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[Twitter] 110223 + 110224 + 110225 + 110226

OFFICIALSE7EN: Thank u soooo much S'PORE!!! I had a lot of fun w U guys!!! I love yall~~~ take care~ hope to c ya soon!!! holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: 한국도착!! 싱가폴 공연 마치고 돌아왔음요!! 잘들 지내요!? 새벽공기가 차고 맑음!! 아~시원하고 좋구만^^ 뱅기에서 한숨도 못잤어.. 졸리다... 굿나잇^^ [Arrived in Korea!! I’ve come back after finishing my performance in Singapore!! Has everyone been well!? The air at dawn is cold and clear!! Ah it’s refreshing and i like it^^ I couldnt sleep at all on the plane.. sleepy..good night^^]

eunhye0221: @officialse7en 인기 만배 더 추가하고왔어?? ㅋㅋ 이제 왔으니 나도 열봉찜닭 먹으러 가야겠다 ㅋ (실수로봉추라고써서 ..다시수정..나 미쳤나봐)ㅠㅠ [Did you come after increasing your popularity 10000 times??keke Now that you’ve come back, I need to go to Yeolbong to eat keke (As a mistake I wrote Bong chu instead..changed it again.. I must have gone crazy) TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @eunhye0221 고마워요 윤은혜씨^^[Thank you Yoon Eun Hye ssi^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @yeolbong 일주일 외국나가있었더니 니가 진짜 그리웠어~ 한식을 한번도 못먹었거덩 ㅠㅠ 열봉아 기다려라!! 오빠가 곧 갈게!!!^^ 근데 너 여자맞니??^^ [Going overseas for a week, I really missed you~ I didnt eat korean food even once there TT Yeolbong ah wait for me!! Oppa is going there soon!!^^ But are you a girl?^^]

yeolbong: @officialse7en 저두 사장님보고싶었어여^^~ 근데.. 형.. 저 수닭이에여;;; [I also missed sajangnim^^~But..hyung..i’m a cock…]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @YEOLBONG 아... 그래? 쏘리쏘리... 너 속눈썹 긴거보고 형이 착각했어^^ [Ah…Is that right? Sorry sorry.. I misunderstood because of your long eyelashes^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @zmfql486 아이고 미안... 와이파이 잘 안잡혔어요..ㅠ 덮쳐보니 칠군!! 생일축하해요~ 좋은하루 보내셨나요?? 오늘도 상쾌한하루 되길^^ [Aigoo I’m sorry..I wasnt able to connect wifi often..TT Seeing your buried msg~Chil gun! Happy birthday~Did you have a happy day??Hope you also have an enjoyable day today^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Today is.. SE7EN's Japan debut anniversary!! みんな ありがとう!!! ごとしは ぜったい 日本で あいましょう!!! 愛してるよ~^^ [Today is.. SE7EN's Japan debut anniversary!! Thank you everyone!!! I'll see you in Japan absolutely!! I love you~^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Ssol_07 한솔양!!! 이제봤네 ㅠ 생일 축하했어요~^^ 고3!! 준비열심히해서 꼭 가고싶은 대학갈수있길 바래요!! 화이팅!!! [(Miss) Han sol!! I saw it just now TT Hope you had a happy birhtday~^^ High school 3rd grade! I hope that you will prepare hard and get into the university that you want!! Fighting!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @baeyejin16 예진양~ 생일축하해요^^ 즐거운 생일 보냈나요? 오늘 하루도 행복하길!!! [(Miss) Ye jin~ Happy birthday^^ Did you have a happy birthday? I hope that today you are happy too!!]

Jiggy_Dogg: @officialse7en 우왓!축하드립니다!^^앞으로도 더욱 더 멋진 모습 기대할께요!건강하세요! [ Oowah! Congratulations!^^ I look forward to seeing you showing your cool image! Stay healthy!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jiggy_Dogg 고맙습니다~!!^^ [Thank you~!!^^]

jinuSEAN3000: 열봉찜닭 맛 있 다~ 살두밥(살치알 두부밥과 소스를 비벼 먹으면 꼴~깍)^^ [Yeolbong steam chicken is delicious~Sal doo bap (meat and tofu and rice mixed with sauce eaten together is yummy)^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @jinuSEAN3000 thank u sir!!!^^ 아 근데 날두밥입니다 형님!! 날치알^^ ㅋㅋㅋ [thank u sir!!!^^ But it’s actually Nal doo bap hyung nim!! flying fish roe^^keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 헉ㅠㅠ“@YEOLBONG: (열봉뉘우스~) 글구 한가지더!!! 빅뱅콘서트를 보시구 티켓을가져오시는 모든분에 한하여 3월 말일까지 10%DC SE7EN CEO님이 쏩니다^^~ 꼬끼오~” [Heuk TT RT @YEOLBONG (Yeolbong news~)And one more thing!! To everyone who watches the Big Bang concert and come with their ticket, CEO Se7en will treat you to 10% discount for the month of March^^~ *chicken noise*]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @YEOLBONG 담부턴 이런건 형이랑 상의하고 올려라!!! 이놈!!! [Next time for something like this, discuss with me before uploading!! You!!]

