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Thursday, December 30, 2010

[Twitter] 101230

Heehihi: @officialse7en 오빠~수고하셨습니다! 함께하고 싶었는데..ㅜㅜ 내년에도 화이팅^0^!! [Oppa~You worked hard!I wanted to perform with you.. TT Fighting for next year^o^!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Heehihi 그러게 말야… 아쉽넹!! 힘내구 새해 복 마니받자구^^ [That’s what i want to say too.. what a pity!! Fighting and blessings for the new yr^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @blackjinsu 오~ 생일축하해요!!! 재욱이형네로 와요~ 선물 줄게요 ㅋ [Oh~ Happy brithday!! Come to Jae wookie hyung’s place~ I’ll give you a present keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @nonnicknamed 민영이 생일축하해!!^^ 좋은 연말보내렴!!!^^ happy bday!! Happy new year~~ [Min youngie happy birthday!!^^ Have a good year-end!!^^happy bday!! Happy new year~~]

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[VID] 101229 SBS Gayo Daejeon Performance

Better Together+Digital Bounce

Passion along with GD and TOP of BigBang


[NEWS] YG Entertainment donates $160,000 USD to charity

YG Entertainment have decided to repeat their services of donating the love they’ve received from fans to society.

YG Entertainment developed an official campaign called ‘WITH‘ and raised a total of about $141,000 USD in 2009. This year, they’ve succeeded in surpassing their record by raising a total of $160,000 USD.

By collecting 100 won for every album, 1% of all merchandise sales, and 1,000 won for every concert ticket, the active promotions of YG’s 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Taeyang, Goo Hye Sun, Jung Hye Young, Yoo In Na, and Kang Hye Jung in 2010 helped YG earn approximately $20,000 USD more than last year.

It was reported that they donated $87,000 USD towards a scholarship for Holt Children’s Services and gave $69,000 USD toward children with rare diseases. They also contributed and directly delivered $4,400 USD worth of charcoal to families in need.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Twitter] 101228+101229


Sj861117sj: 사랑하는 외할머니께서 오늘..지금.. 하늘나라에 가셨습니다.. 거기선 아프지 않고 편안하시길.. 같이 기도해주세요... [My grandmother who i loved and gone to the heavens.. I hope she is not sick and that she can be in peace there.. Please pray for her together…]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Sj861117sj 힘내라!!! [Be strong!]

dambi925 : 정말엣날의그초심과열정들을 다들잊어버린것같다 그들이다시느끼길 그래야더빛난다는걸 잊어버린걸까? [It seems that everyone’s really forgotten the heart and passion from the past. I hope those ppl will be able to feel it again~ Did they forget that only in that way they will shine more?]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @dambi925 네 열심히 할게요ㅠㅠ [Ok, i will work hard TT]

dambi925: @officialse7en ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 속상 ㅋㅋㅋ 낼보겠다 낼두화이팅^^ [TTTT Sad kekeke I’m going to see you tomorrow ~Fighting for tomorrow too^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @dambi925 웅… 내일 보믄 얘기해요!! 굿바암~~^^ [Eung.. Let’s talk when we see each other tomorrow!!Good night~~^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  내일 sbs가요대전!! 세븐의 디지털바운쓰앨범 2010년 마지막 무대입니다!!! 내일 오시는 럭세분들!! 춥고 늦은시간이라 힘들텐데 따뜻하게 입고오시고 연말을 함께 즐겨주세요^^ 굿바암!!! [Tomorrw sbs gayo daejeon!! Se7en’s Digital Bounce album’s last performance of 2010!!To the Lucky se7en who are coming tomorrow! Because it’s cold and late, it will be hard, so dress warmly and let’s enjoy the end of the year tomorrow^^ Good night^^]

jhs7987: @officialse7en 저도 럭세요+_+!! 오빠 내일뵈요^^ [I’m also Lucky Se7en+_+!!See you tomorrow oppa^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @jhs7987 내일 오빠가 칠봉 줄께 흔들어주세용!!! ㅋㅋ 그나저나 너희들 너무 고생한다 ㅠㅠ 밥 꾸역꾸역 잘 챙겨먹어.. 쓰러질라... 힘내!!! [Tomorrow oppa will give you a chilbong (se7en glowstick), wave it for me!!keke Anyway you guys have been suffering TT Make sure you’re going to collapse.. fighting!!]

jhs7987: @officialse7en 우왕 역시 오빠가 최고예용 ㅜㅜ!! 낼 완전 멋있을 꺼예요+_+ 오빠두 굿밤되세용^^~ [Oo wah Oppa is indeed the best TT!!Tomorrow you are totally going to be so cool +_+ Oppa also have a good night]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @jhs7987 내가 최고이건 최악이건 다 떠나서 오빤 그냥 크레이지건 하이텍이건 너무나 다 사랑한다..^^ 내맘알쥐!??^^ 굿바암!!! [Putting aside whether I’m the best or the worst, Oppa just really loves Crazy and Hi-tech (the 2 dance teams he works with)..^^ You konw my heart right!??^^ Good night!!!]

ohyongzu: 저녁타임 대기표..테이블닦다가 쓰러질뻔.. [Dinner time waiting list..I nearly collapsed from wiping tables]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ohyongzu WOW!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: 있잖아요!!! 내가 사랑하는사람들!!!! 뭐 없어요… 그냥 다 사랑합니다!!! ^^ [[Just something i want to say]All the people I love!!!! Nothing in particular.. just that I love you!!!^^

Translated by ceciliase7en

[PICS] More Pics of Se7en & YG Family Doing Public Charity Campaign “WITH”

credit: BBVIPZ+BigBangIndonesia@tumblr

[NEWS] Se7en, G-Dragon and TOP will joint stages as a trio for SBS’s Gayo Daejun!

2NE1 and veteran singer Kim Gun Mo will be holding an epic joint performance on SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun“.

GD&TOP will also have a joint stage with fellow YG artist Se7en. The trio are currently preparing to show a never-before-seen performance that everyone will be able to enjoy.

