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[NEWS] Se7en to Release New Japanese Single and Hold Showcase

On April 25, Se7en will release a new Japanese single "Love Again." Along with the new CD, Japanese fans will also have the chance to buy a special CD with a ticket to a live event! The event is "SE7EN New Single Showcase" and will be held in four Japanese cities throughout May. Two shows in Tokyo (May 5, afternoon and evening shows), two shows in Osaka (May 12, afternoon and evening shows), and one show each in Nagoya (May 6) and Fukuoka (May 5).

The special CD/event ticket combo contains Se7en's newest single and one ticket for the event. By going to Mu-Mo, fans can preorder the CD/event ticket and choose the city and date they wish to attend. The price is 7,700 yen and there's a limit of 30 CD/event tickets per person.

However, you must register at Mu-Mo to be eligible to buy the CD/event ticket combo, the special CD is not sold through YG's official Japanese site. If you'd like to try to get your hands on the CD, the link is here (no English). Se7en's going to be quite busy in May, are you guys looking forward to his new single?

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[Audio] 120328 Kpop Now on Yokohama FM


Friday, March 30, 2012

[INFO] 2011 YG Family Concert in Seoul Live CD & Photo Book Release Info

Hello this is YG Entertainment. For the 15th anniversary, we put on a special 2011 YG FAMILY CONCERT!!The Live CD + Photo Book for this event will be released on 4/13!!

Jinusean, Gummy, Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1, and Psy and Tablo.
YG artists' charisma was together for this performance.
Se7en and Big Bang's Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri sang 2NE1's "Lonely,"
Gummy and 2NE1 sang "Ugly," Tablo with Gummy, Taeyang, and Park Bom too!
Every song had a new rendition and special performance for the audience.
Please meet the concert through the LIVE CD and PHOTO BOOK!!

Release date: April 13, 2012 (in Korea)
Price: 23,000 Won
② PHOTO BOOK over 200 pages
④ Poster


CD 1.
01. FIRE - 2NE1
03. GO AWAY - 2NE1
11. BAD - TABLO (Feat. PARK BOM)

CD 2.
03. OH YEAH - GD⊤(Feat. CL,MINJI)
07. COME - SE7EN (With. SEUNGRI)
08. I AM THE BEST - 2NE1
09. UGLY - 2NE1 (Feat. GUMMY)

PRE-ORDER NOW ▶ [YGeshop] [YesAsia]

Translated by: @kristinekwak
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[VID] 120330 Se7en's mom at Yeolbong (enews)


[INFO] Se7en to perform at Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2012

Opening Night Details:

Date and Time:  18th April 2012, starting at 6.30pm sharp

Venue:  The Sands Expo and Convention Center, Hall F, Marina Bay Sands

Ticket:  S$180; available through Stephanie at: or call +65-8613-0089.

ENTRY is strictly through tickets with the proceeds going to charity.

For more info please follow @FideFashionWeek and their facebook page

Se7en with Men's Fashion Week Chairman, Frank Cintamani

Info credit:
picture credit: MFWasia facebook page.

[PIC] SE7EN's Official Facebook Cover Photos

From Se7en's official facebook

[NEWS] Se7en and Park Han Byul celebrate their 10th anniversary

Top stars and celebrity couple Se7en and Park Han Byul have recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary!

On March 29th, the two lovebirds held a party at an upscale restaurant in Seoul. Se7en and Park Han Byul have been together since March 30th of 2002. With the blessings of their guests, the couple rang in March 30th to mark their 10 years together.

The party was an exclusive one, with just 10 close friends of the couple as guests. A staff of the restaurant said, “Se7en and Park Han Byul celebrated their long lasting relationship with those who were closest to them. They did not act like celebrities, but took care of each other and displayed their affections.”

Se7en and Park Han Byul met when they were students in Anyang High School. Once they became celebrities, they were signed to the same company until 2005, when Park Han Byul signed with a different agency. Regardless of this, the two maintained their love for each other.

