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Host: So, here is our guest for today. He's returned to our studio again, because he promised that he would come again right? What is it? okay. Go ahead.
SE7EN: Konni Konni (cute way of saying hello) It's se7en!
Host: konni konni
SE7EN: It's been a while
Host: it has been a while.
SE7EN: how were you?
Host: I'm fine
SE7EN: good
Host: It seems like you were busy in Korea.
SE7EN: that's true. I was really busy but I came back again.
Host: So, first please introduce your new Japanese single to everyone.
SE7EN: That's right. This song is called, Love again. It's really a bright and refreshing song. So.. let's listen to it?
Host: Yes.
SE7EN: yes.
Host: Love again

[Love Again]

Host: That was Love again, SE7EN's newest single that will be released on April 25th!
SE7EN: Yaaaay
Host: That was refreshing
SE7EN: refreshing~
Host: It's like Se7en today.
SE7EN: thank you.
Host: you are looking down. haha. You had a very busy comeback in Korea
SE7EN: Yes.
Host: I also, on tv, the stages and performances
SE7EN: did you see it?
Host: I saw it!
SE7EN; how was it?
Host: It was so cool. You're dance was really amazing and
SE7EN: ah thank you.
Host: Right now, today's, hairstyle,how do i say this… a little…
SE7EN: a little, wine, orange color
Host: a little wine or orange color but during the "When I can't sing" promotions, it was black and
SE7EN: Black and
Host: blonde?
SE7EN: yes
Host: right?
SE7EN: that's true
Host: That also was a very cool looking style.
SE7EN: thank you very much.
Host: Also, there was a stage with JYP as well. That was the realization of Se7en's call?
SE7EN: that's right. But JYP was also busy so we couldn't match our schedules. However, suddenly I got a call from JYP, "ah, I can do it this sunday" he said.
Host: wow. is that so?
SE7EN: "So let's do it together!" he said. So we did it.
Host: So it was a little sudden.
SE7EN: that's right. Suddenly.
Host: It was a surprise…
SE7EN: that's right.
Host: performance.that's what you call it. I was able to see a lot of those types of performances. In the Love again single, there is a remake of the "When I can't sing" that was popular in Korea. This song was written by JYP, it was also a cooperation between a different company and even so the president of that company.
SE7EN: that's right, Since it's the president… Even in Korea, this is rare. Since it's the first time, for this type of collaboration, so it was really fun.
Host: About that, who was first to initiate it?
SE7EN: hmmm Since a long time ago, I was really close with JYP.
Host: Oh is that so?
SE7EN: When we were together, we were discussing about working together but in terms of scheduling, we couldn't really match it, until recently. It's just that this time, our schedules matched until recently. After quite a discussion of should we do it? JYP was ok with it.
Host: So this song, actually this is a song that was just sitting there?
SE7EN: It's a song that JYP wrote 1 or 2 years ago, a song that he kept for himself.
Host: kept? That song…
SE7EN: Then I kind of took that song. JYP wanted to sing that song for himself that's why he kept it.
Host: Oh is that so?
SE7EN: So that song I begged and begged, at first he's like "no no no, I want to sing this song, i'll give you other songs." but I constantly begged and begged and he stated it couldn't be helped.
Host: how many songs did he let you listen to?
SE7EN: even though I received 3 or 4 songs, out of all those songs, this one I really liked.
Host: The lyrics are good!
SE7EN: that's right, in terms of the lyrics, it makes your heart clench, it's a really lonely and sad song, I really liked it.
Host: It's sad but this is the real, authentic love right?
SE7EN: that's true. But, actually I don't think about things like this. Like worries or those other things, i'm not really that type of person.
Host: naturally
SE7EN: that's right. So when singing, in terms of emotions, it's more like, even though I'm worried, I'm okay. like it's because you are there, there's no problem.
Host: So an opposite meaning is sent across.
SE7EN: that type of meaning also exists.
Host: That's true. So the korean and Japanese lyrics have the meaning is…
SE7EN: the same.
Host: The same.
SE7EN: It's basically the same
Host: That type of memory, the both of you can have a fun time but the dance performance as well, it's more like a adult dance?
SE7EN: What is an adult dance?
Host: you are not shoe rolling but...
SE7EN: Right in terms of the feeling.
Host: it was good.
SE7EN: With feeling.
Host: The LOVE AGAIN dance, what kind of feeling is it? Refreshing-like?
SE7EN: It's relatively refreshing-like but it is a dance that is fun to do.
Host: I haven't been able to see that yet. I think after watching the dance I will be able to find the charm point of the dance. This is also a love song?
SE7EN: that's right. Love again is… love again.
Host: that's right.
SE7EN: So with the person you really liked in the past, this time together, the both of you, let's love again kind of like feeling.
Host: So it's more like unable to forget the past? For women, it's possible to forget and move on, forget and move on but…
SE7EN: is that true?
Host: Is that not?
SE7EN: is that so?
Host: Am I wrong?
SE7EN: is that the case?
Host: Men tends to hold onto the beautiful past right? that kind of feeling? Am I wrong?
SE7EN: Definitely this song is… it's been 4 years since i've come back to Japan right?
