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[Twitter] 120416 ~ 120414

(1) S’pore~!!! Ill c ya soooooon~ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/192040911222484992/photo/1

(2) RT @ygent_official 2011 YG FAMILY CONCERT LIVE CD http://www.ygfamily.com/artist/Album.asp?LANGDIV=K&ATYPE=2&ARTIDX=5&IDX=973

(3) RT @ygent_official Find out the story behind of YG PROJECT: SE7EN NEW MINI ALBUM http://www.ygfamily.com/project/Main.asp?LANGDIV=E&PTYPE=A&PROIDX=17

(4) WAWASOUL: 날씨 엄청좋구나!!! 누군가와 통화하고싶은대 할사람이 없네..;;; 몬가다 몬가.. 나처럼 바보짓말구 봄을즐기세요

Translation: The weather is great!! I want to talk to someone on the phone but there’s noone to ring..;;; What’s this..dont be foolish like me and enjoy spring https://twitter.com/#!/WAWASOUL/status/192495980489351168/photo/1

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 정사장~ 그럴땐 어머니한테 전화한통 드리게나…

Translation: Chung sajang~~ At times like that it’s best to ring your mother…

(5) 싱가폴에서 만난 멋쟁이 동생들 수혁이 종현이… holla at yo boyz~~~https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/192535550731890688/photo/1

Translation: The cool dongsaengs Soo Hyuk and Jong hyun who I met in Singapore..holla at yo boyz~~~

(6) With Se7en in Singapore!!!! @officialse7en 저두팔로우해주세요!! ><ㅎㅎ https://twitter.com/#!/jungsungha/status/192642713550729217/photo/1

Translation: @officialse7en Please follow me too please >< hehe

officialse7en: @jungsungha keep it real boy!!!

(7) hellomeganlee: @officialse7en thanks for the sweet advice you gave me last night oppa! 오빠 어저게 조은 말 너무 감사하구요 그리고 저는 더 열시미 오빠처럼 노력할게요~ 오늘 저녁도 우리 화이팅에에용 ^.^V

Translation: Oppa thank you so much for your good words the day before yesterday. I will work harder like oppa~ Fighting to us for tonight as well ^.^ V

officialse7en: @hellomeganlee haha~ koooo C ya sooon~

(8) S’pore 2012 Mens fashionweek!!! It was crazyyyyyy!!! Thank u sooo much guys~ love yall~~~~ holla~~~ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/193012583723302912/photo/1

(9) 허세븐 컴백!!!^^ 오랜만에 이런 여유… 너무 좋다 고마워 수영장아~https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/193279496948957184/photo/1

Translation: Show off-ven comeback!!^^ It’s been a long time since I’ve had this time [to relax]… Love it~thank you swimming pool ~

(10) hellomeganlee: wonderful time in singapore~♥thanks to @jungsungha i had one of the world greatest finger style guitarrist 2acompany me@FideFashionWeek 최고♬

officialse7en: @hellomeganlee 나는요?

Translation: What about me?

(11) RT @yg67 #SE7EN 럭키세븐 알려드립니다. 내일 예정된 산타페런서트는 기상악화 예정으로 인하여 취소되었습니다. 널리RT하여 알려주십시요 25일 곧발매될 일본활동에 많은 응원부탁합니다

Translation: Informing lucky se7en. The santafe runcert which was planned for tomorrow has been cancelled due to worsening weather. Please RT and let others know. Please show lots of support for Japanese activities which will start with the release on 25th

(12) Osaka~~~ make some noise!!!!!!

(13) Se7en New Singleリリースを記念して、日本各地で「SE7EN New Single SHOWCASE(仮)」開催決定!! #SE7EN http://ygex.jp/se7en/live/120503.html

Translation: To celebrate the release of Se7en’s new single, it’s been decided that ‘Se7en new single showcase’ will be held at various cities in Japan

(14) se7en 日本 new single [LOVE AGAIN] release tomorrow!!! 내일 발매합니다~~ いよいよ あした!!! https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/194738744409063426/photo/1

Translation: Se7en’s Japanese new single [LOVE AGAIN] release tomorrow!! It will be released tomorrow~~finally tomorrow!!

(15) きよう おりこん 6位!!! みなさん ありがとうね~ ぼく もっと がんばります!!! じゃねぇぇぇぇ!!!https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/195115545568350208/photo/1

Translation: 6th on the Oricon!! Thank you everyone! I will work harder!

(16) followjyp: 타이틀 곡 ‘너뿐이야’ 피아노 테마와 반주에요. 어때요? Piano theme & track of my 1st single ‘You’re the one’. How is it?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIsjleI9b3Q&feature=youtu.be

officialse7en: @followjyp 미국 일보온~~~~~~~ Haha~ Love it!!!!

Translation: America Jaaapann~~ Haha~ Love it!!

(17) missA_min: 7 days Craig david

officialse7en: @missA_min 우아 이건모지!!!! 나 혼자 세븐데이즈 노래 흥얼거리면서 트윗을 봤는데 너의글이딱!! 이건 진짜 완전신기하다..

