! Happy bday!!!]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @SarahLovesB2st happy bday Sarah!!! Hva greattt bday tmrw!!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @gpalswwkd sorry.. 못봤나봐요 ㅠ 암튼 생일 축하했어요^^ 좋은 하루 보내요!! [sorry.. I think i didnt see it TT anyway happy belated birthday^^ happy a good day!!]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @yukka wow 결혼기념일 축하드립니다!!! 좋은하루 보내세요^^ [Happy wedding anniversary!!Have a good day^^]


OFFICIALSE7EN: RT @juheon84 신인가수’주헌’입니다 마포구서교동 344-6 지하1층 홍대클럽’사운드홀릭시티’에서 쇼케이스 & 뮤직비디오촬영이있습니다 이글보신분들부담갖지마시고놀러오세요 5월 24일 오후1시 파티를시작합니다 무한RT부탁해요 ~ ^^ [I’m a newcomer singer “Ju heon”~There is a showcase and music video filming at hongdae club “Soundholic city” at mapogu Seogyo dong 344-6, underground 1st floor. Everyone who sees this, dont feel burdened and come and have fun~The party starts at 1pm on 24th May~Please retweet~^^]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @twoseul 오~ 생일축하해요^^ 어젠 좋은하루 보내셨나요?? 힘드셔도 항상 힘내셔요!!! 감바떼!!! [Oh~happy birthday^^ Did you have a good day yesterday?? Even if you are having a hard time, cheer up!!Ganbatte!]


OFFICIALSE7EN: TEUKthoven happy bday Karyn!!! Hva gooood day tmrw!!!


Jin_Akanishi : i miss japan~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jin_Akanishi miss japan too…


OFFICIALSE7EN: @yndopp happy bday Dopp!!!! Hva great day!!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @imbbor 보라양~ 생일축하해용^^ 즐거운 주말보내길!!! Happy bday~ [Bora~happy birthday^^ Have an enjoyable weekend!!happy bday~]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @hyundrella happy bday Hande!!! Hva great day!!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @MayllizaTan happy bday Mays!!! Hva great day!!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @SATARNOLA happy bday Satarnola!!! Hva greattt day!!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @yungiee happy bday Yungiee~ hva nice day!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @iodcm wow~ happy 20th bday!!!! Hva greattt day!!!! Tanjobi omedeto!!!!! Ja ne~~


OFFICIALSE7EN: RT @Seulbii_ @officialse7en 알티부탁드려요 대전 한빛콜 택시에서 빨간 장지갑 잃어버렸어요 둔산3동에서 분실했구요 안에 2만원,교통카드,스킨푸드, NII회원카드 들어있어요. 오늘 아버지 생신인데 지갑 분실했어요 꼭 찾아야합니다 알티부탁드려요 [Please help me retweet~I lost my red wallet on a daejeon hanbitkol taxi. I lost it at doongsan 3 dong~Inside there is 20000won, a transport card, skin food, NII membership cards. Today is my father’s birthdya but I lost my wallet. I need to find it, please help retweet]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @ShelmaAfriana happy bday Shelma!!! Hva gooood day!!! Holla~


Y2ne1isBBG: @officialse7en 오빠….저오늘생일인데…..축하해달라고하면안되겠죠….? [Oppa.. it’s my birthday’s not ok for me to ask you to wish me a happy birthday is it..??]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Y2NE1isBBG 네… 안되여… 농담^^ 너무너무 축하합니다!!! Happy bday!!! Hva goood day~ [No.. you cant..just kidding^^Happy birthday!!happy bday!!Hva good day~]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @1513J 생일축하해용 이슬양^^ 좋은 하루 보내용!!! Happy bday!!! [Happy birthday Leeseul^^ Have a good day!!!Happy bday!!]


OFFICIALSE7EN: @ROSEALINA_333 hey~ happy bday Rosealina~!! Hope u hva greatttt day~ thank u!!! Holla~


OFFICIALSE7EN: @dongjh21 happy bday San!!! Hva goooood day~~ holla~~!!!!!

Translated by ceciliase7en

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[NEWS] Rain and Se7en have a random Twitter conversation

Singers Se7en and Rain showed off their unexpectedly close friendship with each other through a conversation on their Twitter accounts.