cherry4eva84: 븐이네 열봉찜닭! 드디어 먹었습니다 완젼맛있게 먹었뜹!니다ㅋ 동욱아 잘먹었어!^^ 사람이 미어 터진 모습을보니 내가 흐믓~ ㅋㅋ계속대박 유지하숑! [Ben”s Yeolbong steam chicken! I finally ate it~It was totally delicious!!keke Dongwookah I ate well!^^ I was happy watching the place bursting with ppl keke~keep up with the success!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @cherry4eva84 haha~~ anytime!!! Thank u!!^^

ssinz: 오랜만에 은지만나서 수다중에 삼촌만나서 횡재했어요앞으로 신사동가면 삼촌한테 자주연락해야겠어요. 이렇게 가까이있었는데 여지껏 몰랐다니가족맞나요우리오랜만에노리사진찰칵 [Met Eun ji first time in a long while.. while talking I met my uncle and got a bonus ($$). From now on if I go to shinsadong I need to contact my uncle often. He’s so closeby but I didnt know~Meet the family~Here’s a fun pic]

Note: this is Park shin hye

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @ssinz 신사동이면 열봉이지이!!!! ㅋㅋ [If you’re talking about Shinsadong then of course you need to find Yeolbong !! keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @tjgud7 늦게라두 축하해요!!!^^ happy bday~!!! [Even though late, Happy birthday!!^^ happy bday~!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: GO! BIGBANG!!! “@jinuSEAN3000:Big Bang is back Their new album is out today Make sure everyone get their new album Show your love"TONIGHT"”

OFFICIALSE7EN: ^^RT@YEOLBONG: (열봉뉘우스) SE7EN 데뷔 8주년기념!!! 데뷔달인 3월한달동안~ 세븐CD or 럭세카드를 가져오시면 10%DC 해드립니다!!! 단 빅뱅 콘서트티켓과 중복할인은 안된다구여~꼬끼오^^ [^^ RT@YEOLBONG (Yeolbong news) Special 8 year debut anniversary for se7en!! During march, if you bring a se7en cd or lucky se7en membership card with you, you will be given a 10% discount!! But it cant be used together with Big bang concert ticket! *chicken noise*]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mapjsp7777 happy birthday jisu!!! 좋은하루보내요^^ [Happy birthday jisu!! Have a good day^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @NeveWitch hey~ happy bday neve!!! Hva great day!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: @kimsssso 생일축하해요^^ [Happy birthday^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @CKAY26 hey!!! Happy b’day!!! Hva great day!!! Lets hang out w ur BF next time!!! Ha~

Note: CKAY26 is Crystal Kay, a japanese singer.

OFFICIALSE7EN: @i_dragon ははさん おたんじょび おめでとう こざいます!! いつも げんきで しあわせに なって ください!!! [Haha-san (mother) Happy birthday!! Please be healthy and happy always!!!]

Note: i_dragon is requesting him to wish her mother, who is a fan of him since he's debuting in japan, a happy bday.

Translated by ceciliase7en and the japanese tweets are by me. ^^

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[VIDS] Singapore is Se7en's first tour stop

source: RazorTV

[NEWS] Se7en talks about HanByul,BoA & his missing wallet at Digital Bounce Press Con in Singapore!

Nine years on, the Korean pop star is still very much in love with his girlfriend Park Han Byul. KOREAN pop star Se7en has truly fallen in love. And, well, he went on to fall on stage too.

The singer glowed at the press conference at Orchard Hotel on Saturday when he spoke of his most recent Valentine's Day.

This was just before he took a tumble during his hour-long showcase at St James Powerhouse, during which he tripped over his back-up dancer's foot.

But luckily, the nimble singer with the killer dance moves wasn't hurt.

Se7en, whose real name is Choi Dong Wook, recovered quickly and put on a superb show for his local fans.

The 27-year-old heart-throb had come out two years ago to the Korean media about his relationship with sexy Korean actress-model Park Han Byul.

This was after private pictures of them - rumoured to be in their undergarments - were circulated on the Internet as a result of a successful hack into Park's blog.

The couple has been dating for nine years.

Said Se7en, with a cheeky grin, in English: 'Do you know that on Valentine's Day in Korea, men do nothing and only the women do all the work?

'They give, like, chocolates and stuff to the men. But on March 14, it's the White Day. On this day, it's the men's turn to romance the women.'

While Se7en was coy and wouldn't disclose what Park had given him, he said that he had received a lot of chocolates from friends and fans.

So what will he give to his lady love in return on White Day next month?

'I give her back some candy?' he replied to laughter from the media.

Se7en was in town over the weekend to promote his latest album Digital Bounce.

This marks his return to the Asian entertainment industry after having slugged it out in the US market over the last few years.

While Se7en has taken the K-pop industry by storm with his excellent vocals since his debut in 2003, his girlfriend is famed for her acting career.

