Friday, March 16, 2012

[PICS] 120310 Fan account of Japanese fan meeting in Korea

This is a report by Japanese fan Yuki who went to the fan meeting in Korea on 10th March as part of the tour package. The photos were sold afterwards for 1000 yen each >_<

Thank you so much Yuki!!

I went to the fan meeting last saturday.
it was really fun. it was my first time to go to any fan meetings in korea.

the event parted 2, first one is from 3 and second one is from 6 after dinner.

we went to the hall about 2 and there were 11tables which is 9 people each maybe.
a seat is decided by a lottery each room(most of people shared 4 people in the hotel room).
we put messages on the board.

finally mc Hyungi came out and introduced SE7EN.
He came out! yeah! with sunglasses.
se7en took attendance everyone. it took time.

the first event was the contest made with a rice cake.
while we work, se7en came looking around each table and after finished he came to decide which team wins.
the team which won made sooooooo great one.
they took picture with se7en on the stage.

first one was finished and we went to dinner at next building.
we came back to same hall and did lottery to select a seat again.
at first se7en sang 이해해 (Understand) in japanese.
he said it was first time to sing the song in japanese in front of audiences it.

and then he choose 2 messages he liked whicn we put on the board.
he went to the back and started music Hikari but we couldn’t see him.
he said “here! here!” he came into from back door.
he walking singing around each table and give us candys for whiteday gift.

the gifts had secret and 2 people were choosen.
they went up the stage and got his pj bottom for surprised gift.

se7en and hyungi’s talk started sitting on the sofa.
it was fun. se7en talked a lot.
he is planning to new CD in Japan in April or May and then wants to hold concert in Japan in this year if possible. he’s not sure yet.

he sang Somebody else.

the time to photo came.
he gave us CD with his autograph, shaked hands and took photo with each people.
it was so quick!
it finished.
he surprised us to come into from back door and shouted “Thank you everyone^^”

sorry my report is confusing and not perfect not much detail and poor english…

Oh of course he sang I can’t sing…

Taken from ceciliase7en