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[NEWS] Se7en's "Somebody Else" Chosen OST Japanese Series

Although Se7en's first Japanese mini-album "Somebody Else" has yet to be released, it has been announced that his upcoming title track has been selected as the ending song for a new Japanese TV series.

According to Se7en's official Japanese website on December 29th, his title track "Somebody Else" will be the ending theme song for Japan's Fuji TV's "Shimura Hotel", a series which is set to air every Wednesday starting January 11th.

Meanwhile, Se7en's new album is set for release on January 18th and is composed of five tracks including the aforementioned song, previously released "Angel", "Understand" and Japanese versions of his Korean hit tracks "Better Together" and "I'm Going Crazy".

The album will be available in three different editions; a regular CD-only and two CD+DVD versions. Type 1 will include a DVD containing the MV making of "Somebody Else", while Type 2 will include a DVD with highlights performances from Se7en's recent concerts. The regular CD-only version includes a 24-page booklet.

Written by: jhezwafu
Taken from dkpopnews

[Lyrics] Somebody Else - romanization

Dare no mono ni kimi wa natta no
Soudan kurai shite kurete mo yokatta no nisa

Kimi to mukashi yubikiri wo shita koen de guuzen futari wo mikaketayo
Itsu no mani bokura wa otona ni natte
Kidzukeba betsu betsu no michi de toozakatte ita ne

Boku janakute somebody else kare no koibito e
Zutto suki datta noni dare yori chikai noni
Somebody else kare wo eranda
Shiawase ni suru noni boku nara dekiru noni

Mada mitsumeru koto shika dekinai
Dakishimereba kowashite shimau
So i’m waiting i’m waiting
Setsuna sa ga owaranai

Boku no kimochi wa dare ni mo shiranai
Aa okashikunarisou
Dekiru koto nara sugu nimo
Uchi akete shimaitaiyo

Kimi wa mou furi kaeranaitte koto
Wakatteshimatta kimi wa sou kioku wo dakishimete

Boku wa kimi no somebody else
Tada no tomodachi
Ubaenai no naraba mirai wa iranaiyo
Somebody else shiawase souni
Ubaenai no naraba nanimo negawanaiyo

Egao wo mimamoreru nara
Sore dake de ureshiikedo
Ano koro no yakusoku wa furi kaette kuretara

Boku janakute boku ja nakute
Somebody else kare no koibito e
Zutto suki datta noni
Dare yori chikai noni

Somebody else kare wo eranda
Shiawase ni suru noni boku nara dekiru noni
Somebody else

Romanization by @nindyarosa + @only_cherisha

Note : Sorry, if there is mistake here. Please take out with full credit. Thank you ^_^

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[INFO] YG concert Osaka CD.DVD preorder + TV schedule info

The CD.DVD for the YG concert in Osaka to be held 7th and 8th January will be available for preorder at the venue. Preordering on the 7th starts at 11am and on the 8th starts at 10am.

There will be Se7en special shown on Space Shower TV. Will be broadcasted on 13th January 8-8:30pm with reruns on 20th and 23rd

Taken from ceciliase7en

[Me2Day] 111227

”미투 미쓰리 미포 미파이브 미씩쓰 me? se7en!!!”


me2, me three, me four, me five, me six, me? se7en!!!


[PICS] 111228 New photos from Se7en's ameblo

The blog said that his segmen for FM yokohama「K-POP! Now」 titled 「SE7ENのつぶやき」 is started from today (12/28) every wednesday till March 2012. Something to look forward to every wednesday now~ ^^

Brief summary of the post:- (translated by ceciliase7en)

Se7en’s weekly corner every wednesday on FM Yokohama starts today (28th December) and will continue til March

A bit about what Dongwookie did in Japan a few weeks ago is revealed. He started off with a magazine shoot but since it’s been 4 years since he has done a magazine shoot in Japan, there was a bit of a nervous atmosphere.

As the shoot continued, the atmosphere became more relaxed when he spoke to the staff in Japanese. While the set was changed, he discovered an old magazine of himself from 5 years ago “Who’s this?????” Even though he was a bit embarrassed, until the set change had finished, he read through the article.

