Tuesday, March 13, 2012

120310 Brief report on Japanese fan meeting in Korea

Here are some details from a fan who went:-

‘The best part was when I got chosen to receive one of the 2 pairs of his pyjamas which he picked from his personal items. They were Paul Smith pyjamas (with lots of colours) and there was an autograph near the left pocket. There was no smell of Se7en and no smell of detergent. ^^ It seems like he’s had them for some time since the colour was starting to fade away. I wore it on stage TTT It will be my treasure for the rest of my life.

He talked about going on Odoru Sanma Goten~ Sanma ssi talked really fast and he couldnt understand so he was scolded by Sanma ssi. He confessed that he used a wig (?) and talked about his friends – JYP, Boa, Big Bang, Rain, Kim Hyun Joong.

His hair was down but was just above his eyes and didnt cover them. He wore a short black leather jacket and black pants. About 110 people attended the fan meeting and it was held in a big room.

He said that another album will be coming out in April or May!Please keep this promise!’

taken from Take a break with Se7en
Translated by ceciliase7en

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