Host: That's right
SE7EN: So, I couldn't really meet with the Japanese fans right? That's why through that meaning I chose to "LOVE AGAIN"
Host: So everyone wear blue earrings! Since it's a song for the fans. Right and there's a solo event?
SE7EN: That's right.
Host: is it a showcase?
SE7EN: I have a showcase in May in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. 4 locations so lots of people please come!
Host: May 3rd on Thursday is in Tokyo ZEPP Diversity. It's right beside Tokyo. What kind of showcase live will it be?
SE7EN: Since it's a single showcase, I will sing the new single and various other performances will be there too. It's like a mini concert. Mini Live.
Host: The last time you came was for the YG Family Concert. At that time I was wondering if you are still able to roll on those shoes properly. It was amazing, you kept rolling down the stage.
SE7EN: Of course.
Host: If you fell it would be difficult right? Did you practice it?
SE7EN: It was natural.
Host: So it was natural
SE7EN: right? because I was used to it.
Host: That's right.
SE7EN: Since I'm a pro.
Host: Oh a pro. I'm sorry about that. Your stage outfits on you was so cool.
SE7EN: thank you so much
Host: The white suit was cool, the hairstyles were cool. In terms of your outfits, did you think of it yourself?
SE7EN: That's right. With the stylist, together, like discussing what kind of song will match with what color.
Host: During your white suit, your hairstyle was all back right? That kind of style, at that time, is quite rare right?
SE7EN: That's right. In Japan, it's the first time to have that hairstyle maybe. How was it?
Host: It was good. Your forehead was pretty. It was really cool though. What kind of costume concept does LOVE AGAIN have?
SE7EN: LOVE AGAIN's costume is… this time, it's really more refreshing.
Host: T-shirt and jeans?
SE7EN: It's not T-shirt or jeans but the color is spring-like, bright with pastels. like pink or yellow.
Host: pink? Really?
SE7EN: yes. A variety of bright colors.
Host: Even the MV is with a refreshing feeling?
SE7EN: That's right. Even filmed it in Japan
Host: Oh~ Is that so?
SE7EN: it was really good weather, we filmed it outside but it became a good feeling.
Host: But it's still cold right?
SE7EN: It's still cold but it's still the spring like weather so it was okay. It's not as cold as Korea though.
Host: how cold is it in Korea?
SE7EN: Even in Korea, right now, it's starting to become spring-like.
Host: It's become spring?
SE7EN: yes.
Host: That's good that's good.
SE7EN: It's not really that cold.
Host: Korea is really really cold during the winter right?
SE7EN: During the winter it was really cold but spring time, it's really good weather!
Host: Therefore, everyone please go to Korea to have some fun. At the end of this April, your new Japanese single is released but what kind of plans do you have for the summer of 2012?
SE7EN: During the summer, after the single showcase, maybe planning a new, another album or single release. Also definitely this year, I want to do a live.
Host: A full one right?
SE7EN: I want to do a solo concert so I am preparing it.
Host: Everyone please look forward to it! In 2012, it will be a year where you will be coming back and forth between Japan and Korea.
SE7EN: that's right.
Host: Please come back again.
SE7EN: of course I'll come back again!
Host: Don't complain about it okay?
SE7EN: Sometimes?
Host: At that point, just say something, we will understand it properly! Also, the last song is one of my favorite songs. It is the Japanese version of
SE7EN: yes of "When I can't sing" right?
Host: right? Even though you say that you are not this kind of type of person, but to find this is good right? after 10 years or more so? Even though you can't sing,
SE7EN: that's right. maybe, sometime, when it comes. Well, I will continue to sing songs at least. Right?
Host: This doesn't really mean that you can't sing songs anymore it's just meaning that when you have nothing else, to that important person…will they always be by your side kind of thing?
SE7EN: That's right. I am lucky se7en so, I have my fans so, just recently it is my 9th year anniversary of my korean debut!.
Host: is that so?
SE7EN: actually it is today!
Host: oh it's today? Congratulations! Is it okay not to be in Korea? You are not doing anything special for your 9th anniversary?
SE7EN: nothing… nothing really.
Host: nothing? So… I think the fans are really happy too but next year is your 10th year right?
SE7EN: That's right. This year is the 10th year
Host: Ah~ so you are going into the 10th year this year. So, it's very special
SE7EN: that's right. That's why, this year's activities consists of a variety of things. It's going into it's 10th year so… in terms of an artist or a singer, it's really, right now, there are a lot of new singers coming out these days. So, from now on, I think I really have to work even harder. It's really, so… I have to do a variety of amazing things.
Host: We are definitely looking forward to it all. So, lastly, please introduce the song.
SE7EN: The next song is called "When I can't sing." It's really, please think of the lyrics and listen to it lots.
Host: Thank you for today!

Link credits to: Ceciliase7en & Take a break with Se7en.
Translated by: karmie7 @ Se7en Subbing Squad forum

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