Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[NEWS] Se7en and Girls' Generation Jessica Look Funky for Dazed & Confused

Se7en and Girls' Generation Jessica graced the cover of the Korean edition of the British magazine "Dazed & Confused." Se7en and Jessica posed for the March issue of the fashion magazine.

The two of them showed off their charisma through fierce poses, extravagant hairstyles and attitude. In addition to appearing on the cover of the magazine, Jessica and Se7en graced no less than eight pages of the magazine.

It was revealed that Se7en as well as Jessica displayed about nine different concepts for this pictorial.
Se7en who made his comeback with "When I Can't Sing," showed no sign of fatigue on the set of the photo shoot even though the shooting  lasted until dawn. The singer was praised by the production's team as he showed off a strong spirit and told jokes to the staff. He also showed interest for everything related to the photo shoot.

*omitted unrelated part to Se7en*

The dual pictorial of Se7en and Jessica will be released on March 21.

Taken from soompi.com

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