Thursday, March 22, 2012

[NEWS] Se7en Tweets Thank You for His 9th Anniversary as a Singer

Se7en’s career as an artist turned nine years old today and Se7en responded by tweeting his thanks to his fans.

On March 22 via his personal Twitter, Se7en tweeted, “Se7en’s 9th anniversary since his debut, Thank you to all my fans who have shown support for Se7en’s voice. I will work hard to become a 10-year artist now and show a better side of myself. It will be good to have high expectations. I love you all,” and included a picture of himself.

The accompanying photo showed Se7en in a pair of shades, striking a victory pose with his hand.

Many netizens couldn’t believe it had already been nine years since Se7en debuted and responded by saying, “Congratulations Se7en on your nine years”, “I hope you will have a long, long career as a singer” and “Even though time has passed, your face hasn’t changed at all!”

Photo credit: Se7en’s Twitter
Source: enewsworld via YGUnited

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