The two were born just a few days apart, and Park, also 27, is best known for the 2003 horror film, Wishing Stairs.

Last year, she starred in Se7en's music video for his hit single, I'm Going Crazy.

In 2009, Se7en broke his silence about Park with an entry on his 'minihompy'.

A minihompy is an apartment-like space on Cyworld, a Korean social network service which allows its members to blog, upload pictures and interact with one another.

Wrote Se7en: 'I, Choi Dong Wook, have been in a relationship with Park Han Byul for seven years now.

Close friends

'We started out as close friends during high school and (then became) lovers, supporting each other. Watching other stars' public break-ups, I felt it was right to keep my life private for her sake.

'Now I apologise for denying the prevalent rumours by claiming our love to be a mere friendship.

'I did not want to publicise our love in this unwilling way.

'However, from now on, I will be free of guilt and the uncomfortable thoughts of hiding my love for a woman while performing in front of masses.'

As for the private pictures that were circulated in cyberspace, Se7en explained to the Korean media: 'Park and I made a secret room in Park's blog to share photos and letters while I was away in the US for a long time.'

So, has coming clean about his relationship made him a happier man?

Se7en told the local media: 'Even though we've been together for so long, we're still the same people.

'We're just normal people living in Korea. But we're still not comfortable going out together.'

As proof of his loyalty to Park, he was quick to stress that he and Korean superstar BoA - who had also gone to the US a few years ago to forge a music career there - were merely good friends.

He added that the reason why they bonded was because they were both away from home in a foreign land.

If only Se7en wasn't so protective of his belle. He would then have heard that the actual question fielded by the media was actually about the hardships that he and BoA had faced while trying to make it in the US.

Having made his return to Asia, Se7en said that he didn't feel threatened by the possibility of his labelmates surpassing him in terms of popularity during his absence.

'I'm proud that they are making it big.'

But the difference between the US and Korea, he conceded, was that because work never felt like work in the US, 'the music came out naturally'.

Calling it 'chilling', Se7en admitted that in contrast, 'work feels very much like work' in Korea.

But what fans really want to know is, has their idol found his wallet yet?

Just last month, Se7en lost his wallet at a cafe in Seoul and went on his Twitter account to ask if anyone had found it.

He tweeted: 'I lost my wallet near the Cheongdamdong area near a cafe called Java City. It's a brown Louis Vuitton money clip wallet.

'It has credit cards and my identification card with the name Choi Dong Wook. I will be grateful to whoever finds it.'

He even offered the reward of a one-on-one fan meeting with the person who returned his wallet and joked that if he or she didn't like him, he would just thank them.

Unfortunately, his proposal hit a dead end.

Se7en updated the local media: 'No, I'm sorry, I haven't found my wallet. I received a lot of tweets that said they had it but none of them were true.'

He revealed that he may have lost something precious to him in that wallet but wouldn't say what it was.

Well, if fans couldn't get alone time with Se7en, at least they did manage to get up close and personal with him when he signed their CDs on Sunday at IMM's Garden Plaza.

A few hundred screaming fans had attended the autograph session which lasted half an hour.

The icing on the cake was when they were told by the emcee that they could tell Se7en their names and he would make out the autograph to them.

These fans also had a blast at his showcase on Saturday.

The 800-strong mostly female crowd, who had paid either $70 or $170 to watch him, didn't leave disappointed.

Se7en dazzled through all five hit songs and was spectacular during his powerhouse renditions of I'm Going Crazy and Digital Bounce.

But when he slipped and fell during a dance move, his adoring supporters had the shock of their lives.

So, what better way to calm them down?

Said Se7en: 'I love you guys. See you soon.'

Reported by Charlene Chua for The New Paper
via fuckyeahygfamilyy@tumblr

[NEWS] Se7en bounces back

Three years ago,Korean singer Se7en was one of the biggest singers in the business,second only to superstar singer-actor Rain.But he gave it all up to pursue a career in the US.

Fast forward to the present and the singer,whose real name is Choi Dong Wook,is holding court in Singapore to promote his new mini album of seven tracks,which includes a duet with Korean rapper T.O.P of the immensely popular boyband BIGBANG.

While in Los Angeles,Se7en did not have the breakthrough that most artist hoped for.He recorded three English songs including one,Girls,which featured American rapper Lil'Kim but did not make it to the American Billboard charts.There was a plan to record and release a full album in the US but the album release was postponed.

But at the press conference,the 26-year-old singer did not come across as bitter about his lack of success in the US.He said:"I really liked it in the States and i would want to go back if there is an opportunity."
"There were a lot of good times.The basic difference was the culture.I really liked working there.I never felt that it was work as it was fun and the music came out very naturally.Work in Korea just feels like work."

It seems that his fans have not forgotten him.The mini-album,Digital Bounce,peaked at No.2 in Korea last year.Singers in Korea release mini-albums,which introduce fans to their new music,to test the market.