He then did the interview for the magazine and talked about the last 4 years, his thoughts towards his fans, about ‘Somebody Else’. Especially worth a mention is that he said when he first heard ‘Somebody Else’, he wanted to use the song for the comeback in Japan. After he finished that day, he went to the restaurant called Yeje curry restaurant which he likes to have dinner


Monday, December 26, 2011

[Audio] Se7en's voice for YG train


[Twitter] 111217 ~ 111225

(1) 한국은많이춥나봐 일본은오늘따뜻하네 맛있다는라멘먹으러왔는데 줄서서30분기다렸다 으악.. 맛없기만해봐라..!!!😡 라고 쓰는도중 라멘이 나왔다 으흐흐흐 맛.있.다^^
[It seems that it’s very cold in Korea but it’s warm in Japan~I came here to eat yummy ramen but i waited in the queue for 30 minutes euuakkkk…I was writing ‘You dare to not taste good..!!!’ but then the ramen came..hehehe.. it. is.delicious^^]

(2) 아까저녁에방에들어와서씻지도않고나도모르게깜빡잠이들어버렸다가지금깨버렸다아악잠이빨리다시와야할텐데으앙😱
[Just now in the evening, I came back to my room, didnt even shower and fell asleep without knowing~I just woke up now~ackkkk~I need to fall asleep again soon *sob*]

(3) 잠이안와서 이번 일본신곡들 듣고있는중!! 아 이거 내가부른건데.. 분명 내목소리맞는데 왜이리 달달한거야 ㅋㅋ 자기전에 듣기 참 좋은노래^^ “[UNDERSTAND] いまさら…” 딱 한달남았다^^ 01.18 release!!!
[Because I cant fall asleep, I’m listening to the new Japanese songs!! Ahhh these songs are sung by is really my voice but why does it sound so sweet kekeke~they’re pretty good songs to listen to before sleeping^^ “[UNDERSTAND] いまさら…” Just one month left^^ 01.18 release!!]

(4) 한국도차악!!! 날씨가 쌀쌀~ 12월답구나!!! 추운날씨지만 모두 연말을 따뜻하게 자알 보내자구우~ 그리고.. 딱 한달만 기다려봐봐봐!! 후훗!!!^^
[Arriveddddd in Korea!!! The weather is chilly~~feels like December!! Even though it’s cold, everyone have a warm year’s end~~and…just wait one more month!! hoho!!^^]

(5) 해외갔다오면 더더욱 생각나는 열봉찜따악🐔 역시 맛나는구나아~~ 냠냠 PS. 사진은 어렵게 발견한 열봉베이비~아 기여워^^ @YEOLBONG

[When I come back from overseas, I think of Yeolbong steam chicken more~it indeed tastes good~~*saliva swallowing sound* PS the photo is of the Yeolbong bear which I found with difficulty~ahh cute^^ @YEOLBONG]

(6) 양싸장님!! 이제 저 그만 감시하시죠!!! 어쩐지.. 그동안 형이 나에대해 너무 많은걸 알고있다했어!! 쳇…
[Yang sajangnim [referring to mr YG]!!It’s time that you stop watching me!! I knew it… all this time, I thought that hyung knew too much about me!!chhhet…]

[Note: This is a capture made by a fan who uploaded on farineli. The video is from 2003 during one of the weeks he got no. 1 for come back to me on music camp (I think it was in may hehe). In the video, Dongwookie was thanking different people such as God, mr YG and his dad. However, there is a typo on the screen. It is meant to say 'The people [I] want to thank” -which is gam sa ha neun sa ram. But instead it says ‘The people who are watching me’ – gam si ha neun sa ram. LOL]

(7) Merry christmas🎅!!! Hope u hva gooood day Everybody!!!🎄 peace!!!

(8) 딱 한달 남았다!!!
[Just one month left!!!]

Translated by ceciliase7en

[INFO] YG concert Japan Se7en Goods

Se7en candle – 2000 yen

Key case pouch – 2500 yen

Poster – 800 yen

Other YG goods also available

If you spend over 5000 yen, you will receive a free face painting sticker with artist logo. Each concert will have a different colour. Colour cannot be chosen.

Taken from ceciliase7en

[VID] 111225 SBS Kpop Star – Se7en cut part 2

111225 SBS Kpop Star - Se7en cut (2) by ceciliase7en

In the previous ep, YG asked Lee Seung Hoon to try writing his own rap lyrics so in the session here, he performed a small part he wrote. One of the lines was “Cant imagine YG without Se7en” (Look at Dongwookie’s face!)