SBS’s Gayo Daejun will air through SBS on December 29th.

source: Allkpop
Taken from: iBigBang

Monday, December 27, 2010

[Twitter] 101227

Mydear_: @officialse7en 오빠ㅠㅠ생일축하해달라고 엄청많이 글남겼었는데ㅠㅠ [Oppa TT I really left alot of messages asking if you could wish hyojoo a happy birthday TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Mydear_ 아이고 미안.. 못보고 지나쳤넹.. 효주가 친구인가!?? 생일 축하한다고 꼭 전해주길^^ happy b'day hyojoo!! [Aigoo sorry.. I passed without me seeing the msgs..Are you Hyo joo’s friend?Please pass the msg on to say that I wished her a happy birthday^^happy b’day hyojoo!]

Fiore_JOGI: @ 아저씨 진짜 잘생겼어요 최고 최고♥ [Ahjussi you are really good looking~the best the best]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Fiore_JOGI 고마워요 아줌마!!!! [Thank you ahjumma!]

1992_1224: @officialse7en 하이!!!! 저 클쑤마쑤이브 생일이었어요!!!!! 재밋ㄱㅔ노셧어요??흥흥 [Hi!!My birthday was on christmas eve!!Did you have fun?? hmhm]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @1992_1224 즐거운 크리스마스 생일보냈닝? 늦었지만 생일축하해용^^ [Did you spend a happy christmas birthday?Even though it’s a bit late, happy brithday^^]

(4) He tweeted this on his me2day also.
OFFICIALSE7EN: 사랑의 연탄 나르기!!! with YG FAMILY~!!! 따뜻한 마음을 나눠요^^ [Sharing the coals of love! With YG FAMILY!Share your warm hearts^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  열심히 일하고 먹는 간식은 꿀맛!!!^^ w 다라&민지!! [After working hard, the snacks that I ate tasted extra sweet!!^^ with dara and minji]

__NataliaJung: @ 오빠! You didnt wish me a happy bday yest .. ㅠㅠ Just kidding ㅋㅋㅋ 괜잖아용 ..ㅋㅋㅋ [Oppa!You didnt wish me a happy bday yest ..TT Just kidding keke It’s ok keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @__NataliaJung ooops!! Sorry~ happy bday!!! Natalia!!! Hva good~ end of year n happy new year~!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN:  RT“@jinuSEAN3000:사랑의 연탄 나르기 'with'YG FAMILY 기획사식구들과 다같이 해서 더 뜻깊은시간이었다기획사식구들에게 행복바이러스가 전해지고 있다^^빅뱅 2ne1 Seven Sean ”[Sharing the Coals of love with YG FAMILY~Doing this together with the family at the company made it an even more meaningful time. Passing on the happy virus to the company family^^ Big Bang 2ne1 Seven Sean]

Khunnie0624: "Hyung!! What I'm trying to say is that I wanna sing instead of rapping! Please let me singggg~"

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Khunnie0624 LOL~~!!! Busy bruh!?

Khunnie0624: @officialse7en the end of the year awards are making me very busy bro! How you beeen? Long time long time!

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @Khunnie0624 yap... Ill c ya soon bruh!!! Take care~ holla!!!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

[Fancam] 101224 Christmas Tsocial Party at Club Heaven

Digital Bounce + Talk cuts (Short ver.)

Digital Bounce

Better Together

Better Together [Closer ver]

I'm Going Crazy [Short ver]


[Twitter] 101225

misskahi: Am7. 사십분밖에 못자고 음악중심 준비하러 샾에 여섯시 도착. 한순간에 확 가는 졸음을 참지못하고 신나게 해드뱅잉을 했다.갑자기 들려오는 노래소리. 생일축하합니다~생일축하합니다~.메컵샘,헤어샘,스텝들이 불을끄고 케잌을 들고섰다.정말 예뻤다 모두.^^ [AM7. I’ve arrived at the salon at 6am to prepare for music core after only sleeping 40 min. I couldnt put up with the sleepiness so I had a mad time headbanging (i think she means she kept falling asleep while her hair was getting done). Suddenly I hear the sound of a song. Happy birthdya to you~ happy birthday to you~The makeup artist, hair stylist, and staff came in with a cake lit with candles. Everyone is so beautiful^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @misskahi wow 크리스마스날 생일이구나~ happy b’day!!! Hva great day!!! 축하해^^ [Ah your birthdy is on christmas day~happy b’day!!! Hva great day!!!happy birthday^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Merry christmas~~~~~~~~~:D

Translated by ceciliase7en

Friday, December 24, 2010

[Vid] FILA with 2010 YG Family Concert Digest!!

FILA with 2010 YG Concert Rehearsal!! (60s+30s)


[PICS] 101224 Christmas Tsocial Party at Club Heaven

credit: desmond-cf1 + Se7en DC Gallery +Farinelli + ceciliase7en

[Twitter] 101224

OFFICIALSE7EN: Christmas eve... Merry christmas!!! Ma big day today...G nite everyone!!

WGyubin: 제왑냉션 끝났다~ ㅎㅎ 오랜만에 모인 그대들 즐거우셨나요? 난 매우 좋았어요~ 모두 메리크리스마스~ [JYP Nation has finished~ hehe Gathering everyone together after such a long time, did you have a good time? I really had a good time~Merry christmas everyone~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @WGyubin Good job ma hoobae!!^^ merry christmas!!!

