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[Audio+Trans] 120421 Tokyo Fm "Love With Yu"



Yu: Love with YU. Today we have an amazing guest from Korea. Please introduce yourself.
SE7EN: Good evening, It's se7en.
Yu: Please take care of me
SE7EN: Please take care of me
Yu: nice to meet you.
SE7EN: nice to meet you.
Yu: After 4 years, SE7EN, you have reopened your activities in Japan. In January, I went to see YG FAMILY CONCERT in Japan.
SE7EN: you came right?
Yu: I did.
SE7EN: so it's not nice to meet you.
Yu: That's right. It's not nice to meet you.
SE7EN: it's more like it's been a while.
Yu: It's been a while. It was really exciting! It was really amazing. It was the first time I saw your live performance! It was really really cool.
SE7EN: thank you very much.
Yu: It was really amazing. The dance was really sparkly. Your dancing and singing was really good. I was touched.
SE7EN: thank you very much.
Yu: How was it to do a concert in Japan after a long while?
SE7EN: It was really fun. It wasn't just only me, but it was a concert with the all the other YG Family members, so everyone was really happy and a really good time.
Yu: There were also collaborations between YG Family entertainment artists, is everyone close with each other?
SE7EN: That's right. Since we are with each other for a long time, we are really close and in terms of music style as well, in terms of what we like are relatively the same so we can do a lot together.
Yu: Do you talk a lot about music?
SE7EN: That's right. Definitely.
Yu: When you came to Japan in January, you went to an amusement park...
SE7EN: I go sometimes.
Yu: Sometimes you go?
SE7EN: Since I can't really go to them in Korea… so
Yu: that's right..
SE7EN: Coming to Japan, sometimes I think I want to go, Kourakuen or what was it last time?
Yu: Hanayashiki
SE7EN: ah~ I went to Hanayashiki as well.
Yu: Were the rides okay?
SE7EN: I really like roller coasters.
Yu: you really like them?
SE7EN: I also like high places
Yu: even high places. Wow that is rare in a guy, since most of them are scared of heights.
SE7EN: is that so?
Yu: In Japan, there are a lot of guys that are scared of heights. So, if you tell that you like heights to a girl you like, I think they will be really happy because she can ride it together finally.
SE7EN: I really like them
Yu:So is that so? Anyways, let's listen one song from the album, Somebody Else, that was released in January. Please introduce one of the songs.
SE7EN: Why don't we listen to the title track, Somebody else?
Yu: Yes.
SE7EN: So, here is SE7EN's Somebody Else

Somebody Else

Yu: Love Talk FM: Yamada LOVE with you. We will talk with today's guest, SE7EN in our "Love Korea" corner. Anyways, first we would like to talk about music, in Korea, before debut, we hear that singing lessons and dancing lesson are really tough. did you do this too SE7EN?
SE7EN: That's right. In the past, from when I was a kid, I practiced… around 5 years. As soon as I entered the company…
Yu: As soon as you entered until the time before you debut?
SE7EN: that's right.
Yu: 5 years?
SE7EN: From when I was 15 years old.
Yu: Is that so? Mostly singing and dancing?
SE7EN: That's right. I think Japan is also like this but in Korea, recently, there are a lot of kids wanting to be a singer right? Since everyone is gathered, practice lots, and the competition is high. Not everyone can debut, so the practice time gets longer..
Yu: It seems like everyone wishes for sleeping time. Even eating time as well. That kind of image.
SE7EN: We are allowed to eat.
Yu: you are allowed to eat or not you won't be able to move right?
SE7EN: It's bad if you can't eat.
Yu: they really practice a lot! That's why I think everyone's level of singing and dancing is really high.
SE7EN: Ah~ Thank you very much. I have to work even harder
Yu: So you still have that type of feeling?
SE7EN: yes. Recently, in terms of k-pop or korean singers, not only in Japan but around the world is getting really famous right? That's why, I as korean singer, am happy but I really think that I have to work even harder.
Yu: but it's not only in Korea but in a variety of countries around the world right? When SE7EN debuted in Japan, you could speak Japanese naturally right? So even Japanese, you properly go to lessons?
SE7EN: In terms of lessons? uhmmm it's been 7 years since I've debut in Japan but, 7 years ago, when I came, I really studied quite a lot. Right now, I learn naturally from friends and the people around me.
Yu: However aren't they happy? in each country, you can properly speak their languages, you gain a lot of affinity.
SE7EN: that's right. I also went to America. It was really hard to study English for the first time.
Yu: How long were you there?
SE7EN: i lived there for two years.
Yu: ah~ so you now you can speak English?
SE7EN: yes. I'm working hard with it.
Yu: That's amazing. I'm really happy that you can speak this much Japanese, so people in Japan will really want to cheer you on.
SE7EN: I will work even harder.
Yu: Thank you very much. Also for the single being released on April 25th. The Japanese version for "When I can't sing" is also in it.
SE7EN: That's right.
Yu: Even in the Japanese version, was there something that you were aware of?
SE7EN: in terms of being aware… definitely the lyrics' meanings. Always thinking of the meaning, and to represent that meaning well is the most important I think. Of course, pronunciation was also important but definitely the lyrics' meanings, I wanted to properly express it.
Yu: That's why I bought the CD since it was felt.
SE7EN: Thank you very much.
Yu: but… definitely, the pronunciation was really really pretty. I almost thought that it was Japanese person singing it. It was really pretty and I was really surprised.
SE7EN: Thank you very much. That really makes me happy.
Yu: Now we would like to listen to that single. The single will be released on April 25th right? This time, what kind of song will it be like?
SE7EN: This song is called, LOVE AGAIN. It's a very bright and refreshing song. Why don't we listen to it?

