Sunday, February 19, 2012

[NEWS] Se7en gets revenge on Yang Hyun Suk for breaking a promise

Earlier today, Se7en uploaded a picture with J.Y. Park when they were preparing for their ‘Inkigayo’ collaboration for his new song, “When I Can’t Sing“.

The collaboration was long hinted at through previous teasers, but what fans didn’t know was that YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk was supposed to be present to watch this stage.

On February 19th, Se7en jokingly expressed his disappointment with Yang Hyun Suk on his Twitter. “Hyun Suk hyung promised to come watch Inkigayo today, but he didn’t come!!! Jin Young hyung, the staff, and I came back from eating lots of expensive eel!!!  I paid with YG’s company card~ Thank you for the meal, Hyun Suk hyung~~^^”

The mischievous artist got his revenge, and also posted a handsome selca of himself after returning from the delicious meal.

Netizens replied, “Oppa you’re the best!” and “Oh my god, I laughed so hard!“.

Source & Image: Se7en’s Twitter
Taken from Allkpop

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