PURPLELAMONT: @officialse7en wow!! 오늘 완전 즐겁겠다!! 같이 즐기고 싶어ㅜㅡㅜ 나나나!오늘 생일!! 축하해줘요 으하하~ [wow! Today you’re going to have so much fun! I want to have fun with you TT me me me!It’s my birthday today!Wish me a happy brithday euhung]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @PURPLELAMONT wow~ 은진씨 생일축하해요^^ 완전 추운데 완전 좋은하루 보내길!!! Happy bday!!!^^ [wow~ Happy birthday Eun jin ssi^^ It’s so cold, i hope you have a totally awesome day!!Happy bday!!!^^

OFFICIALSE7EN: @megumin1224 happy bday!!!! Hva great day!!! Tanjobi omedetou!!^^

Transalated by ceciliase7en

101224 New Msg on farineli

여러부운~~ 안뇽 나야^^

날씨가 진짜 말도안되게 춥네요

모두들 옷 따뜻하게 꽁꽁싸매고

외출하길 바래요..

벌써 2010년이 끝나가는구낭

다가올 2011년을 뜻깊게 보내기위해

다같이 새해계획을 미리 만들어보아요~

더 나은 새해를 위해 나두 마니노력할게요 지금 미용실 머리하느라 바빠요

암튼 나중에 다시 얘기해요^^

merry christmas!!!

Title: Merry Christmas!

Everyone hi~ It’s me^^

The weather today is really unacceptably cold~

Hope everyone buttons up their clothes tightly when going out~

So 2010 is nearing the end..

In order to spend 2011 meaningfully, everyone, try making plans for the new year now~

For a better 2011, I will also work hard~ Right now, i’m busy having my hair done at the salon

Anyway, talk later^^

Merry christmas!

credit: ceciliase7en

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

[VID] SE7EN's Fan Meeting in Korea


[Twitter] 101222

(1) Continuing yesterday's convo

SHIMTY: @officialse7en 아…..열봉…이..요…ㅋ [Ah… it’s.. Yeolbong.. ke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @SHIMTY 형네 존슨탕도 아주 맛나더라고요!!!^^ [Hyung the spicy sausage stew is also very tasty!!^^]

SHIMTY: @officialse7en 고맙다...언제 함 만나서 요식업계가 나아가야 할 방향에 대해서 깊이 나누어 보자 ㅋㅋㅋ [Thanks.. Let’s get together some time and have a deep talk about what direction the food industry should go in keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @SHIMTY 형이 봉추라고해서 존슨탕이라고 받아친건데ㅠ [I only called it ‘Johnson stew’ because Hyung talked about ‘Bong chu’]

(T/N: Johnson stew is the origin name of budae jigae or spicy sausage stew. Budae jigae literally means ‘Army stew’ – it’s got spam, ramyun etc in it. It’s a dish which came about from the Korean war and became popular after the war. After the war, the amount of food that the people consumed increased and to solve this problem, ingredients such as sausage & ham, which were thrown away by the US troops stationed in Korea were utilised to make ‘Johnson stew’. Johnson, name of the US president back then was used to name this dish.I've actually heard other versions of the story but this seems to be the most correct)

WAWASOUL: 망할12월없어져라~!!!! 추석특집댄쑤배틀과함께… ㅡ ㅡ^ [Let the messed up December disappear~!!Together with the Chuseok special dance battle..ㅡ ㅡ^]

ohyongzu: @WAWASOUL 너는 양반이야..난 닭들이랑 보내야될듯 ㅠㅠ 올해 크리스마스는 망했다.세븐아 휴가좀보내줘!!! [You’re a yangban [note: yangban was the name of the aristocrat class in the ancient days in korea so he'ssaying that WAWASOUL is having it easy].. It seems that I have to spend (Christmas) with the chickens [ohyongzu is one of the dancers who is managing Yeolbong] TT This year’s christmas is messed up. Se7en ah please send me on a holiday!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ohyongzu 휴가 보내드릴게요!!! 열봉 체인점 3개만 더 늘린후에요^^ [I’ll send you on a holiday!! After Yeolbong opens only another 3 chain stores^^]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[PICS] Unseen shot+BTS of Singles Magazine Photoshoot @ San Francisco!



credit: fuckyeahygfamilyy@tumblr

[Twitter] 101221

Bmr0708: 집에간다~ 으헝 수고하셨습니다아ㅠㅠ.. 아 갑자기 이시간에 이상황에 회머꾸싶다 해산물! ㅜㅜㅋㅋㅋ [I’m going home~ euhung everyone worked hard TT.. Suddenly at this time, in this situation I want to eat sashimi/raw fish~seafood!! TT keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Bmr0708 아이고 늦게까지들 고생…ㅠㅠ 나두 회 먹꾸싶다… 조망간 해산물 고고씽!??^^ 굿바암!!! [Aigoo.. everyone had a hard time til so late.. TT I want to eat sashimi/raw fish too.. Let’s go for seafood soon!??^^ Good night!!]

Bmr0708: @officialse7en 꺄! 오빠! 고고씨잉!^.^ 헤헤 오빠도 아직 안주무신거에여? 굿밤되세요오~!! [Gya! Oppa! Let’s go!!^.^ hehe Is oppa still not sleeping? Have a good night!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Bmr0708 웅웅웅!!! 연말파뤼 하자궁~ 븐나잇^^ [Eung eung eung!! Let’s have a year end party~ ‘Ben’ night^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 내가 새벽트윗을 좋아하는이유!?? 음… 내가 낮에는 좀 바쁘거덩요^^ 하하.. 모두들 븐모닝^^!! 난 븐나잇… [The reason that I like tweeting in the middle of the night!?? Hmm… It’s because I’m busy during the day^^ haha..everyone ‘Ben’ morning^^!!It’s ‘Ben’ night for me..]

SHIMTY: @officialse7en 봉추...맛나더라^^ 굵은당면 추가했더니 너무 많이줬어..ㅋㅋ [Bong chu.. tastes good^^I ordered extra thick glass noodles but i was given too much.. keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @SHIMTY 열봉... 말한거겠죠??^^ [You’re talking about.. Yeolbong right?^^]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Monday, December 20, 2010

[Twitter] 101220

misskahi: 今日は 3時はんからしことスタト…ああああ…おなかが ぺこぺこ。( ̄^ ̄)ゞ今日もがんばります!!하하하하~!! [Today, my job start at 3.30... aaaa... I'm hungry. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ Fighting for today also!! Hahahaha~!!]

