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[VID] Se7en talked about his fashion style.


[PICS] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 8

credit: via YGFamilySG @tumblr

[NEWS] A glimpse at the real SE7EN

The Korean heartthrob let his hair down and chilled with xinmsn for a quick interview, where he let us in on his upcoming album and even his restaurant in Korea.

Text & Photos: Joelle Chong

Known for his on-stage presence and strong charisma, we were taken by surprise when Korean singer Choi Dong-wook (better known by his stage name SE7EN) turned out to be a friendly and fun guy to be with.

Set to perform at the World Runway Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011 -- a fashion contest event -- xinmsn sat down with Se7en backstage, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for a 10-minute interview.

It took some time for the singer to warm up to us; but when he eventually did, the interview breezed by in a cacophony of laughter.

Prior to his performance, we quizzed Se7en -- who answered all our questions in fluent English -- on one fashion accessory he cannot live without.

With no favourites, the singer had a difficult time deciding, choosing from rings to necklaces, before quipping "sunglasses". Just when we thought he had made up his mind, Se7en chuckled and said, "I don't know!"

However, the 27-year-old admitted to having a large collection of sunglasses, which should not come as a surprise since they have always been part of his fashion ensemble.

It has been a year since Se7en released his last EP, Digital Bounce. Fans, who are anxiously anticipating his comeback, can look forward to new material from the singer soon.

"I'm making an album now in Korea and Japan, so I'm recording and writing new songs every day. Keep a look out [for my new album]," he let on sincerely.

Se7en then revealed he would probably take a pop approach in his next album.

"Pop. Pop, pop, popping pop," the singer said, before entering a wacky rhythm of "pop" and "popping".

Having previously worked with T.O.P, his YG junior and member of Korean boy band Big Bang, on the single 'Digital Bounce', when asked if there was anyone else from YG he would like to work with, he flippantly answered, "Whatever, I don't care."

While the answer might seem flamboyant and a little insincere, Se7en followed-up with a compliment and said, "All the YG juniors are good."

Like most entertainers, who preferred to have another source of income, Se7en also owns a chicken restaurant back in Korea. The singer let on that it was interesting and fun being a boss, but at the same time, it was hard work too.

When asked if it was difficult juggling two jobs, the singer smiled and said, "Not really. I don't know. I have a lot time. I can do both."

It was not difficult to see the passion Se7en has for his business venture as he talked animatedly, with his eyes shining brightly.

The surprise in his voice was evident when he was told we visited his restaurant and found the food tasty. The singer immediately went into a tirade of questions, as if asking for feedback.

No stranger to Singapore, this trip marked Se7en's fourth visit in a span of twelve months.

When asked where he'd love to visit if he had more time, Se7en replied without a pause, "Casino. Marina Bay Sands. I heard that it's very luxurious and nice."

The 27-year-old also expressed his wish to visit the rooftop swimming pool because he has "never been there".

Later that night, Se7en turned the heat up at the stadium, at around 9.25pm. Fans waved their neon-green lightsticks -- which were in the form of the number seven -- excitedly to the beats of the first track 'Digital Bounce'.

Se7en then introduced 'Come Back to Me' -- his debut song back in 2003 -- to the audience and even shook a lucky fan's hand. He later had everyone on the balls of their feet when he sang and danced to 'La La La', before wrapping the day up with 'Passion'.

As soon as Se7en ended his performance, fans rushed out of the stadium, hoping to catch a glimpse of the performer when he walked out to board his ride. They were awarded with handshakes and smiles from a very affable Se7en, who came forth to interact with fans.

"I wish I could have a showcase in Singapore. I want to do that. Anytime, just call me. I'll come down," Se7en grinned boyishly at the end of the interview.

Taken from:

[PICS] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 7

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[News] Se7en to make a come back in Japan first time in 4 years

Singer Se7en is scheduled to make a comeback in Japan first time in four years. There are plans for him to release a mini album/single in the second half of this year. This will be the first cd that he will be releasing since his 6th Japanese single from 2007.

Recently, YG entertainment’s representative Yang Hyun Suk revealed ‘Se7en is working hard to prepare for his Japanese activities.”