Se7en,who is known for his powerful vocals and ballads,decided to go down the electronic and hip-hop path with Digital Bounce,which bears influences of the time he spent in the US.He said in fairly fluent English:"I made this album for my comeback in Korea and it's different from my other albums.When i was in the States, I learnt from really good producers,dancers and singers."

Some of the musicians he worked with,besides Lil'Kim,including Grammy-award winning record producer Rich Harrison who has worked with Jennifer Lopez,and songwriter Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins.He said that since his return to Korea,he has been inundated with acting offers.

His last acting project was in the television drama Goong S,where he played a commoner-turned-prince who struggles to find his place in the royal family.Se7en makes it clear that he wants to focus on his music and plans to start recording for his next album after promotions for Digital Bounce are done."If a role fits me,i will think about it.I just want to make good music."

The Korean hunk might not have made it big in the US but at least he left with a good command of the English language.He answered most of the questions at the press conference in a language that he picked up only 3 years ago.

[DIGITAL BOUNCE] is available at major record stores.

(This is the original article on Straits Times,nothing was amended. Credit : THE STRAITS TIMES)
credit: @YGFamilySG

[PIC] Se7en with his nephew and Yeolbongi

from farineli, se7en’s sister’s mini hompy
credit: ceciliase7en

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[VID] 110219 SE7EN "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotion - Press Conference Ver.2


[Vid] 110220 The Sheng Siong Show – Cuts & Digital Bounce


[Twitter] 110221

OFFCICIALSE7EN: @29rain Thanks bruh!!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: (열봉 늬우스) 열봉찜닭 가로수점에 월드스타 ‘비’씨가 찾아주셨네요^^ 감사합니다~ 꼬끼오”” [Thanks bruh!!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: (Yeolbong news) World star ‘Bi’ came to our Yeolbong steam chicken garuso branch^^ Thank you *chicken noise*”]

OFFCICIALSE7EN: 알롸뷰^^ RT“@29rain: @officialse7en 오늘 우리 동생 집 다녀왔습니다 …^^ 이세상에서 젤 맛난 찜닭이었습니다… ㅋㅋㅋ 담주에 또 가려구용 우리 최사장 홧팅!!!” [I love you^^ RT”@29rain @officialse7en Today I went to our dongsaeng’s place..^^It was the most delicious steam chicken in this world..kekeke I’m planning to go again next week~Fighting our Choi sajang!!”]

Translated by ceciliase7en

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[PICS] 110219 "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotion - Showcase Part III

All pics are in thumbnail~ Sorry for the inconvenience... ^^

[VIDS] 110219 SE7EN "Digital Bounce" Singapore Showcase Part II




[PICS] Se7en and TOP on "2010 YG Family Concert Making Of" Photobook

credit: DCTOP Verdad+BigBangIndonesia@tumblr

[PICS] 110219 "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotion - Showcase Part II

[PICS] 110219 "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotion - Showcase

[VIDS] 110219 SE7EN "Digital Bounce" Singapore Showcase

Digital Bounce

I'm Going Crazy, La La La & Better Together



[PICS] 110219 "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotion - Press Conference Part II

source: various twitter account+farineli+ceciliase7en

[PICS] 110219 "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotion - Press Conference

[PICS] Se7en at Yeolbong

source: twitter+ceciliase7en

[Twitter] 110218

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Y_Ram0218 생일축하해요^^ 아주아주 좋은 하루 보내길 바래요!! Happy bday!!! [Happy birthday^^ I hope you have a very very good day!! Happy bday!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Thank U!!! RT “@YEOLBONG: 어제의 그분!!!
열봉찜닭을 찾아주신 많은 연예인손님들께 감사의 말씀을 전합니다!!
세븐님을 시작으로~
박신혜씨 소유진씨 성제씨 최성준씨 박한별씨 윤은혜씨 차예련씨 그룹 달마시안 까지!!! 너무나 감사드려요~!!!
그리고 지난주 오픈식에 찾아주신
보아씨 윤아씨 오진환씨 송백경씨 구준엽씨 심태윤씨 이정씨 유인나씨 김가연씨 임요환씨에게도 무한한 감사의 말씀을 드립니다!!! 고맙습니다~
[Thank U! RT @YEOLBONG The ‘ones’ who came yesterday!! Yeolbong wishes to express thanks to the many entertainers/celebrities who came! Starting from Se7en~ Park Shin Hye ssi, So Yoo Jin ssi, Sung Je ssi, Choi Sung Jun ssi, Park Han Byul ssi, Yoon Eun Hye ssi, Cha Ye Ryun ssi, the group Dalmation!! Thank you so much!! And also BoA ssi, Yoona ssi, Oh Jin Hwan ssi, Song Baek Kyung ssi, Goo Jun Yup ssi, Shim Tae Yoon ssi, Lee Jung ssi, Yoo In Ah ssi, Kim Ga Yeon ssi, Im Yo Hwan ssi who came to the opening last week, thank you very much! *chicken noise*]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Wassup!!! S’pore~ I’m here!!! Ill c u guys tmrw at Power house st james power station!!! Holla~~!!!