(Noizumi's note: sorry, it might not be a correct translation. T___T)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @misskahi がんばれ!!!!!!^^ [Fighting!!!^^]

Note: They tweeted this at 3AM KST

raina57: @officialse7en 헉…놀랬어요^^; 감사합니다~ 항상 응원하고 있어요!추운데 감기조심하시구 다음에 또뵈요~ㅎㅎ [Heuk.. shocked me^^ Thank you~ I’m always cheering you on!! It’s cold so be careful not to catch a cold~ see you next time~ hehe]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @raina57 하^^ 앺터스쿨도 모두 힘내요!!! Good luck!!! [Ha^^ After school everyone gather strength! Good luck!!]

iggiegun: 올만의 푸욱 쉬는 주말-!!! 축구하구 돌아와서 즐기는 스파르타쿠스-역시 피자는 헤이븐!!!주말엔 침대에서 피자즐기기. 홈플러스 맥주 5병에 만원!!!야호—ㅋㅋ점점 살이 찌는 난 이유가 있어. [First time in ages since I’ve had a weekend where I can really rest!! I played soccer and came back~Enjoying Spartacus~Talking about pizza, it must be Haven!!Lying on the bed eating pizza on the weekend. 5 bottles of home plus beer for 10000 won!! Ya hoooo— keke There is a reason why i’m putting on weight]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @iggiegun 와우 피자 대박.. 헤이븐?? Is that pizza name??? [Wow~ the pizza is daebak (so cool)… haven?? Is that pizza name?]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 대성이는 진정 멋진동생!!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: 빅뱅 대성씨가 열봉을찾아주셨네요. 마침 범벅도드셔보시고 극찬을 해주셨습니다^^” [Daesung is really a cool dongsaeng!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: Big bang Daesung ssi has come to Yeolbong. He tried the ‘Yeolbong mix’ and gave it lots of praise^^]

misskahi: @officialse7en 난 열봉을언제맛보냐고요…. 먹고싶다!!!!!! [When am I going to get to try Yeolbong… I want to eat it!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @misskahi call me anytime!!! 망년회 합시다^^ [call me anytime!!Let’s have a year end party^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lovelyLYH 윤희야~ 생일 진심으로 축하해^^ 오늘하루 가장 즐거운 하루가 되길바래!!! Hva great day!!!^^ [Yoon hee ya~ I really hope you have a happy birthday^^ I hope today becomes the happiest day!! Hva great day!!^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: Wassup ARAB!!!! احب الفانز العرب !!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: Wassup turky!!! Merhaba!!!! Seni Sebiyorm~!!! thank u~~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @evill_angelRan here u go!!!! Dont be jealous!! haha

OFFICIALSE7EN: Vietnam!! Anh yêu em!!! Sweden!! Jag äslka dig!!! Thiland!! Khao Raak Thoe!! Japan!! あいしてる!!! China!! Wo ie ni!! Thank u everyone love yall~

SowKPOPFRANCE: @officialse7en There’s a lot of YG fans in FRANCE ! Say Hi to France !

OFFICIALSE7EN: @SowKPOPFRANCE oh yeah!! france!!!! Tell everybody “Je t'aime” for me!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN: 日本のファンの皆様、 嬉しいニュースがあります。 2011年韓国でSE7ENのファンミーティングが開催されます。 日時:2011年1月28日(金)~30日(日) みなさんと あうことが できて すごく うれしいです!!^^

(Note: This tweet is the same with the one here, he only added the website link. He also posted this on his me2day on the same day)

Translated by ceciliase7en + noizumi

Sunday, December 19, 2010

[Twitter] 101218 + 101219

OFFICIALSE7EN: @misskahi @dambi925 @heedictator 둘이 동갑인거 굉장히 안어울려 왜일까 ㅋㅋ [The fact the two of you are the same age is so weird~ why is it? keke (T/N: he’s referring to son dam bi and kim hee chul who were having a twitter conversation)]

realslow1982: 이노무 여드름..하아.. [These damn pimples.. hai..]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @realslow1982 형 또 사춘기!!^^ [Hyung is going through adolescence again!!^^]

supafunkboy: 드디어 정리끝!새집 오는 날 눈이 펑펑내렸습니다!예감이 좋군요ㅎ 옆집에 사시는 어르신도 복받을꺼라말씀하셨어요!2011년 예감이 예사롭지않음ㅋ이런 느낌 매우 좋아요그건 글코 울집 레알돋아요~혼자 살기 넘커요~이제 여자만 준비하면 끝ㅋㅋ아이좋아 [Finally finished cleaning up! The day I moved into my new house, it snow heavily! I had a good feeling about it hehe~The elderly people who live next door also said that I will be blessed!!I’ve got this feeling that 2011 will be a special one keke~This type of feeling is so good~Our house is really great~~~it’s too big for me to live in myself~Now if I just prepare a woman [note:to live it in] then it would be complete~keke i like kids (T/N: or the last bit could be just~’ Ahh I like this’)]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @supafunkboy 송사장님 돈 마니 버셨군요!!! 부럽습니다^^ 축하해요!! 집들이 하세요^^ [Song sajangnim has earned lots of money!! I envy you^^ Congratulations!! Have a housewarming^^]

lovelyJyoung: @officialse7en 오빠 안자세요?ㅋㅋ 전오늘 친구들하고 정동진 일출보러와써요~!! 지금 도착해서 기다리는중이에요 ㅋㅋㅋ키키  [Oppa are you not going to sleep? keke Today I’ve come to Jung dong jin to watch the sunrise with friends~!We’ve arried and are waiting kkkk ~keke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lovelyJyoung 와우 멋지다!! 좋은 추억 남겨요^^ [Wow how cool!! Leave some good memories^^]

hae_seul: @officialse7en ㅎㅎㅎ으흐 전 터키에 살고잇는데 오빠노래열심히홍보중!!!!!!나잘햇쭁 [hehehe I’m living in Turkey~ I’m working hard to promote oppa’s songs!! I did good right?]