Although groups such as Dong Bang Shin Ki, Girl’s Generation, Kara have started a Kpop storm and are receiving lots of love in Japan, it was BoA and Se7en who proved the potential of Kpop. Se7en released his first single in Japan in 2005 and released six singles and one full length album over the course of 2 years. At that time, he was referred to as ‘Ben’ sama and gained much popularity. At the height of his popularity, he held a tour in Japan in 2007 but left for his US debut, ceasing his activities in Japan. Although he has been on hiatus for a long time, this will be good news for his fans.

In July, YG entertainment joined forces with Avex in Japan to form YGEX. Through YGEX, YG’s artists Gummy, 2ne1, Se7en, Big Bang, Psy etc will carry out activities.

Yang Hyun Suk further elaborated “We collaborated with Avex so that activities not only for 2ne1 and Big Bang will be carried out smoothly, but also for Se7en, Gummy, Psy and other YG artists,” and “Se7en has experience from Japan and there are no problems for him with Japanese either, so we have alot of expectations for him.”

Source: Daum+ceciliase7en

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[Twitter] 110901 Part 3

Ploykrikri: @officialse7en good night p’jed Can you remember p’jed kekekekekk

OFFICIALSE7EN: @ploykrikri kokunkrab!!!

BoA_1105: 9월이다…. September…Time flies and This is Too fast.. [It’s September.. September…Time flies and This is Too fast..]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @BoA_1105 그러게.. 벌써 9월이네.. 언제나 화이팅이야~!!! [Now that you say.. it’s already september.. Fighting always~!!!]

BoA_1105: @officialse7en 빠르지?! 너무 훌쩍 훌쩍가버리니까 쫌 걱정이긴하지만.. 알차게보내야지.. (; 우리 모두 홧팅!! [(Time passes) quickly doesnt it? It’s a bit worrying how it’s been passing..I should be spending the time usefully…(; fighting to all of us!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @BoA_1105 웅 너두 힘내구!!! 에쎔타운 일본콘서트 한다며~ 대박나세요^^ [Eung you stay strong too!!I heard that there is going to be a SMTOWN japan concert~hope it is a big success^^]

(3) [in reply to dongwookie's tweet asking mingkki to watch out for him when he gets out]

mingkki: @officialse7en 당근이죠 오빠~^^ 오빠의 미래를 보장해드리는 힙합요정?!ㅋㅋㅋ이될께요 ㅋㅋㅋ [Of course oppa~^^ I will become the hip hop fairy that will secure oppa’s future kekeke]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @mingkki21 짝짝짝!! 여억쉬!!!^^ [clap clap clap!! Indeed (it's mingkki)]

SeungPoo: @officialse7en 오빠, 제 프로파일 사진 보세요! 괜찮죠? [oppa, look at my profile pic!! It’s ok isnt it?]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @SeungRoo 응 이뿌게 잘나왔네^^ [Eung, it came out nice and pretty]

enki1991: @officialse7en 기분좋다기보다는 심심한거 아니에요?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [Rather than being in a good mood, arent you bored now? kekekeke]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @enki1991 응 맞어! 기분좋게 심심해^^ [Eung that’s right!! I’m bored with a good mood^^]

gainnnnn425: @officialse7en 공연^..^ [the performance^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @gainnnnn425 땡!!! 흔들렸으므로 무효!! 안흔들린거 올려줘요~ [Deng!!! Because it was shaky it doesnt count!! Please upload pics which arent shaky]

earth861: @officialse7en おつかれさまでした。にほんでも、げんきなSE7ENがみたいよ〜〜。いつまでもまってるよ。수고했다. 일본에서도 멋진 SE7EN을보고 싶어(>o<) 언제 까지나 기다리고있어(^^)V [You worked hard. I also want to see cool SE7EN in Japan. I will be alway waiting (^^)] Note: the japanese trans is the same as the korean.

OFFICIALSE7EN : @earth861 빨리 갈게요 일본!!! [I will go to Japan soon!!]

_imh: @officialse7en ; oppa so popular he cant reply to me, sobs.

