Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Notice] You have reach the end of updates of Pop'inSe7en

Yes, the title said it all~ This will be my last post on Pop'inSe7en. Don't worry I'm still gonna update on Se7en, but on different platform and different language. Where would it be?? Hmm... The hint is somewhere in this post. Kkk...

If there's any mistake in crediting or something else on any post in this blog, I sincerely apologize. Thank you to everyone who drop by here everyday for Se7en's updates~ You can now go to Cecilia's blog for his updates in english. She's 1 awesome Lucky Se7en! ;)

But I can't leave you with just that, can I? So here it is my (and a friend of mine) cams of Se7en when he was in Singapore for Music & Men's Fashion Week 2012 on April 19th. I happened to got a pair of free tix to the show thanks to @FideFashionWeek and I flew all the way there for him~ (Well, SG is not that far from my country, but it was my first flight out of the country. ^^) The show was awesome~!! And it was my first time meeting him too. Too bad I can only see him on stage.. but it was ok~ Hope there will be another chance to meet him in person in the future~ ^^

Thank you, see ya and enjoy~~ ^^


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