OFFICIALSE7EN:  @hae_seul 웅웅웅^^ [Eung Eung Eung^^]

(6) (in reply to a twitter convo between these dam bi and raina)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @dambi925 @raina57 레이나양~ 기사봤어요!! 지켜보겠습니다^^ 하하 [Raina~ I saw the articles!! I’ll be watching out for you^^ haha]

Yulyul7en: @officialse7en 저는 중학교1학년인데요 엄마께서 세븐오빠팬이라서 초등학교때부터 오빠노랠 엄청 마니 들어서 노래를 거의외워요 킄 십분후면 제생일인데요 저는 해마다 크리스마스선물겸생일선물을 받아요ㅠㅠ그래서 나빠요 제생일 축하해주세요^^ [I’m in 1st yr junior high~ My mum is a se7en fan and from primary school I’ve been listening to your songs alot so I’ve almost memorised all of them~ keke in 10 minutes it will be my birthday~Every year I receive presents which are for christmas and my birthday TT So it’s bad~ Please wish me a happy birthday]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Yulyul7en 유림아~ 생일축하해!!! 좋은꿈꾸구 내일하루 아쥬 행복한 하루 보냉~~~!!!^^ [Yoorim ah~ Happy birthday!! Dream a sweet dream and have a happy day for the whole of tomorrow!^^]

tigimasaii: @officialse7en 전 터키 사람이에요 ^^ 제가 한국말로 메시지 보내면 오빠 도 터키말로 대답할 수 있어요 ?? 흐흐 ^^ [I’m from turkey^^ If I send a msg to oppa in korean, can oppa also reply in turkish? hehe^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @tigimasaii Merhaba!!! :D

Translated by ceciliase7en

Thursday, December 16, 2010

[Twitter] 101216

OFFICIALSE7EN: @neejoud20 السلام عليكم :D (same as yesterday’s tweet to the other fan^^)

doogi7: @officialse7en 파넬에서 활동하는 두기에요!!. 이젠 세븐을 응원하는 시간보다 나를 위해 시간을 보내야 할 것 같아요. 세븐을 놓고 공부 열심히해서 멋진 세무사되서 돌아올게요! 그럼 Good Bye. 이렇게 선전포고 안하면 계속 놓지 못할 거 같아서요^^ * (그동안은 마음으로 응원하겠습니다!) [I’m doogi from farineli! From now it seems that rather than cheering for se7en, I need to spend some time for myself. I’m going to put down se7en and study hard so that I can return as a cool accountatnt! So, goodbye. It seems that if I dont announce it like this I wont be able to put you down^^ (During this time I will cheer you on with my heart!)]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @doogi7 공부열심히 하셔서 꼭 훌륭한 세무사 되시길 바래요!!! 그렇다구 날 너무 놓진말구요^^ 홧팅!!! [Study hard and I hope you will become an outstanding accountant! But dont let go of me too much^^ fighting!!]

xXMusicLuverXx1: @officialse7en Hey! I love all your songs :D Can you come to Canada one day :) I really want to see you perform live :(

OFFICIALSE7EN: @xXMusicLuverXx1 Canada!!! Never been there… I wish i could go!! Wanna go there sooon!!!

kishniquin: why do u look so good oppa??? (@officialse7en)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @kishniquin thanks!! u look pretty too!!!

Susou1832: @officialse7en Annyeonghasseayo oppa do you have any plans for a drama? I’m your fan from Algeria^___^

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Susou1832 I wish i could!!! Thanks!!!

Translated by ceciliase7en

[PIC] Polaroid from Yeolbong

@YEOLBONG 열봉뉴스!!! 오늘의 그분은 열봉의 진정한 그분!! 세븐씨께서 방문해주셨습니다~ 감사합니다!! 많은 사랑부탁드립니다!!
Translation: Yeolbong news!!Today’s that person is really that person!! Thank you to se7en ssi who came~ Thank you! Please give us lots of support!!

Translated by ceciliase7en

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[Twitter] 101215

OFFICIALSE7EN: 으악…잠이안온다…아주 오랜만에 생각이 깊어지는밤… 나쁘진않다만^^ 새곤새곤 잠들고파~ [euahhh… I cant fall asleep..This is the first night in a long time where I have been thinking a lot..It’s not bad actually^^ zzzz I want to sleep~]

pine77777: @officialse7en YG こんさ の どうが すくなくて ざんねん(>_<) しんがぽーる の どうが みてるんだ!! すごい ねっき だし、せぶん も、のってる よね。すごく かっこいい(*^.^*)やっぱり、せぶんは、ぶたい の うえ が いちばん にあうよ!

(noizumi's note: i can't translate all of it, but in overall she said that it's too bad she can't attend the YG concert but apparently she came to the Singapore showcase and said that his stage performance is indeed the best!^^)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @pine77777 ありがとう!!! いまから もっと かんばります!!! d(^_^o) [Thank u!! I'll work harder from now on!! d(^_^o)]

ifrahhhikim: OHMYGOD NOW IT’S PLAYING, “I’m Goin Crazy, Crazy…..” OHMY, I LOVE THIS HANDSOME @officialse7en ~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ifrahhhlkim thank u thank u!!! Haha

Aromy11: @officialse7en Oppa, can you say me happy birthday Eram ?

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Aromy11 hey!!!! Happy bday ERAM!!!! hope u Hva greeeeeaaaatttt day~~ hollaaaaaaaa!!!

77_ReNo: @officialse7en Why did not tweet today !! Are you ok ??

OFFICIALSE7EN: @77_ReNo Im goooood thanks!!! Haha

mattheusgustavo: @officialse7en Please do not ignore me, you’re one of my greatest inspirations to survive the obstacles of life, I love you so much!