During the dance part, he did a small freestyle part and when the ‘Kpop star’ sign underneath his feet slipped and moved, he utilised it to make a surfing action which made the judges crack up. Afterwards, Dongwookie asked “So you made up the dance yourself right?” Even though mr YG said that both his rap and dance would score pretty low in professional terms, the rap he wrote was witty and his dance had a story with it

111225 SBS Kpop Star - Se7en cut (3) by ceciliase7en

Taken from ceciliase7en

[VID] 111225 SBS Kpop Star – Se7en Cut part 1

by ceciliase7en

Brief translation of what dongwookie said: The first bit in the room, he says he will look at the contestants’ appearance since YG doesnt look at appearance much

Later YG asks the contestant Park Jung Eun to rap (in the previous round, he had asked her to prepare rap) but she did not prepare any rap so Dongwookie asks her instead if there’s a song she can sing well, a song that she sings if she goes to noraebang

Taken from ceciliase7en

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[Audio] 111225 MAI'S ASIAN WAVE radio broadcast+translation!

The photo above is Se7en with Mai Sato, the host of MAI'S ASIAN WAVE.(cr:

::Audio:: Mai's Asian Wave radio broadcast (cr: Se7en Angel @tumblr)


There is a transcript of the interview in Japanese on the blog, here are some translations of what was said but I’ll leave the transcript translation for someone else.

First of all, DJ Mai Sato introduces Se7en’s background – about how he entered YG during middle school, how he debuted with Just Listen in 2003 and how he has been active in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan etc.

She asks him how he feels holding the fan meet in Japan after so long and he says that he is really happy that so many people waited for him and that he enjoyed it very much.

She mentions the chilbong and also about how she saw him live when she was in Taiwan in 2005-2006.

She asks him if there is anything that surprised him from all the countries he’s visited. He says he is surprised that Kpop is popular is some countries where he has never visited. When he goes to those countries and finds that there are lots of his fans there, he is really surprised. She asks him to give him some examples and he says Singapore, Thailand and China.

She asks if there are any difficulties he experiences when he visits different countries in Asia. He replies that although he performs alot in summer, he found it very very hot. He says he thinks it was in Singapore, when he performed outside and it was 31,32,34?degrees, he had to perform 6-7 songs but after 3 songs he couldnt breathe properly. He says it was the first time he experienced such a feeling and felt like he wanted to die.

She asks but isnt it hot in summer in Korea also? He replies it is hot but he hardly needs to perform outdoors in Korea. In Singapore, he says after the performance, him and his dancers went backstage and …died (laughs). They couldnt do anything for 20 minutes and just kept drinking water.

She says, I didnt know you were such an interesting/funny person. He replies, I’m not usually like this, i’m usually even more funny. She says, oh, even more funny? And he says, I’m just joking. She suggests that he should appear on some Japanese variety shows and he says he will work hard.

She says that on the program, guests usually recommend a song to the audience and asks what song he is going to introduce to the listeners. He replies although it is a Korean song, it is sung by a Korean singer who he had seen when he was young and thought “I want to become a singer.” He says that he is his idol and the singer is Seo Tai Ji. He says that Seo Tai Ji and boys was a group and his boss Yang Hyun Suk was a member of the group.

She asks if mr YG was young then and he says yes, of course. He says that mr YG was younger than he is now and danced really well. Although he himself is better now (laughs). They introduce the song “Nan arayo” (I know)

The song is from 20 years ago and when Seo Tai ji and boys first came out, everyone was shocked because they were the first such team to appear in Korea. He says that he always tried to copy their dance moves and that he still has their videos at home. This cd was the first cd he bought with his own money in his life. Then he thought about it and said that actually he didnt have money to buy the cd so he actually bought the cassette tape. Listening to his everyday, his dad felt sorry for him and bought him the cd.

They talk about the mini album that he is releasing in Japan next year and he says that he picked his favourite tracks to be included in the album. He says there are 5 new songs which were recorded in Korea. He introduced ‘Angel’, saying this was the song he made for his fans, coming back after 4 years. After playing Angel, they talk about the YG concert in Japan and how everyone from YG will be performing. He says that that everyone needs to come, that they can’t not come.

She asks if he can come on the show again and he says, no, i’m busy in January. Then he says, I’m kidding, if you invite me I will come again.

source: take a break with SE7EN~☆
Translated by ceciliase7en

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[PIC] Photo with Japanese DJ + bits and pieces about radio interview

photo from DJ Keiko Imaizumi (twitter/blog) from FM Yokohama

On her blog, she talked about how it was her first time meeting him again 5 years. Back then, there was no Kpop storm and that he had studied Japanese hard and was able to do interviews without an intepreter. She wrote that he would be releasing a new mini album on the 18th January who would include the Japanese version of Better Together. They joked about heelys and she found that he was still cute like he used to be.