Translated by ceciliase7en

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[VID] Se7en's greeting message to Singapore fans (Part 2)


[Twitter] 110217

OFFICIALSE7EN: @__jinyoung 오케이 진영이!!! 21번째 생일 너무 축하하구~ 행복한 하루보내^^ [Okay Jin Youngee!! Happy 21st birthday~Have a happy day^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @teresaaub Hey~!!! happy bday!!!! Hva great day!!! Holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Sam_Da_Soo 생일축하해요!!!^^ 좋은하루 보내길~!!! Happy bday!!!! [Happy brithday!!!^^Hope you spend a good day~!!!Happy bday!!]

Sam_Da_Soo: @officialse7en 형식적인 축하멘트…네요ㅠㅠ [Seems like it’s a formulated message TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @Sam_Da_Soo 모.. 누구에게나 다 돌아오는 생일.. 사실 별로 축하안해…!!! 이러면 좀 나을라나??^^ 특별하지!!?? ㅋㅋ [Well.. everyone has birthdays… nothing to be happy about..!! Is this better??^^ It’s special isnt it??keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jjintung ^^ 생일 축하해 혜정아~~!!! 좋은하루 보내길!!! [^^ Happy birthday Hye Jungah~!!! Hope you have a good day!!]

Dasomeee: @officialse7en 당연히 안해줄텐데 내가 괜한 기대했구먼!!!!!! 쳇!!!!!! 내가 바보멍텅구리지뭐…..그죠?! [Of course you’re not going to do it for me so I waited for nothing!!Chhh!! Well I’m a fool..right?]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @Dasomeee 어 [Ahuh]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[INFO] Project from YGFamilySG!

More info please contact @YGFamilySG

[Twitter] 110215

OFFICIALSE7EN: 사진 VS 실물 “@YEOLBONG: (열봉 뉘우스~) 열봉찜닭 가로수점에 세븐씨~ 최사장님 등장!!! 모자에 열봉이 뺏지도 달고왔네요!! 꼬끼오~~^^ [Photo VS Original "@YEOLBONG (Yeolbong news~) Se7en ssi ~ Choi sajangnim appears at Yeolbong garosu branch!!He came with a Yeolbong badge on his hat!!*chicken noise*]

Note: there's another photo that @yeolbong tweeted that's not included in his RT...

Translated by ceciliase7en n partially by me. ^^

[VID] Se7en's greeting message to Singapore fans


Monday, February 14, 2011

[NEWS] 110214 Interview on U-weekly Magazine, Singapore

[This article was translated from the latest issue of U-weekly]

In 2007,Korean singer Se7en ditched the success and fame he enjoyed in Korea to venture to the US,where he was an unknown.
Three years later,he returned home to a still-ador-ing fan base.
The 26-year-old released a mini-album [Digital Bounce],last july,featuring 7tracks,including a collaboration with Korean rapper T.O.P of k-pop boy band Big Bang.
He told U-weekly in an email interview that he was at first worried about disappearing from Korean showbiz for 3years.But he had remained confident about his career.He stint in the US has made him stronger and he learnt a lot about music and dance.

[Hard life]
Se7en admitted in a Korean TV interview last August that his days abroad were not wasy."The company in charge of promoting my new album there was new and didn't have a lot of important contacts,"he said.
"I didn't perform on real stages but in small clubs.Thankfully,(Korean singer) BoA was there,too,and she encouraged me.She released her album before i did.
"We had only each other over there and,since we live quite close,we often had dinner together to gripe and console each other."
Se7en,who trained under Korean company YG Entertainment when he was only 15,entered showbiz in 2003.He acted in the 2007 Korean TV drama [Goong S],where he played a delivery boy who discovers he's the heir to the royal throne.

In U-weekly interview,he avoided questions on his love life and on love in general.He had admitted in 2009 that he was dating actress Park Han Byul.
But Se7en was happy to talk about his fans and his return to Asia.
On his comeback performance last july,he said it was a challenge to try new music genres.He said he was grateful to his supporters for their encouragement.

"After my return,some of my Korean and International fans never failed to encourage me,"he said."It makes me very happy fans give me emotional strength."

He also attended a fashion and music event to launch Samsung's multimedia mobile device,the GalaxyTab,at Mandarin Gallery.
Thousands of fans had jammed Orchard Road that day to catch a glimpse of thier idol.He promised the fans there he would be back soon and indeed,he is keeping his word.

