Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[NEWS] Se7en shows his support for J.Y. Park’s new single, “You’re the One”

Se7en recently showed his support for J.Y. Park‘s latest single, “You’re the One“.

On April 30th, Se7en posted the above photos on his Twitter page and wrote, “Hoping JYP’s ‘You’re the One’ hits the jackpot~ In the middle of Shinjuku doing a spontaneous step dance!!!”

“Hyung-nim~ it was too embarassing to upload a videoㅠ^^ N e wayz… GO~ JYP!!!”, Se7en tweeted to J.Y. Park, which explained why he chose to upload two photos instead. J.Y. Park showed his approval by retweeting Se7en’s tweet and adding, “Daebak brother.”

The two recently became closer after J.Y. Park gifted Se7en with his song, “When I Can’t Sing“.

Their fans who saw their Twitter interaction commented, “It’s nice to see your close friendship”, “J.Y. Park’s new song is really good”, and “Se7en is cute.”


Source + image: Se7en’s Twitter

Taken from Allkpop

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