OFFICIALSE7EN : @_imh reply

yukka: @officialse7en 기분 좋은거 같아서 기쁘구나∼ 그 상태로 일본까지 와주세용 [I’m happy that you seem to be in a good mood~Please come to Japan in that condition]

OFFICIALSE7EN : yukka 응 얼른 갈께 기다려^^ [Eung I’ll go soon, wait for me^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN : 오랜만에 노래하는 7 !!! Everybody hva good one!!! Peace~!!! [It’s been a long, singing 7!! Everybody hva good one!!! Peace~!!!]

choopa94: @officialse7en 아ㅠㅠ8시간뒤에모의고사치는대…칠오빠때매잠도안오고ㅠㅠ완전하늘땅만큼머싯드만ㅠㅠ♥저YG스타일리스트팀입사하면오빠전담시켜줘요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ콜? [Ah TTT In 8 hours, I will be sitting the mock exams… Because of 7 oppa, I cannot sleep TT You are cool like the heaven and the earth TT If I enter YG as a stylist, oppa please employ me~keke call?]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @choopar94 웅!! 얼렁 공부열심히 해서 빨리와^^ [Eung!! Hurry and study hard and come^^]

Kichii_: @officialse7en Hwaa Im Crying ;_; Please REPLY me !!! Just a hi ;________;

OFFICIALSE7EN : @Kichii_ hi!!!

littlecrab7: @ceciliase7en haha I don’t know I will continue my drinking and won’t play with @officialse7en anymore cuz he won’t reply TT TT

OFFICIALSE7EN : @littlecrab7 reply reply reply!!!

YingYourFace: @officialse7en if you don’t reply me I’ll just burn my bras

OFFICIALSE7EN : @ying_yowhface reply

actorboy77: @officialse7en 멋지다ᆢㅋᆢ^^ [Looking cool…keke..^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @actorboy77 이시간까지 안주무시고^^ 잘지내시죠??!! 보고싶네요!!! [Not sleeping at this hour^^You’ve been well right??!! I miss you!!]

0716chacha: 당신은 인생에서 무엇을바랍니까? 참..어려운질문인것같다…그러게요…. [What do you wish for in your life?? It seems like it is quite a difficult question..yes…]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @0716chacha 홀인원 [Hole in one]

jhsungkr0612: @officialse7en 오늘일본팬분들만낫어요!오빠보러어제서울오셔서열봉찜닭먹고오셧데요ㅎㅎ대단하신듯[Today i met Japanese fans!!They said they came to Seoul yesterday to see oppa and went to eat yeolbong hehe~ you are great]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @jhsungkr0612 goooood!!!^^

mingkki21: @officialse7en 꺄아아아아~~~## [Gyaaaaa~~~~~##]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @mingkki21 ^^ 밍끼 안자고 머해!! 얼렁자요~!!! G nite!!! [^^ Mingkki what are you doing, not sleeping!! Hurry and sleep~!!G nite!!]

(19) [in response to WAWASOUL's tweet about how se7en if good looking]

misskahi: @WAWASOUL @officialse7en 그러게 말이여… [That’s what I want to say..]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @misskahi @wawasoul 어머머?? 갑자기 둘다 왜이래?? 나한테 뭐 부탁할것들 있나봐…???^^ [omomo??Why are the two of you like this all of a sudden?? Seems like you guys have a favour to ask me..?^^]

WAWASOUL: 땡큐~ 럭키세븐~!!! 세븐만세 @officialse7en [Thank you~ lucky se7en~!!!Se7en mansae @officialse7en]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @WAWASOUL 영준씨 감사^^ [Thank you Young jun ssi^^]

missA_min: ㅇㄴㅇ ㄱㅂㄷㅇ

[She just type the first syllable for 7 characters] blank-n-blank-g-b-d-blank

OFFICIALSE7EN : @missA_min 오늘은 기부데이… 기부합시다!!!^^ [O neul eun gi boo da ee [he makes up a random phrase using those syllables which means "Today is donation day"]..Let’s donate!!^^]

minA_min: @officialse7en 키키키 오빠안녕하세요 ~~~~~ [kekek oppa hello~~]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @missA_min 웅~ 안녕? 잘지내지!!? 활동 잘보고 있어~ 언제나 힘내!! Go~ Miss A!!! [Eung~hi? You’re doing well uh!!?? I’ve been watching your activities~be strong always!!Go~ Miss A!!!]

missA_min: @officialse7en 감사합니다 저 근데 기부를말한건아니에요….. 히히…… 키키키 [Thank you but I wasnt talking about donation…hehe..kekeke]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @missA_min 기분!!! [Gi boon] (he comes up with another word starting with same syllables meaning ‘feeling’)

OFFICIALSE7EN : 사진이 무슨 막 그냥 50센트 마냥 힙합음악하는 랩퍼처럼 나왔다!!!^^ 랩퍼븐!!! [I came out in these photos like a rapper who’s performing hip hop music like 50 cent!!!^^ Rapper ‘ben’!!!]

