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[Audio+Trans] 120506 Se7en showcase in Nagoya – FULL SHOW

[Audio] 120506 Nagoya showcase full show by Cecilia

Below is translation by Tamaki! Thanks so much!!

***In order to illustrate how cool & cute SE7EN is when he is speaking in Japanese, I’ll try to recreate his idiosyncrasy or his speaking style in my translation as much as possible. Hope you’ll be able to feel it. The portions with “( )” are my narration or fan’s words.
[Somebody Else]
Hello~! (A fan says, “Konnni~, Konni~!” In case you haven’t heard of him saying this before, “Konni” is SE7EN’s creation of a short version of “Konnichiwa”, which means “Hello” in Japanese.))
(Now he says,) Konni~! Konni~!
Nagoya, choigo-ya! (Using two similar sounding words, he makes a pun, and explains to his Japanese audience that “Choigo” means “the best” in Korean.)
It’s been a while since I came to Nagoya before, so I’m really happy that so many people came here today. Thank you! I prepared this Showcase to commemorate my new single album. How is it? (He must’ve made a tiny error in Japanese because some of the fans were saying, “So cute!” ^ ^)

Today is the last day of Golden Week (The week between the end of April and the beginning of May in Japan where there are 4 national holidays within a week span are packed.), isn’t it? You’ll have to go back to work tomorrow, won’t you? I don’t wanna go back to work! Yuk! I know, but let’s enjoy the final day of the Golden Week with me!

The newly built ____ looks so pretty from here and _____. (I couldn’t here what he was saying.)

Next song is an old song of mine, and I hope you guys will sing with me.
[Hikari] [Style] [Angel]

Isn’t it hot here? It’s really hot, but I feel good vive here. Are you enjoying it? (Fans: Yes!) It’s MY final day of the week today, too. Although I’ll have Osaka next week, I’ll have to end this week at Nagoya… hate to say good-bye…, aren’t you?

The song I sang just before, “Style”…it’s been a while since I sang it last, hasn’t it?
When I had Style Tour back in 2005, I came to Nagoya, but…(At this time, fans must’ve said to him that he came back to Nagoya after that.) Did I? After that, it’s my first time here, isn’t it? (Since fans were chuckling in the background, he must not have remembered well.)

I recently listened to my old songs, such as “Hikari” and “Style” again, in order to practice them for this Showcase, I realized that my voice was so young. (Fans: laughter) They were recorded in 2005. That means 7 years ago. My voice was really young and cute! (He says the word, “cute” in a rrrreally cute way. It’s a shame that I cannot describe it in English, but it’s soooo cute! BTW, that’s one of his recent “gag” repertoire in Japanese.) (Fans must’ve said, “you’re still cute!”. He continues with a bit of embarrassment, ) It was like that (i.e. cute) long time ago, wasn’t it? My voice was soft and…(Fan: You’re cute!) Oh, it’s like that now? Still like that? Still cool? (Fan: SE7EN, you’re the best!)

Sorry….(???) Because I just came from Fukuoka this morning, my brain is coocoo. (Fans: laughter. He probably tried to say, “my brain is ‘not spic & span’ since both words are similar sounding onomatopoeia in Japanese. Such a cute error! ^ ^). Because I just got up a little while ago, my brain is coocoo and the condition/environment is not the best possible, please understand. (At this time, fans made a not-so-pleased noise, and he seemed a bit surprised,) eh??? Oh, isn’t it? (My guess is that fans must’ve misunderstood that he said as if the “environment there is not the best possible” rather than “his physical state is not the best possible.”)

Anyway, I’m gonna go to the next song. For some reason, it seems as if the atmosphere gets somewhat worse if I talk. (He said that in a joking manner, of course. ^ ^ fans: laughter)…I want to sing songs for you… If I talk…is it going to be o.k.? (fan: You’re so cute! You’re fine!) I’ll move on to singing. (fan: laughter)

This song is from the album, “Somebody Else”, that was released a short while ago. I selected this to sing here, however, (as if he was not going to) I’ll sing it now. (fans: laughter) “I’m Going Crazy”.

[I’m Going Crazy] [Understand]

Thank you. Today I wanted to present you with a variety of things and chose different kinds of songs. Are you enjoying them? (fans: Yes!)

I’ve been to Nagoya a few times before, however, I really wanted to see you guys because I didn’t have a chance to meet with you before.

Well, I want to sing the next song with all of you. It’s the only Korean song that I prepared for this Show Case. Shall we sing together now? Say Lalalala Lalalala….


MV [When I Can’t Sing] [Love Again]
(In the MV, there is a scene where he makes a pun with two Japanese words, and it’s funny. Actually it’s not exactly the pun itself that’s funny because that’s kind of a geezer joke. However, the fact that SE7EN, who is so cool & cute, makes such a geezer joke is so hilarious! The contrast of the two sides of him is just hilarious!)

This song, “When I Can’t Sing”, is from my recently released album in Korea, and I really like it. Therefore I wanted to sing it in Japanese and included it in this single album. Do you like it/is it good? (Fans: Yes!) Thank you. Well, isn’t it?

I was thinking that I was so excited to see all of you here in Nagoya, however, it’s already…(Fans: No!) …is the final song next. (Fans: No! I don’t want it to be…) But after that, you’ll have encore, you know. (Fans: laughter) As you know, this will be the final song only among the scheduled numbers…. You guys still say, “no!”? Well, you know the title of this Showcase, “Love Again”, right? Because it’s been 4 years since last time I was active in Japan, we made this song because I wanted to fall in “Love Again” with you guys. Shall we sing it together now? (Fans: Yes!)

Well, I’ll work really hard in Japan from now on, so please give me a lot of support! (Fans: Yes!) Thank you very much, everyone, for coming here today. Here we go, “Love Again.”

[Love Again]

Thank you! “Ja ne~!” (This is another of “SE7EN’s version of a Japanese leave taking greeting, “Jaa ne~”. I’d like to call these words that he created as “SE7ENese”. ^ ^)

(Fans: Encore!)

Let’s go!
[Digital Bounce]

Thank you. Thank you sooo much. It was really nice to see you guys today. Until next time we see each other, please give me a lot of support for even more exciting, even longer and even cuter (Fans: laughter) [stage]. Let’s see each other a lot! (Fans: Yes!) Well, this is THE final number. Shall we do it together? (Fans: Yes!) Everybody, say, 1,2,3,4,567! Everybody, say, 1,2,3,4,567! Let’s go~!


Thank you! Thank you. (He introduces his back-up dancers.) High-Tech, Crazy, a~nd SE7EN!
After this, we’ll have “high-five” session. Ja-ne~!
***Although this translation may appear as if I was picking on him for some of his minor slip-of-the-tongue in Japanese, I actually think it’s amazing that he speaks Japanese fluently and even cracks jokes in front of thousands of audience!!! I really admire his incredible talent in the language (and of course that of singing & dancing. ^ ^) I think that those slip-of-the tongue is a valuable part of his charm. Thank you.

Taken from ceciliase7en

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