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[PICS] More photos of SE7EN for Dazed & Confused Korea (March 2012 issue)

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[NEWS] Se7en and Boom Share an Awkward Moment on "Strong Heart"

In a past appearance on SBS “Strong Heart,” Se7en had talked about a unique experience with Boom. Se7en and Boom went to the same high school. At the time, Boom was in his 3rd year of high school while Se7en was in his first. Boom asked Se7en to rap for him one day. After Boom heard the rap he made two thumbs down and told Se7en “You Are the Worst, You Are the Worst.”

Se7en made another appearance on “Strong Heart” for the February 28 episode. However, this time around Boom was also on the show. That is why Lee Seung Gi said, “There is somebody who has nervously waited Se7en’s appearance on ‘Strong Heart.’ It is none other than Boom. The two went to Anyang Arts High School together. “

Boom expressed that it had been nearly ten years since the two met. He also stated, “After hearing that Se7en would be on the show yesterday, I could not get any sleep.”

Se7en said, “After we graduated we never met. This is also the first time we are appearing on television together. We don’t even have each other’s contact information.”

Then Boom asked Lee Seung Gi, “There are some things we need to resolve. (Probably talking about Boom telling Se7en that he was the worst in the past) Please tell Se7en that I want to get close to him through ‘Strong Heart.’”

The two shared an awkward hug, and then made a very formal handshake.

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[NEWS] Lee Hyori and Se7en leave each other sweet tweets

Lee Hyori and Se7en recently left each other a few warm hearted tweets.

On February 29th, Se7en left a message on Lee Hyori’s twitter saying, “Noona it was so good to see you yesterday, it’s been a long time. Get better fast from your cold.”

Lee Hyori responded, “Yea~ It got much better after I slept. You were very cool yesterday.” Se7en then shyly responded, “Noona you got much prettier… Ahh look at our conversation.”

Se7en guested on the February 28th broadcast of SBS’s ‘You and I’ which is hosted by Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung.

The warm hearted messages by these two caught the eyes of many fans.

They left comments saying, “You two are cute.” , “Your relationship seems nice.“, and  ”Hope you feel better Hyori.”

Aww their senior/junior relationship is so sweet. Don’t you think so?

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[VID] 120228 Strong Heart - Se7en cut (no sub)


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[NEWS] Se7en Experiences "Wardrobe Malfunction" During “Inkigayo” Performance

Se7en revealed that his pants had ripped during his performance of “When I Can’t Sing” on SBS “Inkigayo” last week. On February 28, Se7en tweeted a photo with the caption, “It’s all in the past now, so I’ll coolly confess it… on ‘Inkigayo’…my pants had ripped.”

In the photo he shared, you can clearly see a large hole on his thigh area. The captured photo is from the February 5 comeback special performance of Se7en. However, despite the large opening on the side of his thighs, no one was able to spot the “wardrobe malfunction” that had occurred to Se7en.

Netizens commented, “Wow, how come I didn’t notice it back then?” “You’re a really cool man. Thank god it only ripped a little,” and “Ripped-Se7en? I’m totally digging your latest song, oppa.”

You can check out his performance (and the ripped pants) in the video below!


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[Fancam] 120210 Se7en at Sukira


[PICS] 120217 Busan Autograph Session - official photos from YG

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[PICS] 120224 MCM Opening photos from MCM Korea

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[NEWS] Se7en auditions in a hotel room for JYP

Se7en reveals that he had to go through a ‘humiliating’ audition for Park Jin Young in a hotel room in order to obtain a song from him.

On the episode of Strong Heart to be aired on the 28th February, Se7en reveals that when he participated in the recording of Kpop Star outside Seoul, Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk, Psy and him had a wrap up party in the hotel room. “It was at this party where I asked Park Jin Young for a song.”

“After much consideration, he let me listen to ‘When I can’t sing’. As soon as I heard the song, I thought that I had to get this song whatever it takes. Park Jin Young said that he intended to sing the song himself, that the song was one he treasured and rejected when I asked.”

Se7en, who wanted the song from him, danced and sang in front of Park Jin Young and had an audition right there and then. Fortunately, the song was handed over to Se7en.

At Se7en’s confession, Miss A’s Min and Suzy burst out in laughter and said “Even after he gave Se7en the song, he still couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

This episode will be aired 28th February 11:15pm

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[NEWS] Boom and Se7en meet after 12 years on Strong Heart

Se7en met his high school senior Boom first time in 12 years.

On the episode of Strong heart to be shown on 28th February where Se7en appears, MC Lee Seung Gi says to him “Hearing that Se7en ssi was to appear on Strong heart, director Boom was the most excited.” To this, Se7en replied “Boom ssi was a senior 2 years above me at Anyang performing arts high. After graduating, this is the first time we have met in 12 years.”

