Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[PICS] 120221 Younha’s Starry Night (+translation)


He actually arrived early and even rehearsed When I cant sing and Somebody else! He also helped in writing up the profile for himself. The show was carried out in Studio 1 – the studio with the best sound system at MBC radio.

Younha had watched him when he debuted and it felt surreal for her to meet him in person. During commercial time, they talked about what he was up to lately and it felt like they were old colleagues. He said that he doesnt feel like he’s debuted 10 years but feels it when he meets all the juniors at the TV station. But he still feels butterflies in his stomach when he go to the TV station and gets on stage.

The show started as a spring vacation special but turned into a Mr positive-’ven’ revival meeting where he sent super positive strength before leaving.  Rather than having just one dream and being frustrated with it, he looks to closer achievable dreams one by one. He has no fears and rather than worrying, he concentrates on happy things, enjoyable things and things that he can do~ A super positive guy~

translated by ceciliase7en

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