Eunsun7: @officialse7en 오빠ㅠㅠ저도멘션하나만ㅠㅠㅠ 이번에 오빠 5년만에봤는데ㅋㅋㅋ 담엔 또 몇년만에보게될까요ㅠ 단콘이라도 하면 당장이라도 보러갈텐데……ㅎ.ㅎ [Oppa TT Please send me a mention too please TT Through this i saw oppa the first time again in 5 year keke~How many years will it be time next time TT If you have a solo concert I would immediately go to see…hehe]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @Eunsun7 조만간 빨리 또 보자^^ [Let’s meet again soon^^]

hyeimlea: @officialse7en 오빠..can you wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil’ sister @ash_cryztal ..? she really loves you…

OFFICIALSE7EN : @hyeimlea @ash_cryztal happy bday cryztal!!! Hope u hva greaat day!!! Holla~

jeje_suju: @officialse7en Today is my bday, would u mind to say happy bday for me?

OFFICIALSE7EN : @jejepujianto happy bday jeje!!! Hva goooood day!!!! Peace!!!

OFFICIALSE7EN : 아 요건 노래하는븐이네~ 씽어븐~^^ [Ah this is a singing ‘ben’~ Singer ‘Ben’~^^]

doublev89: @officialse7en 기다릴게요 형!뭔가.. [I’ll wait for you hyung! there’s something…]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @doublev89 뭔가데이고만…

Mellowkong: @officialse7en ㅎㅎㅎ세븐오빠님! 저 오늘 딱 7시간만 삐치겠슴니당~ 그리고 다시 열혈팬으로 돌아와 열심히 할테니, 퐈이팅해요! 항상 고맙습니다!! [hehehe se7en oppa nim!! Today i will be annoyed for just 7 hours~ But I will return to be a passionate fan and cheer hard, so fighting!! thank you always!!

OFFICIALSE7EN : @Mellowkong 7시간 너무 길어요!!^^ [7 hours is too long!!^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @SShinnari 어둠의세계로… [to a dark world…] [t/n: I think he means to sleep, not sure]

[The original post by the fan has been deleted but I recall there were a bunch of fans asking where he's been and for him to come out (of a shell?)]

YGfanboy: @OfficialSe7en hyung! 어떠십니까? today is my bday! can you greet me 생일축하합니다 ?! ~keke thank you! [hyung!! What about this?? today is my bday! can you greet me ‘happy birthday’?!~keke thank you!]

OFFICIALSE7EN : @YGfanboy happy bday mark!! Hva goood one man!! Peace!!

OFFICIALSE7EN : 미용실 갔다가 머리다듬고 이동중 셀카놀이이이!!! 날씨가 좋네요~ 굿 이브닝!!^^ [Went to the salon and trimmed my hair, now i’m on my way so i’m playing selcaaaaa!!! The weather is nice~ Good evening!!^^]

Translated by ceciliase7en

[PICS] More photos of Se7en with GD, TOP and Taeyang at Yeolbong

credit: BigBangUpdates

[PICS] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 5

Click the photo for original size.

[Fancam] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 3

Digital Bounce

More from legra88 : [Come Back To Me][Lalala][Passion]

Come Back To Me


More from optionalpriority [Digital Bounce][Lalala]


More from Kommunitywebsite : [Digital Bounce][Come Back To Me][Passion]

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[PICS] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 3

[PICS] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 2

[NEWS] Se7en Performs at World Runway "Premiere"

Se7en surely loves Singapore! Back for the fourth time within a span of twelve months, Se7en made a special guest appearance at the World Runway "Premiere" on September 18 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Eight countries from the world's fashion-leading countries gathered on this night to compete and present their best.

