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[Fancam] 110430 Tiger Asian Music Festival - Fanmeet

[PICS] 110430 Tiger Asian Music Festival - Fanmeet

Credit : @erieynn + news photos as shown on photo

Credit : @acidburn711

Credit : @AliaLiverpool

Credit : @beatrice1500

Credit : @Fazira_150395

Credit : @ingridnathania

Credit : @lyekelvin

On the stage

Credit : @bryanhoo
Overall credit: nameo @popcornfor2 forum + @NiceThai for the tip!

[Fancam] 110429 PD Kpop Charity Concert Part II - Showtime

Digital Bounce




[PICS] 110429 PD Kpop Charity Concert Part II - Showtime

credit: Pingbook
Another photos by Pingbook [Part 2] [Part 3]

[Fancam] 110429 PD Kpop Charity Concert Part II - Press Conference



[PICS] 110429 PD Kpop Charity Concert Part II - Press Conference

credit: Pingbook

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[Twitter] 110423 + 110424 + 110425 + 110426 + 110427

OFFICIALSE7EN: 지금 코엑스에 계신분들!!! 니콘 매장으로 빨리 오세요~!! 우리 만납시다^^ [To everyone who’s at Coex now!!Hurry and come to the Nikon booth~!!Let’s meet^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 저의 짧은멘션 한마디가 받는분에게 평생 잊을수없는 생일선물이 된다면~ 그보다 기쁜일이 또 어딨겠어요^^ RT “@miyeon920: 왜 세븐님은 팬분들에게 생일축하한다고 멘션하시는컵니까 ?!” [If my short mention [on twitter] can become a lifetime unforgettable birthday present for the ones who receive them~there is nothing that makes me happier^^ RT @miyeon920: Who does Se7en-nim send birthday mentions to fans?]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @toOnngg happy bday Tong!!! Hva great day!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @KpopMonster happy bday casey!!! Hva goood day!! Happy easter!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: AMEN!!! Happy easter!!! “@WGyenny: happy easter! [and surely i am with you always, to the very end of the age. matthew 28:20]”

WGyenny: @officialse7en 오빠도 크리스천이시구나 ㅋㅋ God bless u ~ ;) [Ah so oppa is also Christian keke~God bless u~:)]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @WGyenny GOD bless u too!!! Hope u guys doin well~!!! 항상 힘내길바래^^ GO~ WG!!! [GOD bless u too!!! Hope u guys doin well~!!! Hope you are strong always^^ GO~ WG!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ft7501 마수미짱 탄죠비 오메데또우!!! Happy bday~!!! 쟈네~~

[T/N: He writes japanese with korean sounds so I dont know what it means >< It says something like this "Misumijjang tanjyobi omededowu!!Happy bday~!!Bye']
[Noizumi's note: Misumi is the person's name and 'tanjoubi omedetou' means 'Happy Birthday']

OFFICIALSE7EN: @echoi95 수민양~ 17번째 생일 축하해요^^ 좋은하루보내길!!! [Soomin~happy 17th birthday^^ hope you have a good day!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @soda9667 생일축하해요 soda!!!^^ 좋은하루보내길 바래!! [Happy birthday soda!!!^^ Hope you have a good day!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @yg67 유진씨 생일축하해요~ 좋은하루 보내길 바래요!! 항상 화이팅입니다^^ [Yoojin ssi happy birthday~ Hope you have a good day!! Fighting always^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @yunsun18 윤선양~ 생일 완전축하!! 중간고사도 완전 대박나길 바래요~~^^ [YoonSun~ Total happy birthday!! Hope you totally do well in your mid semester exams~~^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lovely_Isabella oh happy bday Isabella~!! 좋은밤 보내요^^ [oh happy bday Isabella~!! Have a good night^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Going 2 Thailand!!! W ma dance crew~~ C ya soon Bangkok!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: Hva show in bangkok on 29th... And hva another show in Msia on 30th.. Wait fo me Msia!!! Be there sooon!!!

Translated by ceciliase7en

Saturday, April 23, 2011

[Fancam] 110423 Se7en at Nikon event



[Vid]110422 MBC Star Audition – Se7en’s greeting + Noh Ji Hoon perf

For those of you who dont know, MBC Star Audition is an extremely popular show very much like American Idol and the like. The season is now in the final stages now with today’s show’s mission for the remaining 8 to perform the song of an idol. So this contestant called Noh Ji Hoon, attempted to sing Come back to me.

