Thursday, May 17, 2012

[INFO] 120517 New schedules for Korea+Japan


He will attending the Calvin Klein Underwear 30th anniversary party in Seoul as a special performing guest.

Date: 23rd May 2012

Time: 9pm – 1am (He will be performing from 10 – 10:25pm)

Venue: Seoul Nonhyun dong Club Octagon

How to get tickets: Cosmopolitan (magazine) is giving out 200 tickets to its readers. You can apply by going here and leaving a congratulatory message for the 30th anniversary of Calvin Klein Underwear. There will be 100 winners each with 2 tickets. The application period is 11 – 20th May and successful applicants will be announced on 21st May.


He will be appearing on NTV ‘Happy Music’ on 26th May 1:08am where a performance of ‘Love Again’ will be shown. (Source: Se7en ameba blog)

Taken from ceciliase7en

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