Se7en will be in Singapore this Saturday for a showcase at St James Power Station and a meet-the-fans session the following day at IMM.
His message to them?
"To my dear Singapore fans,thank you so much and I love you!See ya soon!"

credit: @YGFamilySG

Sunday, February 13, 2011

[Twitter] 110211 + 110212 + 110213

BoA_1105: @officialse7en 내가찍은사진기대해^^ ㅎㅎ 무료쿠폰알차게쓰겠어!!!!^^@WAWASOUL 다시한번축하하구,언제나화이팅^^ ㅎㅎ글고, VIP Room짱좋아^^ [Watch out for the photo i took^^ hehe i will use the free coupons meaningfully!!^^ @WAWASOUL Congratulations again and fighting always^^ hehe and the VIP room is really cool^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @BoA_1105 기대하겠어!!! 몸 조심히 잘다녀오고!! 다 죽여버려!!! Good luck~ [Cant wait!! Be careful of your health and come back safely! Kill everything!!Good luck~]

alexander_0729: @officialse7en 사장님!! 싸이다 서비스 해주세요!!! ㅋㅋ~ Can't wait for SE7EN선배님's restaurant opening!! Anyone wanna join me!? Put ya hands up! (>_<)/ LOL~ [Sajangnim!! Please give me soft drink as service!!keke ~ Can’t wait for SE7EN sunbae’s restaurant opening!! Anyone wanna join me!? Put ya hands up! (>_<)/ LOL~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @alexander_0729 anytime bruh!!! Ill holla at ya!!! C ya!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: @yukka happy birthday!!! 빨리 감기 나아요!!! 좋은하루 되길^^ [happy birthday!!! Get well soon from your cold!! Hope you have a good day^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 내가 서빙하면 시간당 얼마줄꺼니!? 열봉아!!^^ RT “@YEOLBONG: (열봉 뉘우스~) 가로수점에서 유니폼 입고 한창 멋부리시는 SE7EN CEO님^^~” [If i serve, how much are you going to give me per hour!? Yeolbong ah!!^^ RT @YEOLBONG: (Yeolbong news) Mr Se7en CEO looking cool wearing the uniform at the Garosu store^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Lovable_U happy birthday to u~ happy birthday to u~ happy birthday dear sso jeong~ happy birthday to you!!! ^^

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Yami900211 고마워요^^ 정수양 생일 축하해요!!! 기쁜하루 되길 바래요!!! Happy bday!!! [Thank you^^ Happy birthday Jung soo!! I hope you have a happy day!! Happy bday!!]

WAWASOUL: J-LEE 이정!!! 3년만의 컴백~!!! 첫공중파 방송 뮤직뱅크!!! 본방사수~!!! Let’s DaNCe~ [J-LEE Lee Jung!!Come back after 3 years!!! First broadcasted performance on Music bank!! Catch it live~!!!Let’s DaNCe~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @WAWASOUL 형~ 이정형 오랜만에 컴백했는데 열심히 춤춰줘야지 닭벼슬 머리하고 열봉홍보하면 어떻게!!! ㅋㅋ 이제 끝났응까 얼렁 가서 닭파세요^^ [Hyung~Lee Jung hyung is coming back after a long time so you should be working hard to dance well~But you’ve put the chicken head suit on and promoted Yeolbong instead! keke But you finished now so hurry and go sell chicken^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @k_soyeonism 소연양~ 26번째 생일 진심으로 축하해요!!!^^ 좋은하루 보내야해요!! 오늘은 아주 특별한 날이라죠^^ 꼬끼오~~^^ [So yeon~ I sincerely wish you a happy 26th birthday!!^^ Need to have a good day!! Today is a very special day^^ *makes chicken noise*]

OFFICIALSE7EN: D-DAY!!! “@YEOLBONG: (열봉뉘~우스) 드디어!! 오늘 가로수 열봉찜닭오픈합니다~!!! 열심히 하겠습니다~ 개.봉.박.두!!! 원 투 쓰리 포 퐈 씹 꼬끼오~” [D-day!!! @YEOLBONG (Yeolbong news) Finally! Garosu yeolbong steam chicken branch opens today~!!We will work hard~Coming soon!!!One two three four five six *chicken noise*]

YUJIN_SO: @officialse7en 여기는 단골이되어버리게씀!!! 츄카츄카!!^.^ [I’m going to become a regular customer! Congrats!!^.^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @YUJIN_SO thank u!!! Anytime!!!^^

alexander_0729: 여러분~! 열봉찜닭 @YEOLBONG 많이 사랑해주세요!! @officialse7en 세븐 사장님~ 축하드립니다!! Congrats for ya restaurant opening! May †GOD bless ya business!! ^-^)b [Everyone~! Yeolbong steamed chicken @Yeolbong please give them lots of love!! @officialse7en Se7en sajangnim~ Congratulations!!Congrats for ya restaurant opening! May †GOD bless ya business!! ^-^)b]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @alexander_0729 thanks bruh!!! Anytime!!!