The two kept their relationship a secret until May of 2009, when a past photo taken by them were leaked on the internet. This marked a turning point in their relationship as they went public and did not hesitate to confirm their relationship through numerous interviews and public appearances.

Congratulations to Se7en and Park Han Byul for their 10 years together!

Source & Image: Nate
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[PICS] Japanese single 'Love Again' cover photos in HQ!

from SE7EN's official facebook page

Thursday, March 29, 2012

[VID+EngSub] 120327 Strong Heart YG Family Special + Download link

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5

by strongheartyg1

Part 6 in twitvid: by michie

Part 3 is not available, but i think they're still in progress. It supposed to be till part 6  it's completed! But if you can't wait for it, you can download it here: Click here to download the vids with english sub. Thanks to shiareagy@tumblr.

[PICS] Japanese single 'Love Again' cover photos + Bonus HQ photos!

Ver. A
AVCY-58033/B \1,890 (tax incl.)
【CD Content】
●Untitled 2
他 全2曲4ヴァージョン収録予定
【DVD Content】

Ver B

AVCY-58034 \1,575 (tax incl.)
【CD Content】
●Untitled 2
他 全2曲4ヴァージョン収録予定

Ver. C

AVCY-58035 \1,260 (tax incl.)
【CD Content】
●Untitled 2
他 全2曲4ヴァージョン収録予定

Ver. D

<CD ONLY>※YGEXショップ専売商品
AVC1-58040 \1,050 (tax incl.)
※Picture Label仕様
【CD Content】
他 全1曲2バージョン収録予定

Link to order: Japanese sites // YesAsia [Ver.A][Ver.B][Ver.C]
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credit: Se7en's ameblo+ceciliase7en+e-talentbank

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[PICS] 120328 Inkigayo magazine March issue - Japan edition

credit: take a break with SE7EN~☆

[VID] SBS Strong Heart ‘YG Family Special’ Ep.124/Part 2 Preview

BJTChannel (On Air 120403 11.15PM KST)

For 120327 SBS Strong Heart 'YG Family Special' Ep.123/Part 1 [RAW]:
Streaming Link
Torrent Link:

[NEWS] Psy, “Se7en is scary when he drinks because he keeps smiling”

On the 27th March on SBS’s Strong Heart YG special, Psy revealed Se7en’s drinking habits.

During the show, Psy revealed “Although I dont know about other members of the YG family because I havent been able to confirm, when Se7en drinks, he is always smiling. That’s why he’s scary.”

“When you drink you get drunk, but he just keeps smiling. I fell asleep because I was drunk and after awhile when I woke up again, he was still smiling. He’s really scary.”

Source: TV daily
Translated by ceciliase7en

[NEWS] Se7en reveals Dara’s ideal man

Singer Se7en revealed 2NE1 member Dara‘s ideal man.

On March 27th, in SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ YG Family special, Se7en elaborated on Seungri‘s revelation about Dara .

Seungri revealed, “The Sandara Park everyone knows is the wrong image. The statements that she never dated, which she said because of the dating ban, are lies.”

Se7en added, “So that’s why the text messages keep coming recently” as he revealed that Dara’s biggest problem is her low standards. He revealed, “The four or five guys Sandara Park asked me if they were okay, didn’t really act like men, had bad personalities, or had bad manners.”

He added, “Note that Sandara likes younger men…Sandara doesn’t see them as men if they are the same age as her or older. She likes flower boys, like Lee Seung Gi style.”

Source: TV Report via Nate
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[VID] SE7EN's greetings for JOYDANCE ACADEMY


[NEWS] Se7en posts cute selca to mark the launch of promotions in Asia

Hallyu star Se7en has signaled the start of his promotional activities throughout Asia with a cute selca.

On March 25th, he posted the above photo on his Twitter account and wrote, “From now on, I’m going to meet my fans all over Asia! including Japan~ Plz give me ur support! C ya soooon!“. In the photo, Se7en strikes a cute pose with a touch of smokey makeup. Fans are complimenting his cool look and style.

Fans who saw the post commented, “We’ll be waiting!” and, “Asian activities, Hwaiting!”