Love Again

Yu: Love Talk FM: Yamada LOVE with you. We will talk with today's guest, SE7EN in our "Love Korea" corner. Next, we will talk about food. SE7EN, you just mentioned that you have lived in America before, during that time, what kind of Korean food did you want to eat the most?
SE7EN: definitely, kimchi. Number one was kimchi. Kimchi jjiggae(Kimchi soup), do you know it? kimchi NABE?
Yu: I really like it.
SE7EN: Like Kimchi jjiggae or Kimchi bokembab (Kimchi fried rice)? I made a lot of that ate it by myself.
Yu: You made it by yourself?
SE7EN: Yes I made it by myself.
Yu: wow. That's amazing. There's a Korean Town right?
SE7EN: yes. Korean Town was close so sometimes I would go,
Yu: and buy food there?
SE7EN: That's right.
Yu: Eh~ Is that so. So do you normally cook food for yourself?
SE7EN: Before I didn't do it but because I lived alone in America so I had to do it.
Yu: So it ended up you having to do it. During the YG Concert, there was a food booth that was connected with YG artists in the tents in front. I was really interested in jjimtakk booth but there wasn't enough so I couldn't eat it but, what kind of food is jjimtakk?
SE7EN: Jjimtakk is steaming the chicken?
Yu: oh steam chicken?
SE7EN: That's right. It's that kind of meaning but…
Yu: is this spicy?
SE7EN: Relatively, it's sweet and spicy
Yu: sweet and spicy, What is in it?
SE7EN: Inside there is chicken and like, bean sprouts?
Yu: Bean sprouts.
SE7EN: bean sports, and like onions and like potatoes.
Yu: Wow a variety?
SE7EN: a combination of a variety of ingredients with a soy sauce base, it's sweet and spicy.
Yu: Eh~ It seems so good. I couldn't eat that. This time, I will. In Korea, are there lots of Jjimtakk restaurants?
SE7EN: That's right. Actually, I own one.
Yu: Eh~ Is that so?
SE7EN: I made a brand and right now it's relatively popular in Korea.
Yu: Is that so? So when I go to Korea, i will go and eat there for sure. In terms of Japanese food, is there any one in particular that you like?
SE7EN: Japanese food… A lot! I like all of it!
Yu: Is that so? So when you come to Japan, you don't have any problems eating?
SE7EN: That's right. I even like natto.
Yu: you do? That's different. is that so?
SE7EN: like Natto, Sushi, even yakiniku or even curry.
Yu: Eh? in terms of yakiniku aren't there are lot in Korea? Which one is more delicious, japanese or korean?
SE7EN: Taste? It's a little different. In terms of taste, the meat is slightly different. I like both.
Yu: You like both. Even curry, in Korea, do you rarely eat curry?
SE7EN: In Korea, recently Japanese style curry is getting popular.
Yu: Is that so? So in Korea, Japanese food is relatively popular?
SE7EN: That's right. There are lots of sushi restaurants, japanese restaurants or like Izakaya (Japanese style bars), recently.
Yu: ah? In Korea?
SE7EN: yes
Yu: That's amazing, That makes us happy. We got to discuss about a variety of things but lastly, while we listen to the second track on the new single that will be released on april 25th, we would like to say goodbye but what kind of track is it?
SE7EN: This song's title is "When I can't sing." Recently in Korea, I just released a mini album and it was a title song for that mini album. That song now, in Japanese, I am singing again but it's a very lonely and sad song. The lyrics are really sad.
Yu: So please pay attention to the lyrics.
SE7EN: that's right.
Yu: So, please introduce the song to us.
SE7EN: So, my second track, "When I can't sing". Please listen to it.
Yu: Today's guest was SE7EN. Thank you very much
SE7EN: Thank you very much. Let's meet again next time!

When I can't sing

Yu: Love Tokyo FM: Yamada love with YU. Today's "LOVE KOREA" 's theme was about SE7EN. The last time I saw him was at the YG Family Concert. I only got the chance to greet him for a bit at the YG Family concert but I'm really happy that he remembered me. I didn't really think that he would be able to speak this much Japanese, I am really surprised. He's really good. Even when I'm listening to his songs, his Japanese is really good and really pretty, I think he really studied hard. This April 25th, he will release a new single, LOVE AGAIN and from May, at 4 locations, he will have a single release showcase so please check the homepage website for more details about it. After this, please have a good weekend. Bye.

Link credits to cecilia se7en and take a break with se7en
Translated by karmie7 @ Se7en Subbing Squad forum

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