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[VID] 120429 Se7en at Ameba Studio


[PICS] 120429 Se7en spotted in Shin-Okubo

Shin-Okubo is Korean Town in Shinjuku area

credit: @sulm125

[Audio+Trans] 120421 FM Yokohama Radio HITS Radio



Host: So, here is our guest for today. He's returned to our studio again, because he promised that he would come again right? What is it? okay. Go ahead.
SE7EN: Konni Konni (cute way of saying hello) It's se7en!
Host: konni konni
SE7EN: It's been a while
Host: it has been a while.
SE7EN: how were you?
Host: I'm fine
SE7EN: good
Host: It seems like you were busy in Korea.
SE7EN: that's true. I was really busy but I came back again.
Host: So, first please introduce your new Japanese single to everyone.
SE7EN: That's right. This song is called, Love again. It's really a bright and refreshing song. So.. let's listen to it?
Host: Yes.
SE7EN: yes.
Host: Love again

[Love Again]

[PIC] 120428 Yokohama FM blog update feat. Se7en

credit: FM Yokohama official blog

[VID] 120428 CBC TV "Hanasaka Times"


Friday, April 27, 2012

[Audio+Trans] 120421 Tokyo Fm "Love With Yu"



Yu: Love with YU. Today we have an amazing guest from Korea. Please introduce yourself.
SE7EN: Good evening, It's se7en.
Yu: Please take care of me
SE7EN: Please take care of me
Yu: nice to meet you.
SE7EN: nice to meet you.
Yu: After 4 years, SE7EN, you have reopened your activities in Japan. In January, I went to see YG FAMILY CONCERT in Japan.
SE7EN: you came right?
Yu: I did.
SE7EN: so it's not nice to meet you.
Yu: That's right. It's not nice to meet you.
SE7EN: it's more like it's been a while.
Yu: It's been a while. It was really exciting! It was really amazing. It was the first time I saw your live performance! It was really really cool.
SE7EN: thank you very much.
Yu: It was really amazing. The dance was really sparkly. Your dancing and singing was really good. I was touched.
SE7EN: thank you very much.
Yu: How was it to do a concert in Japan after a long while?
SE7EN: It was really fun. It wasn't just only me, but it was a concert with the all the other YG Family members, so everyone was really happy and a really good time.
Yu: There were also collaborations between YG Family entertainment artists, is everyone close with each other?
SE7EN: That's right. Since we are with each other for a long time, we are really close and in terms of music style as well, in terms of what we like are relatively the same so we can do a lot together.
Yu: Do you talk a lot about music?
SE7EN: That's right. Definitely.
Yu: When you came to Japan in January, you went to an amusement park...
SE7EN: I go sometimes.
Yu: Sometimes you go?
SE7EN: Since I can't really go to them in Korea… so
Yu: that's right..
SE7EN: Coming to Japan, sometimes I think I want to go, Kourakuen or what was it last time?
Yu: Hanayashiki
SE7EN: ah~ I went to Hanayashiki as well.
Yu: Were the rides okay?
SE7EN: I really like roller coasters.
Yu: you really like them?
SE7EN: I also like high places
Yu: even high places. Wow that is rare in a guy, since most of them are scared of heights.
SE7EN: is that so?
Yu: In Japan, there are a lot of guys that are scared of heights. So, if you tell that you like heights to a girl you like, I think they will be really happy because she can ride it together finally.
SE7EN: I really like them
Yu:So is that so? Anyways, let's listen one song from the album, Somebody Else, that was released in January. Please introduce one of the songs.
SE7EN: Why don't we listen to the title track, Somebody else?
Yu: Yes.
SE7EN: So, here is SE7EN's Somebody Else

Somebody Else

[VID+PIC] 120427 CTV "Lucky Branch"



[PICS] 120427 Se7en for B-BASS magazine - Japan

credit: take a break with SE7EN~☆

[PICS] Se7en on Fuji TV Gokigenyou

To be aired on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th at 1:00 - 1.30 PM JST.

credit: + Se7en's ameblo

[PIC] 120423 Se7en at Gimpo airport going to Japan

credit: as tagged+ceciliase7en

[VID] 120424 Se7en for TV Taro magazine - Japan

credit: @yukka

[VID] 120426 TVK "Arigatou"

by y-yukiko

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[VID] 2011 YG Family 15th Anniversary Concert Live CD case review


[PICS] 120425 Se7en for Hallyu Pia, TV Pia, Korea Fun magazine - Japan

credit: @yukka and @chiruru_of7

[NEWS] Lee Joon Gi and Se7en make their way to the top ten on the Oricon chart.