After sitting through four hours - watching the models parade in some almost jaw-dropping outfits, several near-miss accidents from Lady-Gaga-inspired-heels, and some technical faults, fans were elated when Se7en finally came on stage. It was effortless for him to warm up the atmosphere instantly with opening song "Digital Bounce" and followed by "Come Back To Me," "La La La," and "Passion."

Se7en looked a little healthier now, which is great! He was looking really sknny when I last saw him in a showcase six months back. Here are some pics to share:

Taken from: soompi

[Fancam] 110918 Fashionquake Aid 2011 in Singapore Part 2

Digital Bounce

More from scanationsg : [Come Back To Me] [Lalala] [Passion]

Come Back To Me

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More from kourierco : [Digital Bounce][Come Back To Me][Passion]


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[NEWS] Se7en's "Come Back To Me Part 2" MV Plagiarized by a Vietnamese Singer

This summer a Vietnamese singer named Cao Thái Sơn released a music video that shares a lot of similarites to Se7en's music video of "Come back to me part 2"

A Vietnamese newspaper had interviewed the singer regarding the video, to which he replied "That's just a small mistake."

Se7en's "Come Back To Me Part 2" was originally released on 2006 on his 24/7 Album.

Here is a picture comparison of the two music videos that shows many similar scenes, captured by 2! Magazine.

 Check out the two MVs and tell us what you think.

MV "Người ở lại", which means "The one staying". The producer is “Avatar Entertainment”.


Here is Se7en's "Come back to me" part 2 music video.


source: soompi

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[NEWS] SE7EN to perform at World Runway in Singapore!

Korean Idol, SE7EN will be attending World Runway – Premiere Fashionquake Aid 2011 and he will be on stage so fans, don’t miss out on his performance and grab your tickets now!
For more information, visit World Runway, follow them on twitter @World_Runway and LIKE their facebook page!


18 Sep 2011
Sun, 5:00pm, Gate opens at 4:00pm
Expected to end by 10:00pm


Approx 5 hrs with 3 intervals


Singapore Indoor Stadium

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee) via Sistic

VIP – S$297
Standard – S$85 (General)
Students(local & overseas) 20% Discount – VIP $237.60 & Standard $68
Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable.

Seating Plan

source: kaggregate

[Twitter] 110901 part 2

kiMira06: @officialse7en annyeong oppa.. :)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @kiMira06 응~ 안녕~~ [Eung~ annyeong]

mouw_wnom: @officialse7en baby good night : ))

OFFICIALSE7EN: @mouw_wnom 너두 good nite!! [Good nite to you too!]

(3) ukYGqueens: @officialse7en how are you? ^.^
OFFICIALSE7EN: @ukYGqueens Im fine thank u n u?? Haha

fnrain: @officialse7en 저오늘 보러갔어요! 오늘 멋쪘슴돠! 라이브도 짱이고ㅋㅋ 대구많이오세용! 근데 진짜잘생기셨어요^^ [I went to see you today! You were cool today!! Live was jjang keke~Come to daegu often! But you were really good looking^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @fnrain 고마워요~ 사진잘찍었네?^^ 다음에 또 만나요!!! [Thank you~ You took some good photos^^ See you next time again!!!]

lyxq99: @officialse7en 부러워요언젠간꼭같은회사에서보고싶어요꼭갈게요 [So jealous~I want to see you at the same company one day~I will definitely go there]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lyxq99 얼렁와^^ [Come quick^^]

lyxq99: @officialse7en 감사합니다.. 너무감사합니다지금버틸게없어서음악만보는건데진짜감사합니다.. [Thank you.. thank you so much..There is nothing for me to tolerate, so i’m only looking at music..really thank you..]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @lyxq99 열정 노력 희망 긍정!!! Thats all u need… [Passion, hard work, hope, positivity!!! Thats all u need…]

songemushroom: @officialse7en 꺄 저두 정말 즐거웠어요♥ 수고하셨어요! Love u only!!! [gyaa I really enjoyed it too <3 You worked hard!! Love u only!!]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @songemushroom Only??? 확실해!!?? 흠… 이상하게 못믿겠네..??^^ [Only??? Are you sure!!?? Hmm… it’s weird but i cant believe u..??^^]

Rubysh1004: @officialse7en 와우 대구시민으로써 저희가감사하죠ㅎ건강챙기세요 [Wow I’m thankful to you as a daegu citizen hehe~stay healthy]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Rubysh1004 신형이도 항상 건강!!! [Shin hyung, you always stay healthy always!!!]