110422 MBC Star Audition: The Birth of a Great Star

110422 MBC Star Audition - Se7en greeting + Noh... by ceciliase7en

Se7en's greeting:

I’ve been told that Noh Ji Hoon ssi will be singing “Come back to me” today. I’m really looking forward to it and I will definitely watch it. Have confidence in yourself, Noh Ji Hoon, Fighting!

PS. Unfortunately Noh Ji Hoon was one of the 2 contestants who were eliminated on today’s show. I applaud him for trying a Se7en song and this just goes to show that Dongwookie’s songs arent for all to sing! They’re hard!!!

Taken from ceciliase7en

Friday, April 22, 2011

[Twitter] 110418 + 110419 + 110420 + 10421

willpan23: Tokyo we coming soon! What songs should i perform for my first show in Japan?

OFFICIALSE7EN: @willpan23 baby I like u like that!!!!! Haha... Jus kiddin....

Note: Willber Pan once remake Se7en's 'Baby I Like You Like That'. [Link]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @cherry4eva84 happy bday ma friend!!! Hope u hva grrreeeeaaatttt day!!! Holla~~~

cherry4eva84: @officialse7en ㅋㅋㅋ 고맙다 칭구^^ 조만간 얼굴보자규!! [kekek Thanks my friend^^Let’s meet up soon!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @cherry4eva84 그래~ 촬영잘하구!! Good luck!! Holla~~ [Sure~Good luck with the filming!!Good luck!! Holla~~]

jinuSEAN3000: '행복한 가정 만들기'란? 혼수와 예단 없이 그리고 축의금을 안 받고 반지 하나만 주고 받는 간결한 결혼식을 하고자 하는 이쁜 사랑 이야기를 가지고 있는 커플에게 제가 결혼식 비용 모두를 부담하고 이쁜 결혼식을 해주는 일입니다 [For a simple wedding with the concept of “Creating a happy family” where there was no dowry or wedding presents [Note: the bride is supposed to give presents to groom's family usually], where the couple did not receive any congratulatory money from guests but just an exchange of rings between the bride and groom, I paid for all the wedding expenses for this beautiful couple’s beautiful wedding.]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @jinuSEAN3000 혼수는 없는데 그 반지가 막 3억짜리고 그러면 어떻하나요..?? ㅋㅋㅋ [There’s no dowry but what if the ring is worth 300 million won? kekeke]

WAWASOUL: 용주형이보내준사진 4~5년전인거같은데 저때 참~잼났어^^ 사진속칭구들!!! 50년만더만납시다.. “청춘이 최고다~” [The photos that Yongju hyung sent me seem to be from 4-5 years ago~it was quite fun back then^^All my friends in the photo!!Let’s meet for just another 50 years.. “Youth is the best~”]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @WAWASOUL WOW!!! 어떤 대단한 무대였길래 댄서가 8명인거야...!!?? 요즘엔 4명도 많어 ㅋㅋㅋ [WOW!!! What great performance was that that needed 8 dancers..!!?? Nowadays even 4 dancers is considered alot kekeke]

WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 영화시상신이었던거같은데.. 어째뜬!!! 너랑 이재욱머리..;; 어떻게할꺼야? 둘다 사과해~ [I think it was a movie award ceremony..Anyway!!!Your hair and Lee Jae Wook’s hair..what are you going to do about it?? You guys better apologise~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @WAWASOUL 참나... 누가할소리!!?? 내가 그때 형이랑 다니느라 창피했던거 생각하면.. -.-; 나 원... [Geez…who should be saying that!!?? If I think about the embarrassment I felt back then when I had to hang around hyung…-.-;I..]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @rnlni7 happy bday Ruin!!!! Hva gooood one!!! Holla~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @KUKUR9 8년묵은 팬님~ 생일 진심으로 축하합니다!! 딱 80년만 더 묵읍시다!!^^ [8th year fan-nim [Nim makes it honorific]~I wish you sincerely happy birthday!! Be my fan for just another 80 years!!^^]

Translated by ceciliase7en

[News]110420 Se7en receives drama and movie offers

Singer Se7en is attracting attention with movie and drama offers he has been receiving.

