Sunday, February 26, 2012

[NEWS] Se7en Became Emotional While Listening to Korea’s National Anthem Abroad

Se7en unveiled how he dealt with homesickness and stress during his promotional activities in America.

The artist, who recently released his latest title song, was a guest for Mnet’s Yoon Do Hyun’s Must where he stated, “While I was promoting in America, I was very homesick for Korea. I placed a large Korean flag on my wall and every morning sang the national anthem. I even became emotional sometimes [while listening to the national anthem] and would pledge allegiance to the flag.”

The gayo song he said he listened to the most, while in America, was Jo Young Pil’s Seoul Seoul Seoul. He listened to mostly songs from his seniors, but this song he listened to frequently he said.

On the show, he also talked about how he came to receive his current title song from JYP Entertainment’s head, Park Jin Young.

The theme for the show’s episode was “the songs I found healing through” and the other guests for the episode included Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper Miryo, as well as actors Jung Chan and Lee Yoo Ri.

Yoon Do Hyun’s Must is a weekly music program that features a diverse range of guests who pick and perform songs according to the episode’s theme. The show is receiving positive feedback for its MC Yoon Do Hyun and YB guitarist Heo Joon as well as the diverse range of guests and the show’s unique 360 degree stage.

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