SUN_KYUNG7: @officialse7en 오빠님….제생일이2시간이나지났네요하하하하하!!쿨하게잊으려는데잘안되는군요!!ㅋㅋ여튼…..어디에계시던…..굿밤이요!! [Oppa nim.. My birthday has passed 2 hours ago~hahahahah! I was going to be cool and just forget about it but i cant!! keke Anyway..wherever you are.. good night!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @SUN_KYUNG7 앗~두시간이나?? 미안해요^^ 선경양 생일 축하해요^^ 아직 태어난지 24시간은 안됐죠!!?? 좋은 하루보내요!!! 굿바암~ [Ah~2 hours??Sorry^^Happy birthday Sun kyung^^You havent been born for more than 24 hours right!!?? Have a good day!! Good night~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Lihyunx happy bday HUIYI~~ hva great day!!! Holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @anazuresky7 생일축하해요!!!^^ 아주아주 좋은하루 보내길바래요!! [Happy birthday!!^^ Hope you have a very happy day!!]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Saturday, February 12, 2011

[Twitter] 110209 + 110210

OFFICIALSE7EN: @YUSOOK7 아직 안자고있나요!!? 유숙양 27번째 생일을 진심으로 축하합니다!!!^^ 좋은꿈꾸세요!!! [Are you still not sleeping yet? Happy birthday on your 27th birthday!!^^ Sweet dreams!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @LAULEA_jp おれ おじさん じゃねよ!!! [I’m not an uncle!]

Note: Trans by me~^^

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Matsu_900717 나 아저씨 아닙니다!! [I’m not an ahjussi!!]

mitroosh: @officialse7en 아저씨!!![note: Ahjussi] ㅠ.ㅠ u aren’t going to reply me, aren’t u? if i stop call u with ‘아저씨’ are u going to reply me? 오빠 [note: oppa]….ㅠ.ㅠ

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mitroosh sorry… No more… Hahaha

OFFICIALSE7EN: @_kasy_ wow!! happy bday!!! Hva great day!!! 행복한 꿈 꾸세요^^ [wow!! happy bday!!! Hva great day!!! have a happy dream^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @KyeongAa 경아^^ 생일축하해요!!! 아주 좋은하루 되었으면해요!! 행복한꿈꾸길!!! ^^ [Kyungah^^Happy birthday!! I hope you have a very good day!! Hope you have a sweet dream!!^^]

Dasomee: @officialse7en 오빠님!!! 트위터는 생일축하만하라구 있는게 아니잖아요ㅜㅜㅜ 그럼 제동생 졸업도 축하해주세요!!!! 오늘 졸업한다구요!!! 중학교졸업ㅋㅋ [Oppa im!! Twitter is not just used for wishing people happy birthdays TT If that’s the case, congratulate my dongsaeng on graduating!!She/he graduated today!!From middle school keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Dasomeee 그럼 동생보고 직접 트윗을 보내라고 하렴^^ [then ask your dongsaeng to send me a tweet herself^^]

(8) [in reply to a fan's tweet about how she has just turned 20 and that she was graduating today; and that her memories form her teens were all about se7en]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @seohyun918 아… 참 고마와요~ 서현양^^ 졸업진심으로 축하하고 이제 진정한 숙녀로 거듭나길 바래요!!^^ 화이팅!!! [Ah…really thank you~Seo hyun^^ Congratulations on your graduation and i hope that you now will change into a real mature young lady!!^^ Fighting!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 많이 사랑해주세요^^ RT“@YEOLBONG: (열봉 뉘우스) 2/12일 토욜 오픈을 앞두고 영업은 시작합니다~!!! 꼬끼오~ ㅡ 마지막점검중이신 CEO SE7EN ㅡ”n [Please show lots of support^^ RT @YEOLBONG (Yeolbong news) Opening coming up on 2/12 saturday and in business~!!(makes chicken noise) CEO SE7EN who is making last checks]

(10) (Yeolbong did a trial opening for VIPs and BoA went to eat)

BoA_1105: @WAWASOUL 맛있게잘먹었어^^ 너무맛있오ㅎㅎ일본점은나와함께 꼬끼오!!!!!! ㅋㅋ 대박나시길!!!! @kimchangsup 담에나랑같이가자~~^^ [I had a good time eating^^It was really delicious hehe~ Must open the japanese store with me!!keke Wish that everything goes well!! @kimchangsup Go togehter with me next time~~^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @BoA_1105 고마워~ 역시 의리녀!!! 미국 잘다녀오고 또 놀러와^^ @WAWASOUL 한테 평생 무료쿠폰 만들어주라고 전달해 놨어!!^^ anytime!!! 몸조심하고!! Holla~~ [Thank you~You are indeed a loyal girl!! Have a good trip to the US and come play when you get back^^ I passed on the message to @WAWASOUL to give you free coupons for the rest of you life!!^^anytime!! Take care of your health!! Holla~~]

Translated by ceciliase7en 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[Twitter] 110206