According to a related person in the movie industry “Se7en is a strong candidate for the main role of a movie about the growth of a hiphop singer which is in the genre of comedy/drama.”

Se7en’s management company YG entertainment says “It’s true that there are some offers coming in for dramas and movies. But we plan to place efforts first and foremost on the new album which we are preparing for the 2nd half of this year. We are still considering carefully about acting.”

Original news source: osen, farineli

translation by cecilia
pic credit: fuckyeahygfamilyy@tumblr

Thursday, April 21, 2011

[VID] Se7en for Bangkok Summer Festival 2011 by Coca Cola (1min ver)


[NEWS] YG Family will have a Talk Show, Quiz Show, Fan Sign and more at the 2011 Seoul Photoshow!

On the 21st, Nikon Imaging Korea will be hosting a “Photo Talk Show with YG Family“.

YG Entertainment artists, such as 2NE1, Se7en, etc. will be visiting the main stage at the Nikon booth for this talk show one at a time each day.

They will reveal the pictures that they took themselves with Nikon cameras, and will talk about the story behind the shots of their practice rooms, scenery, and other behind the scenes daily life shots.

In particular, the YG Family members will be revealing their personal photo-taking tips, and it will be a great opportunity for the audience to learn more about the daily lives of these top stars who are normally are very secretive.

In addition, during the Talk Show, there will also be a fan sign and photo time through the Quiz Show.

The Quiz Show, which will be conducted on the scene, will include questions based on YG Family, and those who have the correct answers will be presented with a signed autograph and will receive a large printout photo of them and the celebrity.

The “Photo Talk Show with YG Family” will start each day at 3PM and will last for 50 minutes on the Nikon booth main stage. Anyone who visits the Nikon booth may participate.

translated: GEE @
Taken from ibigbang

[INFO] SE7EN Handshake Session

Proudly presented by Tiger and organized by Galaxy, the Asian Music Festival™ is all set to explode with full excitement at 2.00pm at The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Sri Kembangan this April 30th, 2011. This amazing musical event features awesome ten-hour long of genre-defining music from the East that no Asian music buffs should miss.

The 25 remarkable groups of artistes from seven Asian nations include Se7en from Korea; Edison Chen and FAMA from Hong Kong; Jing Chang, Lollipop F, Kevin Lin and Tiger Huang from Taiwan; Bibi from China; Olivia Ong and Derrick Ho from Singapore; Namcha from Thailand; as well as our very own Suki, Jess Lee and dayDream.

SE7EN Handshake Session

After much anticipation, the YG FAMILY of artistes is here! SE7EN will be among the first to hold a handshake session at 1pm, April 30th, 2011 at the main entrance of The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Sri Kembangan. Fans will have chance to meet Se7en on stage up-close by purchasing their albums at the event. What’s more, those who purchase the album will get to participate in a lucky draw to take photo with Se7en on stage. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to meet Se7en.

Besides SE7EN album, imported albums of other YG's artistes such as BIGBANG, 2NE1 and TAE YANG are also up for grab. Those with purchase above RM100 on the day will get a free exquisite fan of SE7EN and BIGBANG. For those who miss out on the Se7en lucky draw, fret not as you will also win the YG artistes Greeting card. The name list of the lucky winners will be posted on the Halo Music facebook

Artist activity schedule:

Date    :2011 April 30 (Saturday)

Time    :1.00pm

Activity: SE7EN Handshake Session

Venue  :MIECC

Taken from HALO Music Malaysia

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Twitter] 110413 + 110415 + 110416 + 110417

OFFICIALSE7EN: @naoko_lucky7 생일축하해요 나오코!! Hva great day!!! Gambatekudasai!!! [Happy birthday Naoko!!Hva great day!!! Gambatekudasai!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @parkjm0819 생일축하해요 정민양^^ 좋은하루 보내요!!! [Happy birthday Jung min^^ Have a good day!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 오랜만에 국내무대..!! 간만에 몸좀풀러 놀러왔다^^ DIGITAL BBBBBBOUNCEEE!!! @ 싸이 소극장스탠드!! 사진제목 : 주먹만한 내얼굴!! [First performance in Korea for a long time..!! I came to warm up my body and play^^DIGITAL BBBBBBOUNCEEE!!! @ Psy’s little theatre stand!! Photo title: My face which is the size of a fist!!]