On May 17th, Rain asked his fans on Twitter, “Everyone, what is the best pet to take care of indoors? I need expert knowledge on this. Something that listens to me well.

In response, Se7en uploaded a picture of a dog and replied, “Get something like this! A pet dog that looks like you!” The picture Se7en uploaded was indeed a puppy with small, squinty eyes that smiled exactly like Rain.

Rain tweeted back, “I think you need to go back to high school. Today’s punishment day!” Se7en then replied, “Ah hyung-nim, anything but that… I’m sorry. You already hit me a lot during high school.

Afterwards, Rain lightheartedly replied, “What, when? I took care of you the most, people will misunderstand.

Seems like an exchange only friends would feel comfortable with, right? Who knew?

Source: TV Daily via Nate
Taken from AllKpop

Monday, May 16, 2011

[Twitter] 110514 + 110515 + 110516

OFFICIALSE7EN: 저도 너무 즐거웠어요!!! 어제 경원대축제 함께 즐겨주신분들 너무나 고마워요~love yall!!! “@Cobble0214: 형 오늘 정말대박이였어요!!!경원대에서 강한인상남기고가셨네요ㅋㅋ진짜 대박 잘생기시고 연예인포스 줄줄흐르셔요ㅋㅋ” [I also enjoyed it alot!!Thank you to everyone who had fun with me at Kyungwon university festival yesterday~love yall!!!! “@Cobble0214: Hyung today was really daebak!!You really left behind a deep impression at Kyungwon university keke~You were really good looking and so glamourous] [T/N: he actually said you put on celebrity poses~but that's what he meant]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @hyejin7 양칠아!!! 생일축하해~^^ 아주아주 좋은 하루 보내길 바래욧!!! Happy bday~~ [Yangchilah!!!happy birthday~^^ Hope you have a very very good day!!Happy bday~~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @princessjolya happy bday Jolya~~~ Hope u had a gooood time!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ainsxstar happy bday Ainsx!!!! Hva greaaatttt day~~ holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @aghnianuri happy bday Aghnia!!! Hva greattt day!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @LNARA329 나라양~ 성년의날 축하해요!! 이제 진정한 어여쁜 숙녀로 거듭나길!!! ^^ [Nara~Congratulations on this coming-of-age day/maturation day!!Pray that you will become a really pretty lady!!^^] [T/N: In korea, there is a day which celebrates an adolescent who has officially risen to adult status, or coming of age]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 오늘은 성년의날이군요!!! 진정한 20대로 거듭난 모든 분들 진심으로 축하드립니다~ 이제 본인들의 멋진 미래를 향해 힘차게 달려나가세요!!! 화이팅!!!^^ ~ (향수 이모티콘은 없네요~ 향수는 알아서 각자 사써 쓰삼^^) [Today is the coming of age day!!Congratulations to those who turn over a new page today and enter into their 20′s~From now, run hard towards your cool future!!Fighting!!^^~(There’s no emoticon for perfume~Everyone just use it yourself^^)] [T/N: Perfume is traditionally given as a present on Coming of age day]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @kmk9141 웅 미경이 성인된거 완전 축하축하!!! 이제 성인비디오 맘껏봐도돼!!^^ 안뇽~ [Eung~Congrats to Mikyung on becoming an adult!!!Now you can watch as many adult videos as you like!!^^ bye~]

missA_min: 민이 오늘부터 성년입니닷 오오오 오오오오오오 히히 [Min is an adult from today~ohohohohohohohohohohoh hehe]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @missA_min 오~ 축하해!!! 이제 에로영화 몰래안봐도 되겠네^^ [Oh~congrats!! Now you dont need to watch erotic films in secret anymore^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 오늘 날씨 너무 화창화창!!! 오~랜만에 한강에서 농구한판!! w YG 농구단!!! ( jus made it^^) [Today’s weather is so clear!!!Playing a game of basketball at the Han river for the first time in ages!! w YG basketball team!! ( jus made it^^)]

Translated by ceciliase7en

[VIDS] Se7en on Arirang's Showbiz Korea - Thailand's K-pop Wave Concert

Rehearsing (start at 03:03)

Performance and Interview (start at 03:23)