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mattheusgustavo thank u soooo much!!! Wanna go Brazil!!! Never been there… Tell ebody that I love Brazil!!!!! Hollaaaaa~~

Lilija88: @officialse7en Oppa!!! Shouldnt you go sleep? ^^ Sadly I dunno understand what you have written..good night! love from Germany <3

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Lilija88 Thank u so much!!!! I really Wanna go there!!! Never been there… Germany!!!!!!!!!!

pawareen: @officialse7en I’m ur fan from thailand ;) and I wanna tell u “I’m going crazy” haha I love this song,

OFFICIALSE7EN: @pawareen Ko Kun Kap!!!!!!!! :D

greicekellyn: @officialse7en hi i am from Brazil and Greice bought your cd, and got the mail today, I am very happy! I love you bye

OFFICIALSE7EN: @greicekellyn wow!!! Brazil!!!!!!!! Thank u so much~~~ hope u enjoy ma music!!!

noizumi: @officialse7en eh?? You can’t sleep? What were u thinking? But i’m glad u’ve decided to sleep now.. Oyasuminasai~

OFFICIALSE7EN: @noizumi ありがとう~~ おやすみ^^ [Thanks~~ Nite^^]

ClaraMiu: @officialse7en Gd night o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Sweet dreams ★ {Too bad/sad you only speak in Korean (^0^)/~ }~~~ (♡.♡)/

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ClaraMiu learn korean!!!! Haha just kidding… Ill type Eng often!!! Sorry :D

BeBo236: @officialse7en I have a test tomorrow. wished me good luck. encouraged me oury Oppa ^^ I’m from the Arabs <3

OFFICIALSE7EN: @BeBo236 Gooooooood luck!!!!!!!
changminCrazyi: @officialse7en hello oppa.please,please, on my birthday is 22/12/2010 can you tell me just ( happy birthday)?pleaseeeee^^

OFFICIALSE7EN: @changminCrazyi we’ll see~~ u should tell again on ur bday!!! :D

madamBB: @officialse7en Morning from Thailand oppa^–^

OFFICIALSE7EN: @madamBB Sawadikap!!!!!!

Laylapoisoned: @officialse7en Could u Write in English Se7en-Oppa..Please^^? We don’t understand Korean…and this make us so sad..

OFFICIALSE7EN: @LaylaPoisoned okay sorry… Ill type in Eng more often!!! Thank u anywaz!! :D

sarahss501: Hi oppa .. we love you ….. Arab fanssssss ^_^ @officialse7en

OFFICIALSE7EN: @sarahss501 Arab!!!!! I love u too!!!

ABEER07: @officialse7en me too oppa I want Reply ! *^-^*

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ABEERO7 here u are!!! Hva great day!!! :D

ceciliase7en: @officialse7en 어제 오래만에 악몽꿔서 너무 무서워서 참도 몇시간 다시 못잤어요ㅠㅠ나중에 드라마 보다가 참이 겨우 들었어요ㅠㅠ이제 출근하러 일어났는데 그 악몽 아직 생생하드라 ㅠㅠㅠ 미쳐 [Yesterday I had a nightmare for the first time in ages and couldnt sleep for a few hours because it was too scary TT Later I watched drama for a bit and just barely managed to fall asleep TT Now I’ve gotten up to go to work but the nightmare is still so vivid TT driving me crazy]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ceciliase7en 한국말 이제 나보다 잘하는듯!!! ㅋㅋ Hva goood day~~~ [Looks like your korean now is even better than mine!! keke Hva goood day~~~]

noonarinda: @officialse7en oppa can say ‘good morning’ for me ?? :D

OFFICIALSE7EN: @noonarinda G mornin~~~~~ hva nice day~~~ hollaaaaa

Iam_Eli_Wife: @officialse7en Hi!!:)) Greeting from Thailand<33

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Iam_Eli_Wife Sawadikap!!!! Ko Kun Kap!!!!!

Shahad70: @officialse7en Oh oppa i miss you , how r u ? Love u soo much ^^ Arabic Fan

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Shahad70 Arabic!!!!! Love u guys tooooooo~~~

via0710: @officialse7en Ahhhh SE7EN! Will you EVER tweet in english??? …

OFFICIALSE7EN: @via0710 sorry… I forgot english already … Haha

seeso4: @officialse7en hey 7 how R U ? you have alot of fans in Saudi Arabia :$ just saying

OFFICIALSE7EN: @seeso4 thanks!!! Wanna go there!!!

musicallydivine: @officialse7en Greetings from the UK!!! I think you should visit UK sometime :) I’ll be the first one to greet you there! :D

OFFICIALSE7EN: @musicallydivine wanna go UK!!! Never been there… Ha

nicoloely: @officialse7en 그런날이 한두번있죠 ㅋㅋㅋ근데 자는것도 중요해욬ㅋ어서 주무세요 [(in reponse to Dongwookie’s tweet about not being able to sleep) Everyone has those days once or twice keke~ But sleeping is important keke~ Hurry and sleep]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @nicoeleoly 웅웅웅!!!^^ [Oong Oong Oong!!!^^]

Hot_missG: @officialse7en 생각을 싹 비우시고 편안히 주무세용 ㅎ.ㅎ [Erase all thoughts and sleep peacefully hehe]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Hot_missG 웅!!! 굿모닝^^ [Oong!!! Good morning^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 아 팔아포… 폭풍답장했더니 팔이아푸다 이제 정말자야지~ thank u so much guys!!! Love yall~~~~ hollaaaaaaaaaa [Ah my arm hurts… I went on a reply frenzy and now my arm hurts~ Now I really need to sleep~thank u so much guys!!! Love yall~~~~ hollaaaaaaaaaa]

rhapsodiist: @officialse7en 형님 새삼스럽지만, 이번 앨범 진짜 들으면 들을수록 대박. 활동할때는 왜 못느꼇지. 이 대박을. #nowplaying Better Together by SE7EN, via @Osfoora [Hyungnim even though this is a bit sudden, but the more i listen to this album the better it gets. Why did I not feel this during your promotions~This greatness #nowplaying Better Together by SE7EN, via @Osfoora]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @rhapsodiist thank u bruh!!!^^

jully307: @officialse7en 동욱님..왜저에겐 구원의 답장한통을 한통도햐주시지않나뇨??ㅠㅠ트윗이 가지않나요??ㅠㅠㅠㅠ [Dongwook nim.. Why do you not send even one rescuer’s reply to me? (I think she means that he will rescue her by replying to her) TT Are you not tweeting? TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN:@jully307 구원의 답장 한통! [Here’s a rescuer’s reply!]

