Saturday, May 19, 2012

[Twitter] 120519

(1) [in reply to yesterday's tweet about exposing his photos]
Realtaeyang: @officialse7en 아.. 형….

Translation: AH…Hyung….

officialse7en: @Realtaeyang 알롸뷰^^

Translation: I love you^^

(2) 산타페 런서트 와우 뜨거운열기 함께해준 모든분들 땡큐^^ 오랜만에 신화형들도 보고 퉤니원도 보고!! 자 여기 인증샷!!! 은 깜빡^^;

Translation: Santafe runcert Wow hot! Thanks to everyone who were there with me^^ It’s been a long time since I got to see the Shinhwa hyungs and 2ne1!! Now for a photo for proof!!!…I forgot about it^^;

(3) 인증샷은 훼이크고 셀카라도 한장!! 안뇽~ 모두 즐거운 주말보내세요^^

Translation: The photo for proof was fake but here’s at least a self taken photo! Annyeong~Everyone have a good weekend^^

Translated by ceciliase7en

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