Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Twitter] 110506 + 110507 + 110508 + 110509

OFFICIALSE7EN: @solyip477 솔잎양 생일축하해요^^ 좋은 하루보내길!!! 얍!!! [Solyip happy birthday^^ Hope you have a good day!! yap!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 모닝 샴페인^^ 선물받은 귀여운 여권지갑과 함께 찰칵!! Going 2 Thailand!!! Ill c ya tmrw Bangkok!!! Holla~ [Morning champagne^^ Shot together with the cute passport holder which I got as a present!!Going 2 Thailand!!! Ill c ya tmrw Bangkok!!! Holla~]

Jsmining: 젠장젠장젠장아무래도오늘몬가드럽게재수옴붙었다ㅠㅠ아씨 [Damn damn damn i think today i’ve got real bad luck TT Aish]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jsmining 더붙어라 [Hope the bad luck keeps getting stuck to you]

Jsmining: @officialse7en 너나랑같이있을껀데너한테도조을꺼하나없을껄^^ [You’re going to be with me, so it doesnt mean anything good for you either ^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jsmining 나한테 딱붙어있어!!! 난 럭키 쎄쎄쎄 쎄븐~~ 아.. 나 졸린가부다 [Stick to me!! I’m lucky se-se-se-se7en ~~ahhhh i think i’m sleepy]

WAWASOUL: @Jsmining @officialse7en 가다 어디휴계소 들리냐? 우동먹자.. [Are you guys stopping over at a resting point? Let’s eat udong]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @WAWASOUL 난 빵빠레… 흰거 [I want a bbangbbarae…a white one] [note:it's an icecream]

Jsmining: @WAWASOUL 우리 한비행기안에서 트윗대화 좋은데 ㅎㅎ [We’re having a good time having a twitter conversation on the same plane hehe]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jsmining @wawasoul 참나… 전원 끄라는데 꼭~~ 안끄는 사람들 있어!!! [geez…they’re telling us to turn off electronic devices~there’s always someone who doesnt!!!]

Jsmining: @officialse7en 기장님한테 네시간 안으로 쏘라고해 나 비행기오래 못타니까 [Tell Mr pilot to get there within 4 hours~ I cant be on a plane for too long]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Jsmining 이미 다 말해놨어!! 휴지에 물뭍혀오래!! 카메라 찍힌데~ [I already told him!!He asked you to come with a wet tissue!It’s going to be caught on camera] [T/N: i'm a bit confused about these last 2 tweets, but i'm thinking that he's talking about a speed camera?]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @StellaLee77 다솜아~ 스무번째 생일축하해^^ 아주 좋은하루 보내길!! 근데 떡밥은 없단다!! ^^ [Da som ah~happy 20th birthday^^ Hope you have a very good day!! But there’s no news to share!!^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Wassup bangkok!!! Ssawadeekap!!!! Thank u all ma fans at the airport!!! Ill c ya tmrw!! Coca-cola festival!! Holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: Wassup~ Thai fans!!!!! BANGKOK summer music festival by Coca-cola!! Ill c u guys soooon!!! Holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: Just got in KOREA!!! Thailand!!! I had very very great time w u guys!!! Thank u soooo much!!! Wanna c u soon!! Pom rak kun~ From. P Chet^^

OFFICIALSE7EN: P Chet = 세븐오빠!! NO?? “@NiceThai: @officialse7en huh? oppa, what’s P Chet?” [P Chet= se7en oppa!! No??]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Buil90 happy bday Khrmn!!! Hva nice day~ holla!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: 한국도착!!! 아~ 아침공기가 참 상쾌하구나.. 태국공연 잘 하고왔어요^^ 또 뱅기에서 잠을 못잔관계로 밤낮이 바뀌겠구나… 악.. 괜찮아 내일은 휴일이래 이틀내내 자야지…^^ [Arrived in Korea!! Ah~ the morning air is very refreshing..I came back after having a good performance in Thailand^^ Because I couldnt sleep on the plane again, my night and day have reversed..ack.. it’s ok~tomorrow is a day off~i’m going to sleep 2 days..^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @yunyu77 happy bday Yunyu!!! Hope had a goood day!!! Ja ne~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: 아.. 해외갔다 한국오믄 열봉찜닭 완전 먹고싶다.. 근데 11시까지 기다려야하니 아마 난 잠들겠지..?? 가끔 새벽에도 먹고싶을때가 있는데 그냥 확 24시간 오픈해버릴까?? 열봉아~ 괜찮겠니?? ^^ [Ah.. when I come back to Korea from overseas, i really want to eat Yeolbong.. but I need to wait til 11 oclock so I think i should be asleep by then..?? Sometimes in the middle of the night I also want to eat it, should I just change operating hours to 24/7??Yeolbong ah~are you ok with that??^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @heebees 세희양~ 생일 축하해요^^ 좋은하루보내욧!!! Happy bday!! [Se hee~ happy birthday^^ have a good day!! Happy bday!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Se7olution7 happy bday Ghada!!! Sorry I just saw it… Hope u had a goood day!!! Peace!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: @chaeyeon112 “서연양 24번째 생일축하해요!!! 좋은밤보내요^^” 라고 전해주세요!!^^ [“Seoyeon~ happy 24th birthday!! have a good night^^’ – please pass this message on for me!!^^]

Traslated by ceciliase7en

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