Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[PICS] 120429 Japan Staff Tweets (+translation)

Today there was a location shoot at Shin-okubo for K-POPアイドル登龍門 (Kpop Idol Registry). It’s been a long time for Se7en since he’s been to Shin-okubo. We were quite surprised because so many people came

“I want to hurry and eat this..” (by Se7en)

In 30 minutes time!

Ameba Studio special on air! Talking to Masuda enjoyably~

He showed the accapella of new song “Love again”!

He is answering questions which were received in advance. He’s talking about the barbeque restaurant which he likes in Japan

Moving on, it’s Se7en’s Korean Seminar!

With “Melon” , the show ends! (Laughs) Thank you to everyone who tuned in!

Translation: ceciliase7en

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