Singer and actor Lee Joon Gi and Singer Se7en recently made the way to top ten on the Oricon chart with their Japanese single.

Lee Joon Gi ranked fifth on the Daily Single Oricon Chart with his Japanese single “Ducer,” which was released on March 16.

Being the first single since his returning from the military, “Ducer” ranked top on the day of the release.

Se7en ranked sixth on the Daily Single Oricon Chart with his Japanese single “Love Again,” on March 25, the same day of it release.

In celebration of his single album release, Se7en is to hold showcases at Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka and others.

Taken from
Oricon caps by take a break with SE7EN~☆

[Audio] 120425 FM Yokohama Kpop now



credit: take a break with SE7EN~☆

[INFO] 120426 New Media Schedule - Japan


4/27 10:53
Chukyo TV “ラッキーブランチ” (Lucky Branch) – Live show (Nagoya area)

4/28 9:25am
CBC TV “花咲かタイムズ” (Hanasaka Times) – Live show (Nagoya area)


4/27 4:30pm
ZIP FM “Big Friday” – live show (Nagoya area)

5/1 1:00am (going into 5/2)
Listen? Live for Life – live show



source: Se7en's ameblo
translated by ceciliase7en

[PICS] 120425 Se7en Staff Japan twitter update


[PICS] 120426 TVK "Arigatou"

credit: @am8chan, Pajama na Se7en, @lukeaska

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[PIC] 120424 Megan Lee twitter update feat. Se7en

credit: @hellomeganlee

[INFO] Se7en will be appearing live on Ameba studio

In celebration of his 7th single release, Korean R&B prince, Se7en will be appearing on Ameba studio live on 29th April at 8 PM JST!!



[Twitter] 120423 - 120424 Se7en Staff Japan twitter update

Follow @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN if u havent already!

(1) スタンバイ中!!!/SE7ENSTAFF_JPN/status/194335903475441664/photo/1

Translation: On standby!

(2) SE7ENは今日雑誌の取材を受けてます(^-^)

Translation: Se7en is having a magazine photoshoot/interview today (^_^)

(3) 今日は天気がいいので外で撮影してます。撮影の合間にサッカー。10年ぶりだそうです。!/SE7ENSTAFF_JPN/status/194685272271765504/photo/1/large

Translation: Because the weather is good today, filming is taking place outdoors. In between filming, he’s playing soccer for the first time in 10 years

(3) 今日は取材や打ち合わせがメインの一日です。取材が始まる前に「いつも そーうぞう してーみてーごらん」と大きな声で歌っていたことも合わせてご報告いたします(笑)

Translation: Today was mainly interviews and meetings. Before the interview, he sang “いつも そーうぞう してーみてーごらん” [Note: lyrics to 'Startline'] in a loud voice (laughs)

Translated by ceciliase7en

[INFO] 120424 New media schedule - Japan


Se7en will be appearing on the Korean corner of TVK (TV Kanagawa)’s live program ‘Arigato’ (ありがとッ!) on the 26th April from 12 – 2pm


4/24 Sports daily “Choa”

4/25 Sankei Sports “Korean fun”


4/25(水) 20:00~bay-fm「ON8」 

Source: Se7en official ameba blog
Translated by ceciliase7en


Japanese Lyrics

 この広い世界でまた 君を見つけた
あの日の青いピアス 今でも揺れて

いつまでも忘れられない とかじゃなくって
何度でも恋に落ちる そういう事なんだ

そんなのやめてよ my god...!

Take me back
もう一度 君に出逢う奇跡に
Fall in love again
最初から恋をしよう 二人で
Fall in love again
君と Fall in love again
君と Fall in love again

無理にでも会えるような 理由を探した
この気持ち言えないまま 時は過ぎたんだ

伝えられるかな my love...?

Take me back
君との あの約束覚えてる
Fall in love again
今度こそ叶えようよ いくつも
Fall in love again
君と Fall in love again
君と Fall in love again

君を守れる 幸せにするから

もう一度 君に出逢う奇跡に
Fall in love again
最初から恋をしよう 二人で

Fall in love again
君と Fall in love again
君と Fall in love again

credit: take a break with SE7EN~☆


[VID] 120423 NHK Osaka "Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen!" Full show

by tomtom1109

Monday, April 23, 2012

[Translation] A-ticket special interview – Se7en

Se7en, who released mini album ‘Somebody Else’ this year on 18th January after 4 years and starting his activities in Japan again, is set to release new single ‘Love again’ on 25th April! A single that can be seen as the real Se7en – a title track with a familiar melody line and dance beat as well as the Japanese version of a famous ballad that shook the music charts of Korea, Se7en talks about his new single.