Boom “Even though we had an awkward Senior-junior relationship in high school, all the misunderstandings have been resolved and I want to get along well with him from now.” When he said this, he avoided Se7en’s gaze showing that the two were still awkward with each other which made people wonder how their relationship was like in the past.

On this day, at the request of Lee Seung Gi, Boom and Se7en shook each other’s hands. The awkwardness of their exchange created lots of laughs on the set.

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[PICS] Official photos from SBS radio – Park So Hyun’s love game

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[PICS] "Asian Place" magazine - Japan

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[PICS] SBS radio official photos of Boom’s Young Street

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[Twitter] 120131 ~ 120227

(1) D-1 이제 하루남았다… 아~~ 마스터앨범 듣는데 노래 6곡 다 너무 잘나왔다!! 지금까지 만든 앨범중 가장 맘에드는앨범!! 아주깔끔해~ 기대하시라!!!^^

Translation: D-1 One day left now..Ah~~ I’m listening to the Master version of the album, all 6 songs came out so well!! I like this album the most out of all the albums I’ve had so far!! Very neat~Look forward to it!!^^

(2) [내가 노래를 못해도] 뮤직비디오 촬영현장!!! 아주 잠깐 카메오 출연을 위해 달려와준 착한 내동생과 함께!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps. MV 오늘밤 12시 개봉박두!!

Translation: [When I can't sing] MV’s film set!! Together with my kind dongsaeng who came to film a very brief cameo!! Love u GD!! Ps. MV will be out tonight at 12 oclock!!

(3) 잠시후 12시~!! 세븐의 새앨범 음원 및 [내가 노래를 못해도] 의 뮤직비디오가 공개됩니다!!! Get ready yall~~~

Translation: In a bit at 12 oclock~!!Se7en’s new album and audio as well as [When I can't sing]‘s music video will be released!! Get read yall~~

(4) 세븐 새앨범 타이틀곡 [내가 노래를 못해도] 뮤직비디오 공개!!! 모두 RT~~

Translation: Se7en’s new album title track [When I can't sing] music video released!! Everyone RT

(5) Se7en new album [When I can't sing] Music video OPEN!!! Everybody RT plz!!!

(6) RT @followjyp ’내가 노래를 못해도’와 Falling 좋아해주셔서 넘 감사해요. 근데 여러분들도 넘 감사하지만 곡이 써진다는건 정말 100% 운이거든요. 제가 언제까지 좋은 곡을 쓸수있을지 모르겠지만 지금까지 쓴것만으로도 과분해서 민망하고 하늘에 정말 감사드려요ㅜㅠ

Translation: Thank you so much for liking ‘When I can’t sing’ and ‘Falling’. I’m thankful to everyone but writing songs is 100% luck. Although I dont know how long I can continue writing good songs but even with the ones I’ve written up to now, I feel it’s been too much that it makes me embarrassed..I really thank the heavens TT

(7) No.1 !!!!!!!! not only on Korean music chart but also on US iTunes R&B chart!! Thank you soooo much guys!!! Love yall~~

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[Fancam] 120224 Coex Autograph Session part 3


[VID] 120216 Mcountdown Behind the Scenes

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[Audio] 120225 Radio Hits Radio on Yokohama FM

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[VID] 120226 Se7en feat Park Bom - "When I Can't Sing" at SBS Inkigayo (HD)


[VIDS] 120226 Se7en's performances+talk on Yoon Do Hyeon's MUST

Somebody Else

When I Can't Sing

Come Back To Me

La La La




When I Can't Sing (full)



[VIDS] 120224 Boom's Youngstreet Radio (full)

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[NEWS] Se7en Became Emotional While Listening to Korea’s National Anthem Abroad

Se7en unveiled how he dealt with homesickness and stress during his promotional activities in America.

The artist, who recently released his latest title song, was a guest for Mnet’s Yoon Do Hyun’s Must where he stated, “While I was promoting in America, I was very homesick for Korea. I placed a large Korean flag on my wall and every morning sang the national anthem. I even became emotional sometimes [while listening to the national anthem] and would pledge allegiance to the flag.”

The gayo song he said he listened to the most, while in America, was Jo Young Pil’s Seoul Seoul Seoul. He listened to mostly songs from his seniors, but this song he listened to frequently he said.

On the show, he also talked about how he came to receive his current title song from JYP Entertainment’s head, Park Jin Young.

The theme for the show’s episode was “the songs I found healing through” and the other guests for the episode included Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper Miryo, as well as actors Jung Chan and Lee Yoo Ri.

Yoon Do Hyun’s Must is a weekly music program that features a diverse range of guests who pick and perform songs according to the episode’s theme. The show is receiving positive feedback for its MC Yoon Do Hyun and YB guitarist Heo Joon as well as the diverse range of guests and the show’s unique 360 degree stage.

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