He also recorded a radio show for TBS (to be broadcasted on the 25th December) with DJ 佐藤麻衣 (twitter). She took questions from fans on twitter which she asked on the show. She said that they spoke alot and had some ‘deep’ conversations.

Thanks to tip off by Take a break with SE7EN

Taken from ceciliase7en

[PICS] HQ scan of "K Guidol" magazine Dec issue feat. Se7en

Actually it's a webzine from, just click on the cover~

credit: @alwaysLOVEse7en

[INFO] YG concert goods available on YG eshop

15th anniversary YG concert photo book 15,000won link

15th anniversary YG family concert poster (3 pages) 9000won link

15th anniversary YG concert postcard (Set of 14) 8000won link

Kiss with YG sticker set 5000won link

credit: ceciliase7en

[Audio] 111216 Aja Aja Friday – Se7en teaches Korean

(Radio – Japan)

111216 Aja aja Friday – teaching Korean 

During this short segment, he teaches the Korean phrase “미쳐 보자” which means ‘Let’s get crazy!’

Here’s the link the blog for the segment - Staff of the show say that his japanese is very good and that he’s very funny

‘Angel’ was also played on the show with Dongwookie introducing the song

111216 Aja Aja Friday – Angel

credit to Take a break with Se7en
Taken from ceciliase7en

[News] Se7en to appear as a 1-day judge on SBS Kpop Star

Some very special guest judges are about to appear on SBS’ Kpop star – they include Se7en, Psy, Kangta, Donghae from Suju and Kim Tae Woo.

On the program, the contestants who have passed the initial round spend some 1-on-1 time with Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA as well as the special guest judges. Each of the 3 judges are carrying out the auditions in their own separate rooms. The purpose of this so that the judges will be able to see the contestants sing and dance more closely so that their strong and weak points can be seen better.

Although most of the judges gave the contestants encouragement, YG’s room drew attention because of scolding from Mr YG. To contestants who did well, he praised them to the extreme but to those who did not do so well, he showed his ‘scary sajangnim’ side.

Se7en, who was a special guest judge in the same room as YG created much laughter when he said “Sajangnim doesnt look at appearance, so I will check out the contestants’ looks”

This episode of Kpop Star will be airing on the 25th December.

Translated by ceciliase7en

[PIC+INFO] New Photo from Ameba + join their mailing list!


The ‘Mail Magazine’ mailing list from Se7en’s official Ameba blog started today and will continue info of his Japanese activities. If you like to join please click here

Just enter your email address in the first blank slot and click the button next to it. You will then receive an activation email in which you will need to click the link.

Taken from ceciliase7en

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[VID] 111218 SBS Kpop Star – preview feat Se7en

111218 kpop star - preview feat se7en by ceciliase7en

[NEWS] Se7en tweets his excitement over new Japanese single

It seems like Se7en has fallen in love with his own songs.

On December 18th, he expressed his anticipation for his new Japanese single release by writing, “I fell asleep right after I came home and just woke up now. Agh, I really want sleep to come fast!”

He added, “I can’t sleep, so I’m listening to the new songs for my Japanese single! Ah, I sang this… I know it’s my own voice… but why is it so sweet. It’s such a good song to listen to right before bed ^^ ‘UNDERSTAND‘ 01.18 release!”

Se7en will be making his return to the Japanese music market for the first time in years through his single, “Somebody Else“.

Netizens commented, “Se7en’s so cute, he’s totally into his own song,” “I want to listen too,” and “Waiting for your Korean as well while praying for a dabaek for your Japanese single.”

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver
Taken from Allkpop

Saturday, December 17, 2011

[INFO] 111217 New Japan radio schedule

SE7EN MEDIA情報アップ!!!



・12/25(日)・1/1(日)22:00~ TBSラジオ「麻衣的亜州電波」
・1/16(月)~1/19(木)23:30~ FM yokohama「K-POP! Now」
FM yokohama「K-POP! Now」内にて、ミニコーナー”SE7ENのつぶやき”スタート
12/28(水)より毎週水曜日OAの「K-POP! Now」内にてSE7ENの声が毎週聞けます!



Hello Everyone. Thank you for always cheering for SE7EN.
Bellow is SE7EN Media Information.