REALBiTTerSweeT: @officialse7en언제 무대 서실지힌트좀주셔요ㅠㅠㅠ저는 왜 대구인이 아닐까요ㅠㅠㅇ난 세가수너무좋은데!!!! [Please give us a hint when you will perform TTT Why am I not from daegu TTT I really like ‘se’ singer] [t/n: se as in the first syllable of se7en]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @REALBiTTerSweeT 나도 내가 너무 좋다!!!^^ [I also really like myself!! ^^]

noizumi: wahh~ @officialse7en is replying many tweets as of now! Wanna get 1 from him too, but dunno what to say… reply me pls?? :p

OFFICIALSE7EN: @noizumi right here ma friend!!! Hope u hva good one!!!

Linly_VIP: @officialse7en SV7EN oppa!! plz,, reply to me. ><


Veronica_Cha: @officialse7en 직접보니 999배나 더 멋지네요. ㅠㅠ ….!! 공연이 너무 아름다웠음♥ [Seeing you in person, you were 999x cooler. TT…!! The performance was too beautiful]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @Veronica_Cha 999배…..!??!!!!!? 겨우!!!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!????? ㅠㅠ [999 times..!??!!!!!? Is that all!!?!!?!!!!!!!!?????? TT]

BBovi: @officialse7en 세봉님 오늘 완전 훈남 짱이여써요!!! ㅠㅜ감동감동 [Sebong nim today was totally good looking jjang!!! TTT touched]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @BBovi 응~ 그럼 활력소에 나도좀 껴줘^^ [Eung~So leave me a place as your energiser]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @HzM7 응 열봉 맛있어^^ [Eung~ Yeolbong is yummy^^]

choopar94: @officialse7en @mingkki21 젤앞에서제가젤먼저투애니원!!!!이라고소리쳐서칠오빠당황하심ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ퉨언니들낼뵈용 [I was right at the front who first yelled out ’2ne1′!! and oppa looked taken back ehehehehe~2ne1 unni, see you tomorrow]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @choopar94 @mingkki21 응. 내가 먼저 잘난척하면서 말해줄라했는데 ㅋㅋ [Eung. I was the one who pretended to be good and said it]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @chb3444 그건 좀….. -.- [That’s a bit….-.-] [t/n: The fan's original tweets have been deleted but she asked him if he would have her toes?? It's really bizarre]

MONICA21D: @officialse7en 세봉 오빠!! ^^ [Sebong oppa!!^^]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @MONICA21D 왜~ 혜봉아~ [What~ Hye bong ah~]

enki1991: @officialse7en 오늘 기분좋으신가봐요?ㅋㅋㅋ 븐션 아낌없이 날려주시고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뭐 싫다는건 아니에요(^_-) [You were in a good mood today?? keke giving out ‘ven’-tion [from mention] generously keke~Well i’m not saying i dont like it (^_-)]

OFFICIALSE7EN: @enki1991 응 기분좋아!! 시르믄 말구!! [Eung i’m in a good mood! If you dont like then stuff it]

iap7ever: @officialse7en Hollaaa oppa ^^ can i get ur reply?! ;)

OFFICIALSE7EN: @iap7ever reply

OFFICIALSE7EN: @freshy_resh 나도 영국에 가보고싶다^^ [I also want to go to the UK^^]

RioSung_95: @officialse7en oppa I feel bores what I should I do ??? TT If u reply me I will be happy

OFFICIALSE7EN: @RioSung_95 reply

Translated by ceciliase7en

Monday, September 12, 2011

[NEWS] SE7EN to perform at Busan Fireworks Festival 2011

Event: 7th Busan International Fireworks Festival
When: 2011.10.21 (Fri) ~ 29 (Sat)
Where: Gwangalli Beach, Gwangan Bridge
The Hallyu Concert will be on October 28, 2011.
Performers: (at 1:40 in the video)
BIGBANG *no info yet which members are attending

source: iYGEX