OFFICIALSE7EN: @JiYong317 축하해요.. 그리고 힘내세요!! 노력하면 모든지 이루어 질꺼예요!! 항상 열심히!! 즐겁게!! 그리고 간절히… Amen… 화이팅!!^^ [Congratulations..and cheer up! If you work hard, anything can be achieved!! Always try hard! Enjoy it! And with sincerity…Amen…fighting!!^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 모든건 마음먹기에 달려있는법!! 무엇이든지 항상 열심히.. 즐겁게.. 간절히.. 희망과 노력.. 계획과 실천.. 행복은 자기자신이 만들어갈수 있어요^^ 2011년 우리모두 웃는한해가 되길 기도합니다!! AMEN!!! [The way to go about it after you’ve determinedly made up your mind! Whatever it is, always try hard..enjoy it.. and do it with sincerity.. with hope and hard work.. planning and putting into practice… you can create your own happiness^^ I’m going to pray that 2011 will become a year where we all smile!!AMEN!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @se7enil 생일축하해요^^ 아주 행복한 하루되길 바래요!!! Happy bday!!! [Happy birthday^^ I hope you have a very happy day!! Happy bday!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: RT“@YEOLBONG: 열봉찜닭 가로수점.. Coming soon!! 2월 12일 맛있는 열봉이 찾아옵니다^^ 강남구 신사동 541-16” [RT @YEOLBONG: Yeolbong steam chicken garosoo store..Coming soon!! Delicious Yeolbong will be available from 12th February^^ Kangname gu Shinsadong 541-16]

Translated by ceciliase7en 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

[NEWS] Se7en’s Fan Meeting for Japanese Fans

On Jan. 29th, Se7en held a fan meeting in Seoul exclusively for his Japanese fans.
Fans were excited to hear the news of Se7en’s fan meeting, as it’s been nearly four years since he left for the States. This event was planned exclusively for his Japanese fans, and the 100 or so fans who gathered at “Marina Jefe,” a romantic cruise restaurant at the Han River, eagerly awaited for their favorite K-Pop star to show up.

Fans sat in a group of eight to ten members, while Se7en was getting ready for his appearance on stage. When he finally appeared in the hall, fans started screaming his name, heating up the entire place. As Se7en made his way to the stage, he called out the fans’ names one by one, greeting each fan personally. It was impressive to see him use the Japanese word, “-san,” a formal way of calling someone in Japanese, after each fan’s name, although the fans preferred him using “-jjang,” a rather informal way of calling someone, more like your friend or a close buddy. Fans replied by screaming, “I love you,” or “How do you do” in Japanese, and some even had tears in the their eyes, saying, “I feel like crying when you (Se7en) call out my name!”

After the personal greeting phase, fans showed Se7en a video that they made together with their personal fan letters. Se7en seemed overwhelmed by this special video, as he said, “I’m going to watch this over and over when I go home,” repeatedly thanking his Japanese fans. The fans went on to show him fan letters produced by each of the groups sitting together, and Se7en later picked the best video, rewarding them with pink roses.

The next activity to follow was Bingo. Se7en made funny jokes, and switched his voice tone from a bully to a gentleman, making everyone laugh throughout the event. When two girls from the same table finally won the game, he gave them a winning prize of a promotional t-shirt with the title, “I’m going crazy” printed on the front. Se7en also surprised the fans in attendance by revealing hidden messages placed under the seats of each fan. The lucky fan who had a sticker with Se7en’s picture on it won a very special—and probably most wanted—gift which was a jacket actually used by Se7en himself.

After all the interactive games and short talks, show time finally arrived. Se7en quickly got changed and started his live performance. He sang “La La La” and “Digital Bounce” and four other songs in both Japanese and Koreans. Fans held up their neon “7” sticks throughout the performance, showing their deep affection for the R&B star.

Immediately following the live stage, fans got an opportunity to take photos and shake hands with Se7en. While standing in line, the youngest fan present, Ineyama Hanata said that he and his two younger siblings started listening to Se7en’s music even before they were born because of their mother. “My two other kids dance automatically when they hear Se7en’s music,” the mother of the three children said. Another fan added, “Se7en has such a nice personality. He fascinates me with his singing skills and gentle manners.” There was also the 84-year old Osaki Yoshie, the oldest member at the event, who told a reporter with tears in her eyes, “It is my third time coming to Se7en’s fan meeting. I have introduced him to my daughter who is also a fan now. He recognized me when he called out my name—it was so touching.”

After wrapping up the event, Se7en invited all the fans in attendance to his newly opened chicken restaurant, “Yeul Bong Chicken.” When fans gathered at the restaurant, he surprised them once again by showing up as a server. He talked to his fans and thanked them over and over for coming all the way to Korea to see him. His Japanese sounded perfectly fluent that he didn’t need a translator at all. And the Japanese fans seemed truly impressed and satisfied after the event as they kept telling me how nice he is to his loyal fans. Japanese fans headed home with lots of Se7en love in their hearts and it looks like his popularity in Japan will continue to last for a while. But will this love spread to other parts of the world as well? We’re hoping for the best Se7en!

by katejang @ soompi

[Twitter] 110203

OFFICIALSE7EN: 여러분 새해 복 많이받으세요!!! 2011년 한해 좋은일만 가득하길 기도합니다.. 설연휴 잘보내시고 항상 건강하세요!!! Happy New Year!!! [Everyone happy new year! I pray that 2011 will be a year full of only good things… have a good lunar new year holiday and stay healthy always!! Happy new year!!!]

Translated by ceciliase7en

[VID] "Digital Bounce" Singapore Promotions TVC