Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[NEWS] Boom and Se7en meet after 12 years on Strong Heart

Se7en met his high school senior Boom first time in 12 years.

On the episode of Strong heart to be shown on 28th February where Se7en appears, MC Lee Seung Gi says to him “Hearing that Se7en ssi was to appear on Strong heart, director Boom was the most excited.” To this, Se7en replied “Boom ssi was a senior 2 years above me at Anyang performing arts high. After graduating, this is the first time we have met in 12 years.”

Boom “Even though we had an awkward Senior-junior relationship in high school, all the misunderstandings have been resolved and I want to get along well with him from now.” When he said this, he avoided Se7en’s gaze showing that the two were still awkward with each other which made people wonder how their relationship was like in the past.

On this day, at the request of Lee Seung Gi, Boom and Se7en shook each other’s hands. The awkwardness of their exchange created lots of laughs on the set.

Source: Newsen

Translated by Cecilia

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