mingkki21: @officialse7en 꺄악~~!!오빠 상큼하세요~#>_<# [Kyaaa~!!oppa looks fresh~#>_<#]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mingkki21 왼쪽오빠? 오른쪽오빠!?? ㅋㅋ [The oppa on the left? the oppa on the right? keke]

mingkki21: @officialse7en 아...오빠가 둘이었구나...한분은 삼촌이아닐까 했는데...>_<# [Ah… so there are 2 oppa’s.. I was thinking whether one of them should be an uncle… >_<#]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mingkki21 아 맞다!!^^ [Ah that’s right!!^^]

jhs7987: @officialse7en 오빠 수고하셨어용~^^!! 빨리 살뺄께요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  [Oppa worked hard today~^^!! I’ll lose weight soon TTTTTT]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @jhs7987 ^^ 내일두 수고하룜~ 굿나잇!!! [^^ work hard tomorrow too~ Good night!!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ssung2224 성미양~ 생일축하해요!! 좋은하루 보내요^^ [Sung mi~Happy birthday!! Have a good day^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ariesjx happy bday jia xin!!! Hva great one!!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Monkycin happy bday cindejoyla~~ Hva nice day!!! Holla~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @se7enice oh happy bday mayang!!! Hva good one!!

Taeyang518: @officialse7en 오빠저요즘…너무힘드러요…제옆에제맘을털어놓을사람이없어요…제가인생을헛살았나봐요…요즘자꾸나쁜생가이들어요…이러면안되는걸알면서도…저제인생과그만바이하고싶어요… [Oppa, lately I’m having such a hard time..there’s noone next to me who I can share what’s on my mind with…It seems that I lived my life for nothing..Lately I keep having bad thoughts..Although I know I cant do this..I want to say bye to my life…]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @Taeyang518 재경양~ 그런생각하지 말아요!! 오늘은 재경양 남은 인생의 첫날 이니까~ 새로운 오늘을 시작해보아요!! 힘내요~ 화이팅!!!^^ [Jae Kyung~ Dont think like that!! Because today is the first day of Jae Kyung’s remaining life~Try to start anew today!! Cheer up~~ Fighting!!!^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @boram0417 보람이 생일축하해용^^ 시험두 좋은결과있길!! 힘내요 홧팅~ [Borami happy birthday^^ I hope that you get good results for your exam!! Gain strength ~fighting~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: It is my 1000th tweet!!! For ma fans in all of the world!!! Thank u Lucky se7en!!! Love u all~ 고마워 럭키세븐^^ [It is my 1000th tweet!!! For ma fans in all of the world!!! Thank u Lucky se7en!!! Love u all~Thank you lucky se7en^^]

Translated by ceciliase7en

[VID] 110402 SG E-Awards red carpet - Se7en cut



[NEWS] Se7en extends contract with YG Entertainment for another two years

Following Big Bang’s contract renewal earlier this month, labelmate Se7en has also extended his contract for another two years with YG Entertainment.

This is the second time Se7en has renewed his contract under the agency, as he had done the same back in 2006 without a deposit.

Yang Hyun Suk emphasized, “We’re a family. As hard as it is to enter YG Entertainment, once you get in, we do our best until the end. I am extremely thankful to both Se7en and Big Bang for choosing us once again.”

The producer went on to reveal that he had told the members time and time again to speak up whenever they had any problems either with their careers or their personal lives. The members would often go to him with a collected opinion and he would work his best to accommodate them.

Se7en’s decision for renewing, however, is to “set ablaze the last moment of his youth with YG before he enters the military.” Yang went on to say, “For Se7en, we have a lot of projects lined up, like international promotions and movie appearances.

He emphasized again, “My opinion also remains the same on not allowing my artists onto music programs and concerts that are not capable of satisfying or bringing out the talent of my artists. This opinion will never change.

Big Bang and Se7en also renewed their contracts for the staff members that they had grown up working with. From top composers like Teddy, to video managers and stylists, they revealed that they were more than satisfied with working with the best of the best of the industry.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
Taken from Allkpop

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[INFO] Se7en will party with Hong Kong next!

thanks to @allkorean for the heads up!

[PIC] 110416 PSY me2day update feat Se7en

Original message:

이천의 첫 손님…7!!! 고마웠다 세봉!!

In English:

Ichon’s first customer…7!!! Thanks for coming, SEBYONG!!

credit: AA-CHAN