December 25th and January 1st: 22:00 TBS RADIO
・ January 16 - January 19th from 23:30 FM YOKOHAMA “K-pop Now”
At FM Yokohama “K-Pop Now” there will be a mini corner that will start “SE7EN’s murmurs”
From December 28th, every wednesday on Kpop Now, you will be able to hear SE7EN’s voice every week!
Please Check it out.
※ This is what is planned until March of 2012.

Translated by karmie-se7en@tumblr

[PICS] Photos from YGEX Official Shop

Ver. A

Ver. B

Ver. C

is given for those who puchase ALL 3 versions at YGEX Official Shop and 7 of them will get the autograph ones! (thx to @chiruru_of7 for the info~)


[NEWS] Park Han Byul talks about life, fashion, and Se7en in her latest book

On December 16th, actress Park Han Byul held a book release event at a restaurant in Itaewon for her lifestyle book, “Park Han Byul’s Tip Story“.

The book covers her thoughts on everything from fashion to photography; she even shares some intimate details about her personal life, like from her love story with boyfriend Se7en.

“I tried to write as honestly as possible, without minding what others would think of me,” she said. “Regarding my boyfriend, Se7en, we love each other just as is – there isn’t any calculations or conditions.”

When asked whether she felt nervous about moving her relationship to print, Park Han Byul replied, “I felt pressure at the idea of how a lot of people would read it, but I quickly realized that my book would be meaningless if I paid attention to those things. If I cared about what others would think, my book would be fake. There’s a difference between what I say through the mic in front of many people, and what I write on my own alone. It was written without any pressure.”

Park Han Byul chose the ‘life’ section as her favorite section of the book. “I think this section aptly captures who I am as a person. There are a lot of personal stories, things that I’ve never shared in public. I hope that people will focus on this aspect of the book.”

Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Naver
Taken from Allkpop

[VID] The YG Family Concert 2011 [Showbiz Korea]


[PICS] "2012 YG Family Concert in Japan" article in Japanese newspaper

credit: @negimax

[Twitter] 111203 ~ 111213

(1) 세븐도 출동준비 완료!!!^^ “@jinuSEAN3000: 지누션 오늘 6시 출동”
[Se7en has also finished preparing to set out!!^^ “@jinuSEAN3000: Jinusean will set out at 6 oclock today]

(2) (retweeted by Dongwookie) YEOLBONG: 열봉이벤트!! 오늘내일 저희대표님이 출똥~ 하시는 YG콘서트인거아시져? 공연티켓을가져오시면 12월한달동안 10%D.C 이벤트를하겠습니다~ 공연도보고 식사도맛나게 드세요 와쥐~ 베베~��
[Yeolbong event!! Everyone knows that our representative is coming out today and tomorrow at the YG concert right? If you bring your concert ticket with you, we will give you a 10% discount for the whole of December~Watch the concert and also have yummy food~YG~]

(3) 오늘 콘서트 보러와주신 많은분들 그리고 우리 럭세~!! 너무너무 고마와요!!! 칠봉이 많이 보여서 좋았어^^ 내일도 달리자!! 화이팅~~ Love yall~❤
[To everyone who came to the concert today and our Lucky Se7en~!!!Thank you so so much!!It was really good to see so many chilbongs^^ Let’s do it for tomorrow too!!Fighting~~ Love yall~❤]


(5) 2003 se7en VS 2011 se7en 나도 저땐 참 풋풋했었지… 하하 Ps. 승리야 앞으로 영배가 괴롭히면 형한테일러라!!!^^
[2003 se7en VS 2011 se7en~ I was quite young and fresh then…haha Ps. Seungri ah~From now if Youngbae bullies you, come to hyung!!^^]

(6) [I'm especially translating this to show what an angel he is <3)

gofl7333: @officialse7en 오빠ㅠ 티켓을 시골집에놓고왔어요...무조건입장일된데요..친구2명것까지 저한테있는데..아 진짜 어떡해요?ㅠㅠ미안하기도하고 공연도못보고ㅠ대처좀 마련해주세요...나중에이런일있을애들을위해.,저 펑펑울었어요.... [Oppa TT I left my tickets at home in the countryside..They said there is no way I can get in..there are 2 friends with me here..ah really what should I do? TT I'm so sorry to them and we can watch the concert TT Please help us find a solution...for people also who will come across this problem in the future..I'm cried so much..]

