Saturday, May 26, 2012

[PIC] 120526 Chung Jae Yong twitter update feat. Se7en

@WAWASOUL: 매일사내놈들 땀냄새나는💦 연습실에만있다가 날씨좋은토욜오후에 나와서 밥먹고 차도마시고 좋네 좋아~😄 근데.. 나 빼고 니네왜케 키크게나왔니?😨 아놔~나이렇게 작진않은대..;;

Translation: These guys who smell of sweat and are in the practice studios everyday came out today with me on this Saturday with good weather to eat and have tea~ I like it~~ but..why did you guys look so tall in the photo except me? Ah, i’m not this short…;;

Translated by ceciliase7en

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