1992_1224: @officialse7en 최동욱씨 저도 폭풍답장 해주실수없나요!!! 외 영어로 말하는 사람과만 얘기하는거여!!! 으아아아아 나 12월24일 생일인데 나랑 놀자 ㅠ0ㅠ!!!!!! 으헝헝헝헝 [Choi dong wook ssi can you also not reply me!! Why are you only speaking with english speaking ppl!!Eu ahhhhh My birthdya is on the 24th december, play with me ToT!!! euheongheong heong (sobbing sound)]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @1992_1224 나 함쿡말 잘 모태열~ [I cant speak in korean properly (T/N:He purposely makes spelling mistakes in the sentence ^^)]

dajung_91: @officialse7en 뜨헉!!눈속에서 알바하고있는동안 폭풍답장해쥬다니ㅜㅜ오빠휘팍눈밭에서 알바하는뎅 오빠노래자주틀어놔효 꺄호!!!!~~~근데 너무추워요 너무너무너무너무너무ㅠㅠ [Heuk!! While I was working in the snow you were crazily replying people TT Oppa while I’m working on the snowfield I always listen to oppa’s songs!! But it’s so cold~ so so so so so so so cold TT]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @dajung_91 디지털 뱨운쓰 들으믄서 추운데 힘내요^^ [Listen to digital bounce~ it’s cold, work hard/fighting^^]

officialjunseok: @officialse7en 형ㅋ팬이에요 [Hyung keke I’m your fan~]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @officialjunseok 태양 팬이고만!! [So you’re a taeyang fan!! (T/N: The fan had a pic of taeyang as his profile photo, it’s now been changed to dongwookie^^)]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 日本のファンの皆様、嬉しいニュースがあります。2011年韓国でSE7ENのファンミーティングが開催されます。 日時:2011年1月28日(金)~30日(日) みなさんと あうことが できて すごく うれしいです!!^^ [All the Japanese fans, I have some delightful news. There will be a SE7EN fanmeeting happening in Korea in 2011. Date: 2011.01.28(Friday)~30(Sunday). It’ll be awesome to see you!!^^]

(This is posted on his me2day also)

lolechann: @officialse7en wow you can write in japanese also..Please try to write in arabic..write السلام عليكم It mean Hi..^^ replay plz…

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lolechann السلام عليكم :D

Translated by ceciliase7en, noizumi(2+10), AA-CHAN's friend (33)

Monday, December 13, 2010

[Twitter] 101213

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Se7olution7 dont twt!!! Haha jus kidding... Thank u anywayz... Peace!!!

supafunkboy: 와우! 팔로우가 드디어 만명을 넘어섰네요!!근데 Se7en은 십만…캐안습ㅠ 난 세븐의 십분의 일인 존재…가야할길 머나멀고 험난하구만 이거…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ [Wow! My followers have finally reached 10000 people!! But Se7en has 100000… So sad… TT My existence is one tenth of Se7en… The road ahead is far and difficult.. kekeke]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @supafunkboy 아 형 왜 괜히 나를 끌어들이고 그래요 민망하게!!! ㅋㅋ 알았어요 알았어!!! 카레는 역시 아비꼬!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 암튼 축하축하^^ [Ah hyung you dragged me into it for no reason~ embarrassingly!! keke Ok ok!! Abbigo for curry!! kekek Anyway congrats^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 2010.12.24 @club heaven 아직 크리스마스 계획 못 잡으신 분들!크리스마스 T소셜파티 놀러오세요~나랑 놀아요^^ 여기가믄 티켓이꽁자!! [2010.12.24 @club heaven ~Everyone who still have no plans for christmas!! Come and play at the T Social part~Play with me^^ If you go here, tickets are free!!]
ThisloveTG: @officialse7en 미성년자 어떻게요 보고싶은데- [What about underage people? I want to see you -]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ThisLoveTG ㅠㅠ 성인만 올수있다네요… 미안… ㅠㅠ [TT Only adults can come… sorry.. TT]

actorboy77: @officialse7en 언제 오픈한거야??ㅋᆢ답글좀 날리지ᆢ잘 지내니?? 드라마는 안해?? [When did you open? keke give me a reply huh… are you doing well? Not going to do a drama?]

[Actor Lim Sung Dae]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @actorboy77 아아 횽님!!! ㅋㅋ 연기를 가르쳐주셔야 연기를 하죠!!!! ^^ [Ah ah Hyung nim!! keke You need to teach me acting skills before I can act!!^^]

actorboy77: @officialse7en 언제든 연락해ᆢ동욱이는 자다가도 수업해 줄께ᆢ^^건강하지?? [Contact me anytime..Even if i’m sleeping, if it’s dongwookie, I’ll still come give you a lession..^^ You’re healthy right?]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @actorboy77 저야 모 항상^^ 연락드릴게요~ 밥한끼해요!! 감기조심하세용!! ㅋ [Well, me.. i’m always [like this]^^ I’ll contact you~Let’s eat together!! Be careful and dont catch a cold!!keke ]

OFFICIALSE7EN: 정말맛있음^^RT“@YEOLBONG: 열봉뉴스!!! 내일부터 열봉찜닭 신메뉴 오픈합니다!!! “열봉범벅” “납작만두” “날치알주먹밥” 세가지 메뉴가 추가되어 좀더 알차고 푸짐한 열봉이 완성되었습니다!!” [It’s really delicious^^ RT @YEOLBONG: Yeolbong news! From tomorrow, the new menu at Yeolbong steam chicken will be available!! ‘Yeolbong mix’, ‘Snatch worthy dumplings” ‘Flying fish roe rice ball’ , 3 new things will be added to our menu so that now Yeolbong has more variety!]