Q: We are doing this interview today

A: Yes (smiles), after this interview I have dance rehearsal

Q: A tight schedule! The mini album Somebody else which was released in January this year was the first in 4 years in Japan. How was the response?

A: The response was great. All my fans were waiting for me and they said to me “We are looking forward to it”. Many people came to the concert and events and the atmosphere was the same as it was 4 years ago. I’m really happy!

Q: The new single ‘Love again’ is about to be released. A dance track which makes people’s mood lift, what impression do you have of this song?

A: It is a bright and refershing song which is like spring. Because it’s spring, isnt it good to have a simple and bright song? (laughs) The recording went smoothly and I was able to sing it happily. I think maybe it will be easy for everyone to sing too. Of course I really like spring! Although i like all seasons (laughs)

Q: How about the lyrics?

A: Me starting activities in Japan again after 4 years in reflected in the lyrics. Because I sang the song with the thought of ‘Love again’ towards my fans [Note: Loving the fans again], my favourite part is the bridge. “The reason I have become a little stronger now is because I am happy I can watch over you” These lyrics are very good

Q: I can really feel your strong longing for your fans. In reality, have you become stronger?

A: Yes, I have. Have I not become stronger compared to before? Over the 4 years, I have gotten older and gained more experience, and I think I have strengthened mentally.

Q: What about physically?

A: Physically.. (laughs) well, have I not powered-up in that field as well? Although I havent been working out, I have continued to dance which is a form of exercise so it’s ok!

Q: The PV of ‘Love again’, so we are going to see improved choreography?

A: Although the filming of it hasnt taken place yet, I believe it will come out well (laughs)..Of course there will be dance and also a bit of acting. You will be able to see different expressions

Q: This time the PV will be filmed in Japan. Is there a difference between Japan and Korea?

A: I dont think there is a big difference. The only difference is that the filming time in Japan is usually 1 day but in Korea it’s 3 days

Q: Isnt it good to have more time?

A: But there’s the possibility that I have to shoot all day and all night for 3 days straight! At those times, it’s really difficult. If possible, I would like to have more time for sleep (laughs)

Q: That’s true (laughs). The song which had a big response (When I cant sing) released in February in Korea also has a Japanese version now.

A: Yes, the contents of the song is the same, it’s really sad. Although I performed this song alot in Korea.. At the end of the live stage, alot of people could relate to the song..I thought that Japanese fans will also be touched

Q: Even if I cant sing anymore, will you still love this me which has nothing left. Have you thought about if you really cannot sing anymore one day?

A: No! I dont imagine such things which can make me feel insecure or negative. If I think about it, wouldnt it make it difficult for me?

Q: Indeed, you need to continue to work hard

A: Yes (laughs), if I cannot sing anymore ..well I will do other things. I am interested in some other things besides music too. It seems that music is my hobby.

Q: Huh??

A: Well if I think of music as a job, wouldnt I have a hard time too? I want to enjoy myself as much as possible

Q: In May you will be having the SE7EN new single showcase in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka. Your fans must be looking forward to it.

A: I am also waiting for it! Of course I will be performing the new song and I also want to prepare talk to bring my fans and I closer

Q: It seems that your activities in Japan are very fulfilling

A: I will work hard so that they are. ‘Love Again’ is my 7th single in Japan. It is a meaningful number to me and I want to do many things with fans in the future

Q: Looking forward to it. What do you want to do this spring?

A: Golf. Because a warmer season has come now, I really want to play golf. I havent played in Japan before because I dont have friends. It’s quite lonely on the golf course by yourself? (laughs)

Q: You must have friends in Japan?!

A: Yes, actually I do. (laughs) Besides that I want to go to an amusement park. I want to go to Korakuen Amusement Park (Tokyo Dome city) or even though a bit far, Fuji Q highland. I like scary rides.

Q: You like screaming? (laughs)

A: That’s right (laughs), I want to go again!

translated by ceciliase7en

[CAPS] 120423 Se7en on NHK Osaka “Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen!”

credit: @myboo_xoxo,@rikkachin7, @akiyugure, @haruchi_vip

[PICS] 120423 Se7en at NHK Osaka studio

credit: @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN + NHK-Ahosuki blog

[Fancam] 12018 Se7en at MFW in Singapore - Show + After Party


[INFO] Japan Showcase Official Goods

Pink Chilbong 1,300 Yen

Face Towel 2,000 Yen

Mini tote bag 1,400 yen

Key Chain 1,600 Yen

Goods will start selling 2-2:30 hours before entry into the showcase starts (check table for respective city)

Goods will be available online from 7th May via mu-mo

translated by ceciliase7en