Monday, April 16, 2012

[Twitter] 120406 ~ 120415

(1) 마음씨도 예쁜 럭키세븐!!! 안예뻐할수가 없구나^^ 데뷔 9주년 기념 자선 바자회!!! 좋은일에 쓰였길^^”

Translation: Lucky Se7en whose heart is also beautiful!! There’s no way that you guys are not beautiful^^ Debut 9th anniversary charity jumble sale! Hope it will used for good causes^^


(5) 글쎄다……? ㅋㅋ“@siwon407: 내가 모든걸 잃어도 내 인기가 떨어져도 더 이상 노랠 못해도 정말 뚱뚱하다해도 나라는 이유만으로 계속 사랑해줄수있니 ^^ 그래주실거죠 *_* ?? 푸훗!

Translation: I dont know about that…? keke “@siwon407 Even if I lose everything, even if my popularity drops, even if I cant sing anymore, even if i’m fat, can you continue to love me just for the reason I am me^^ You will do that right *_*?? Puhaha

(6) Se7en japan new single!!! [LOVE AGAIN] Short ver. PV Check it out!!!

(7) 안녕하세요 신화의 일곱번째멤버 세븐입니다!! 신화컴백 기념 파티!! 형들의 동의없이 걍 막 올립니다^^ 이게 얼마만의 세븐샷인지!! 너무나 반갑고 멋진 우리횽들~ 알롸븅~ 신화홧팅^^!/officialse7en/status/189562078116319232/photo/1

Translation: Hi this is the 7th member of Shinhwa, se7en! Se7en comeback celebration party! I’m uploading this without my hyungs’ permission^^ How long has it been since the 7 of us took a photo together!! So glad to see our cool hyungs~ I love you~Shinhwa fighting^^

(8) 세븐의 나머지 여섯멤버를 찾은날!! 이게 언제적이야..?? 아~ 그립다^^ 리기형 표정좀봐요 ㅋㅋㅋ!/officialse7en/status/189577017430257664/photo/1

Translation: The day that the remaining 6 members of Se7en was found!! When was this..??Ah..I miss those days^^ Look at Ric hyung’s expression kekek

(9) Good morning world~~~✈!/officialse7en/status/190216218966372353/photo/1

(10) RT @yg67 #SE7EN/New Single『LOVE AGAIN』2012.4.25 On Sale!! #SE7EN

(11) China Music Award Getting ready for the Red carpet!!! HOLLA~!/officialse7en/status/190727534114111489/photo/1

(12) W MA MAN!!! @VanNessVanWu!/officialse7en/status/190758064268394497/photo/1

(13) Yeah~ I got “Best Overseas Performer” Award!!! Thank u china!!! Thank you All ma asian fans~ Wo I ni mon~ xie xie♥!/officialse7en/status/190779113504645120/photo/1

(14) OH YEAH~~~ China music award [Best stage perfomer]!/officialse7en/status/190783210119110656/photo/1

(15) 세븐이 아시아 베스트 퍼포머가 될수있었던 여섯명의 이유… 멋진 춤쟁이들.. 하이텍!!!

(16) VanNessVanWu: Hangin wit da fellaz~ Kai, @offiialse7en, and Jaycee hope y’all got home safe. Till next time. God bless

Officialse7en: @VanNessVanWu Man… It was really good to seen ya bro!!! Take care n c ya next time!!! Good luck w ur drama!!! Hollla~!!

translated by ceciliase7en

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