Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[NEWS] 100,000 fans left Se7en’s fan club after he went public with his relationship

“I was relieved on the inside, but the fan response…”

Singer Se7en mentioned that after he publicly announced that he was in a relationship, membership in his fan club saw a dramatic decline after fans found out he had been hiding the fact that he had a girlfriend for many years.

On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart,’ Se7en appeared as a guest and said, “Once a photo I took with Park Han Byul was leaked, we publicly announced our relationship and started dating comfortably.”

“I wrote about my feelings on my mini homepage and it caused a ruckus online.  But I felt a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  It was so refreshing.”

Though he felt relieved, apparently some of his fans did not take the news well.  “The response from my fans was different.  After I announced my relationship, exactly 100,000 people left my fan cafe.  So I am grateful to my fans who still stick with me no matter what.”

Netizens who watched the show said, “He must have been so sad“, and “I am still Se7en’s fan.”

Also on this broadcast, Se7en mentioned how he once broke up with Park Han Byul.

Source: Donga News
Taken from Allkpop

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