supafunkboy: 연예인 디씨되죠??? RT @officialse7en: 정말맛있음^^RT“@YEOLBONG: 열봉뉴스!!! 내일부터 열봉찜닭 신메뉴 오픈합니다!!! “열봉범벅” “납작만두” “날치알주먹밥” 세가지 메뉴가 추가되어… [It’s ok to get this as the ‘entertainer dish’ right?] (T/N: I think his celeb friends who go to yeolbong can a free dish as service)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @supafunkboy 물론이죠^^ 최근 3년안에 새앨범을 발표하고 왕성히 활동중인 분들이라면 무조건 쏩니다!!! 왕.성.히…요^^ [Of course^^ For anyone who has released an album in the last 3 years and is actively promoting, my treat unconditionally!! A.C.T.I.V.E.L.Y ^^]

supafunkboy: ㅠㅜ 그럼 난 안되겠네…열봉에서 쿨피스받아먹고 연예인디씨 받기위해서라도 앨범 내야겠음… RT @officialse7en: @supafunkboy 물론이죠^^ 최근 3년안에 새앨범을 발표하고 왕성히 활동중인… [TT Then i cant.. In order to get a [free]cool piss (drink) and the entertainer dish, I’m going to have to release an album…]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Sunday, December 12, 2010

[Twitter] 101212

OFFICIALSE7EN: @SANGCHUKANGCHU @soddong01 팔로우 완료!!!^^ [Follow completed!!!^^]

Note: They are MightMouth rappers.

misskahi: 생방송 인기가요 대기실!!! 오늘! 3시 50분!! ^^ 모두 본방사수하기이~~ 응원해주세요~^^ [Live Inkigayo waiting room!!!Today!! 3:50pm!^^ Everyone catch us live~and cheer us one~^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @misskahi 본방사수했음!! 빨리 쏠로무대가 보고파요^^ 홧팅~ [I watched it live!! I want to hurry and see your solo performance^^ fighting~]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Saturday, December 11, 2010

[PIC] Se7en with GD and TOP of Big Bang

Dunno what this photoshoot is for atm... Sorry~

credit: nanaisvip@tumblr+BigBangUpdates



[Twitter] 101211

jinuSEAN3000: YG 아가들^^“@officialse7en: 2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT!!!!!!!” [YG kids^^ “@officialse7en: 2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT!!!!!!!”]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @jinuSEAN3000 YG 어른들도 빨리 컴백해 주셔요^^ [YG adults, hurry and make a come back^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: RT“@congjee: RT @gilrajapi: @urhere1 죄송하지만 저의 아들이 담주16일이나17일에 심장 수술을 받는데 주변에 “O”형 수혈자가 없네요 도와주세요 부천 세종병원입니다 제글은 아무런 효력이 없네요” [RT Sorry but our son will be having heart surgery next week on the 16th or 17th but there are no blood donors around us with blood type O. Please help~It is the Bucheon Sejong hospital. It seems that my words have no effect”]

Translated by ceciliase7en

Friday, December 10, 2010

[PIC] More pics from YG Family Concert 2010

Se7en and PSY

credit: fuckyeahygfamilyy

[Twitter] 101210

OFFICIALSE7EN: 열봉찜닭 공식트위터RT“@YEOLBONG: 안녕하세요~ 열봉찜닭 공식 트위터입니다!! 앞으로 이곳을 통해서 여러분들께 여러소식을 전할거예요!! 열봉을 사랑해주시는 모든분들의 많은 관심 부탁드립니다!!! 모두 팔로우 하세요^^” [Yeolbong steam chicken’s official twitter RT @YEOLBONG: Hi~This is Yeolbong steam chicken’s official twitter!!From now on, we will be bringing news to everyone through here! To everyone who loves Yeolbong, please watch out for us!! Please follow us^^]


Note: he posted the picture of YG Family on his me2day also...

Translated by ceciliase7en

Thursday, December 9, 2010

[PIC] Official Pictures from YGE Japan @ 2010 YG Family Concert!

[Me2Day] [Twitter] 101209


콘서트 끝나고 무작정떠난 스키장!! 내가 정말 아끼는 사람들과 함께해서 너~무 좋았던 시간… GD.YB!!! 우리가 알게된지 벌써 10년째!!! 10주년 파티답게 너무 뜨거운 밤을 보냈다!!! I LOVE U~ MA BRUHS!!!

Translation: Headed to the skiing place after the concert!! I really love hanging with my friends…GD.YB!!! We’ve already known each other for 10 years!!! We had a 10 year party!!! I LOVE U~ MA BRUHS!!!

Translated by AA-CHAN


OFFICIALSE7EN: 콘서트 끝나고 무작정떠난 스키장!! 내가 정말 아끼는 사람들과 함께해서 너~무 좋았던 시간... GD.YB!!! 우리가 알게된지 벌써 10년째!!! 10주년 파티답게 너무 뜨거운 밤을 보냈다!!! 우리의 밤은 언제나 HOT뜨거뜨거~^^ ps.. 내가 찍어만 주느라 정작 내얼굴은 없네 ㅋㅋ n e wayz... I LOVE U~ MA BRUHS!!!

Translation: Went to skiing after the concert!! It was so grrreeeaaat, being with the people I love so much... GD.YB!!! It has been 10 years already since we know each other!!! It was HOT night since it was the 10th year party!!! Our night is always, it's so HOT, so HOT!-1TYM ver.- ~^^ ps.. I was just taking the photos so the only thing is i myself is not even in the picture kk n e wayz... I LOVE U~ MA BRUHS!!!

Translated by @HuisuYoon

Note: it basically the same words, but he added a few words in twitter. Sorry if i confuse u with different source of translation... ^^