In related news, Se7en will begin activities all across Asia in countries like Japan, China, and Singapore, starting with a Japanese single release on April 25th. He plans to begin promotions for the as-yet unreleased single by holding showcases in May in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Source & Image: Se7en’s Twitter
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[PICS] Strong Heart YG Family Special

credit: @WeLoveDara

[NEWS] Big Bang’s T.O.P and Se7en show their dangerous(?) friendship on ‘Strong Heart’

Big Bang‘s T.O.P and Se7en seem to have a very affectionate and intimate(?) friendship.

On March 24th, pictures from the ‘YG Family Special‘, which will be broadcasted on the 27th, were uploaded on the main website of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘. What gained a lot of attention from netizens were pictures of T.O.P and Se7en showing a lot of affection for one another by hugging and lovingly looking at each other. Also, a picture of Se7en happily leaning on T.O.P’s shoulder brought netizens to wonder if their relationship was perhaps something beyond friendship.

The two stars who are both part of the YG Family have been well-known for their close friendship. The photos seem to clearly show their closeness, but it also does seem to show their excessively affectionate and dangerous(?) side of their relationship!

After viewing these photos, netizens commented, “Why do they look so intimate? I’m getting jealous…“, “Too much touching! There should be a sign that says ‘keep off!’“, “The two seem to look alike“, and “I hope they reveal a lot of secrets about each other during the show!“.

In related news, this episode will be the last recording for Lee Seung Gi as the MC for ‘Strong Heart’ and YG Entertainment label mates Big Bang, 2NE1, Gummy, Psy, Tablo, and Se7en will be featured as guests.

Check out the affectionate photos of Se7en and T.O.P, as well as other YG Family guests from the show here!

Source + Photo: Star News via Nate
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[PICS] 120325 Se7en with his female backdancers, Crazy Girls~

credit: Ayuon's cyworld via @Linly_VIP

[PICS+Fancam] 120325 Inkigayo Van Show

credit: oneway21 @ se7en dc gallery via ceciliase7en


[VID] 120325 Kansai TV – Se7en segment: introducing Yeolbong (Japan)

7mayurin via ceciliase7en

[PICS+Fan Account] 120325 Fan meeting after Inkigayo

He picked questions written by fans out of a box to answer but as he picked them and read them out, he said jokingly that they were boring questions and that he wasnt going to answer them.

A group photo with everyone was going to be taken but fans whined because they didnt want to take it all together so they were going to take 10 photos in groups of 13 (about 130 people went) but in the end Dongwookie said, you guys all have mobile phones right? So he took self camera photos with each of the fans one by one on their phones!! Wow!

He told everyone that his upcoming single to be released in Japan is called Love Again and sang a bit of it. At first he wouldnt sing it because he said he couldnt remember the lyrics, so he was looking for the lyrics on his phone but couldnt find it. In the end he just sang whatever he could remember anyway. (Dont know if it’s a fast or slow song but I hear that it’s supposed to sound like a fast song)

The single will also include the Japanese version of When I can’t sing which he recorded alone and really liked.

He also said that he’s happy he is going to Japan since he is 27 years old there (as opposed to 29 in Korea).

He also mentioned that he will try hard to make the solo concert happen this year.

Photos and account from se7en dc gallery (ΘΘㅈ + Hea⑦en) & farineli (단한분칠군)
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[PICS] 120324 Se7en for『Croissant』magazine - Japan

credit: take a break with SE7EN~☆

[NEWS] Se7en to wrap up Korean promotions this week

Se7en has revealed that he will be officially wrapping up his Korean activities this week!

His performance on the March 25th episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ will be his last, as he’ll be concluding a few months’ worth of successful promotions. His comeback lived up to expectations and more, especially with it being a collaboration between YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Not only did he sweep the charts, but he also won on music programs, ranking on iTunes and in the top five on the Billboard chart.

Starting April, he’ll be promoting all over Asia in Japan, China, Singapore, and other locations.

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver
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[PICS] Official photos of Strong Heart YG special

from SBS