(she sent dongwookie and taeyang multiple msgs)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @gofl7333 신분증 있으면 가능할텐데요... ㅠ [If you have your ID card it should be ok... TT]

gofl7333: @officialse7en 무조건안된데요 오빠ㅠㅠ [They said there is no way that we can oppa TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @gofl7333 쪽지확인!!! [Check your message box!!]

gofl7333: @officialse7en 입장줄섰어요ㅠㅠ 오빠 진짜감시해요ㅠㅠ [We're lining up to go in TTT Oppa really thank you so much TT]

(7) YG FAM CONCERT !!! 와주신 모든분들 사랑합니다!!❤ 쎄쎄븐앤 티오피~ We out!!!
[YG FAM CONCERT!!! Everyone who came I love you!!❤ Se-se-ven and T.O.P.~ We out!!!]

(8) (retweeted by Dongwookie) YEOLBONG: ��열봉이벤트!! YG패밀리 콘서트 공연티켓을가져오시면 12월한달동안 열봉 전 매장에서 10%D.C 해드립니다!!^^ Bring YG family concert tikets to YEOLBONG store.. u can get 10% off!!��
[Yeolbong event!!! If you bring your YG family concert ticket with you we will give you a 10% discount for the whole of December at all Yeolbong restaurants!!^^]

(9) 7 new pic!!!

(10) 日本!!! se7en's japan new single [ANGEL] is on itunes!!! YEAH~~!!! [First 2 words means Japan]

(11) OVER 300.000 followers!!! Thank u Guys so much~ Ill do ma best!!! All ma fans~ LOVE YALL~❤ HOLLA~~~~~~

(12) 오랜만에 밤샘촬영… 아싸 완전 힘들다!!! ㅋㅋㅋ 날씨가 갑자기 너무 추워졌오 ㅠ 정신줄놓은지 한시간째 우헤우헤우헤헤~ 다들 굿모닝!!!
[First all night shoot in a long time… Assa it’s so hard!! keke The weather suddenly got so cold TT It’s been an hr since i’ve lost my senses~Woohewoohewoohehe~ Good morning everyone!!]

(13) 아… 이틀밤샘 촬영.. 우아아 춥고 졸립고 배고프고 힘들다아… 나도 이제 나이가…?? ㅎㅎ
[Ah… all night shoot for 2 days..woo ahhh i’m cold and sleepy and hungry and having a hard time…I’m getting old..??hehe]

(14) SE7EN/New Mini Album『SOMEBODY ELSE』2012.1.18 in stores

(15) 7 new pic!!! [SOMEBODY ELSE]

(16) 비몽사몽~ 답멘대란 끝!! 뱅기 출바알~~ 부우웅~~~~~~!!!! 모두모두 즐거운 한주 되세요^^ 알롸뷰❤
[I’m half asleep~ Finished with tweeting replies!! The plane is taking off~~~Booo~ung~~!!! [Think he was trying to imitate the sound of the plane taking off] Everyone have a good week^^ I love you❤]

(17) 日本の 잡지 촬영중~ 폴라로이드 프레젠또~!!!^^ [SOMEBODY ELSE]
[Shooting for magazine in Japan now~ Presenting polaroids~!!^^ [SOMEBODY ELSE]]

(18) 세붕이랑 코붕이!!! 으하하하하하하하하하하~ 요고요고 재밌네^^
[Sebong and kobong!![ko means nose in korean] eu hahahahahahahahahahaha~this this is fun^^]

translated by ceciliase7en

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[NEWS] Se7en reveals pictures during the pictorial shoot for a Japanese magazine

Singer Se7en revealed pictures of him shooting a pictorial for a Japanese magazine.

In the afternoon of December 13, Se7en uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I’m shooting a pictorial for a Japanese magazine. Gifts taken with a Polaroid!”

He took pictures of various Polaroid pictures and the poster for his new mini album “Somebody Else” that will be released on January 18 of next year.

He acted cute in the pictures. In one of the pictures, he spread out his hands and smiled brightly and in the other, he showed off his charms by making a V sign.

Most of all, his signature on the Polaroid pictures attracted attention and made the viewers wonder if he will give them out to the fans.

Netizens commented: “You’re so cute.” “I want that Polaroid picture!” “You sure are charming even in Japan!”

Source: TV Report
Taken from

[VID] 111213 MNET Wide News - YG Family Concert 2011


[PICS] 111214 New photos from Se7en's ameblo

In Japan radio station~

みなさん こんにこんに~
いま らじお しゅうろくしにきた!


Konni Konni ~ (Hello in a cute style (Se7en’s signature way of saying hello in Japanese)
Everyone, konni konni!
It’s Se7en~
Right now, I came to record for a radio.
I will work hard~

Translated by: @harder127 /