Thursday, March 15, 2012

[INFO] Upcoming new Japanese single release and showcase

Se7en will be releasing a new Japanese single on the 25th April 2012!

*throws confetti*

The single is described as ‘a happy dance track which goes with Spring’ and is not a song which has been released in Korea already

There will be 4 versions to the single (title is still undecided at the moment)

Version 1 – 1890 yen

CD + DVD : CD includes 2 new songs, 4 versions/ DVD includes new song MV and making clip

Version 2 – 1575 yen

CD + photobooklet – CD includes 2 new songs, 4 versions/ luxury photobooklet

Version 3 – 1260 yen

CD only – CD includes 2 new songs, 4 versions

In order to celebrate the release of the single, a series of showcases ‘Se7en new single showcase’ (temporary title) will be held in Japan. Through YGEX SHOP, you can purchase a cd with a ‘Se7en new single showcase’ ticket

CD with Se7en new single showcase ticket – 7700 yen

Set includes – YGEX limited version CD – 1050 yen, showcase ticket – 6300 yen, system handling fee – 350 yen

YGEX limited version CD (version 4) – 1050 yen

CD includes 1 new song 2 versions

Showcase schedule

May 3rd (Thurs, public holiday) Zepp DiverCity Tokyo – Entry 13:30/Start 14:30

May 3rd (Thurs, public holiday) Zepp DiverCity Tokyo – Entry 17:30/Start 18:30

May 5th (Sat) Zepp Fukuoka – Entry 16:00/Start 17:00

May 6th (Sun) Zepp Fukuoka – Entry 17:00/Start 18:00

May 12th (Sat) Zepp Namba – Entry 13:30/Start 14:30

May 12th (Sat) Zepp Namba – Entry 17:30/Start 18:30

Purchase of CD with showcase ticket is through LOTTERY. Application period is from March 16th 4pm to March 21st 12pm. Lottery is NOT through a first come first serve basis.

Standing will be on 1st floor, seating on 2nd floor. One CD with showcase ticket admits entry for one person. The CD with the showcase ticket will be sent out on the release date of the album, please make sure that you receive the CD before the showcase date.


Link for application here

Original information taken from Se7en official ameba blog and

Taken from ceciliase7en

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