Translation: Waa what’s this!! I was humming 7 days myself while tweeting then I saw your tweet!! This is so amazing..

(18) Nagoya~ make some noise!!!

(19) jinuSEAN3000: 아이들하고 놀이터에서 노는중 잡기놀이,지금은 내가 술레 얘들아 기다려 술레가 잡으러 간다^^ http://yfrog.com/nylmzelj

Translation: I’m playing hide and seek with the kids at the playground, I am ‘it’ and the kids are waiting~ ‘It’ is coming to catch you^^

officialse7en: @jinuSEAN3000 형님 죄송스럽지만.. 그런표정으로 잡으러가면 애들이 울겠는데요?? ㅋㅋ

Translation: Hyung nim i’m sorry but.. if you go catch them with that expression the kids will cry?? keke

(20) 날씨 너무 좋다!!! 분위기 좋은 아오야마 카페에서 커피한잔의 여유!!! 난 벌써 반팔을 입었네^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/196126782179655680/photo/1

Translation: The weather is so good!! Enjoying a coffee at the Aoyama cafe which has a good ambience!! I’m already wearing short sleeve^^

(21) Follow~ @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN ”本日20時よりAmeba Studio にてSE7EN特番が放送されます!視聴方法はブログでチェックしてみてくださいね!http://s.ameblo.jp/ygse7en/entry-11232862293.html

Translation: Follow~ @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN Today from 8pm the Se7en special will be aired on Ameba studio! Please check the blog for instructions on how to watch!

(22) RT @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN 「はやくたべたいなあ…」(本人談) (This tweet has been translated previously)

(23) Melon~~~^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/196577652470063104/photo/1

(24) followjyp: ㅋㅋ 너 스텝 밟는거 꼭 찍어서 올리기야~ 알겠지~?^^ “@2AMCHANGMIN: @followjyp 형 ㅠㅠ 나 진짜 빠져서.. 난 형의 뮤비에서 일본거리에서 뜬금없이 스텝 밟는거 너무 좋아요 +_+~ 저도 일본가서 그럴래요~ㅎ(근데 정말..

Translation: keke you have to take a photo of yourself dancing those steps~alright~?^^ “@2AMCHANGMIN: @followjyp: Hyung TT I’m totally obsessed.. I really like the ‘sudden steps’ you danced in Japan from hyung’s MV +_+~ I want to go to Japan and do that~hee (but really..)

officialse7en: @followjyp @2amchangmin 저 지금 일본인데 길거리에서 뜬금스텝 밟았어요!! 사람들이 막 쳐다보네요…ㅋ

Translation: I’m in Japan now, I danced the sudden steps on the street!! People kept looking at me ..keke

followjyp: 찍어서 올렸어야지~!! “@officialse7en: @followjyp @2amchangmin 저 지금 일본인데 길거리에서 뜬금스텝 밟았어요!! 사람들이 막 쳐다보네요…ㅋ”

Translation: Then you film it and upload it!

officialse7en: @followjyp 아깜빡…나중에 재도전!!!ㅋ

Translation: Ah I forgot.. I will try again later !! keke

(25) JYP “너뿐이야” 대박기원~ 신주쿠 한복판에서 뜬금스텝!!! @followjyp형님~ 동영상은 도저히 창피해서요ㅠ^^ N e wayz… GO~ JYP!!!https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/196889327752581120/photo/1

Translation: Hoping for JYP “Only you” to succeed~’Sudden steps’ in the middle on Shinjuku!! @followjyp Hyung nim~~ filming a video was just too embarrassing T^^ N e wayz.. GO~JYP!!

(26) 길거리에서 혼자 쑈하다가 빵터졌음 https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/196931377072062464/photo/1

Translation: Making a show on the street by myself and ended up cracking up

(27) ごきげんよう スタート Show case りはさるも スタート

translation by noizumi: Gokigenyou start Showcase rehearsal also start

(28) 쇼케이스 1회끝 헥헥 하이터치까지 하니까 완전 힘들고만 헥헥 한시간 쉬고 2회 고고씽 헥헥 https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/197958430445674496/photo/1

Translation: The first showcase has ended hehe~ Having the high five session as well so tiring hehe~ Rest for an hour and go go with the 2nd showcase hehe

(29) 쇼케이스 중간에 2NE1 깜짝방문!! 완전 깜놀!!! 역시 의리녀들~ 봄양 다라뽕 씨에루 밍끼 너무너무 고마워용!!!^^ @mingkki21@haroobomkum https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/197963466844282880/photo/1

Translation: 2ne1′s surprise visit in the middle of the showcase!! Totally surprised!! Indeed loyal girls~Bom, dara, CL, mingkki thank you so much!!

(30) Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 힘내세븐!!!

Translation: Gather strength-ben!! [Note: This is an sentence ending that Dongwookie created himself when he attaches 'ben' after 'se']

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 야 세븐은 반말이고!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: Ya!! Se7en is banmal!!! [Banmal is informal language you use to your juniors or close ones]

ianizing: @Sj861117sj @officialse7en 동욱이 권위적인 선배임? ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Dongwookie is a sunbae who likes to use his power? keke

officialse7en: @ianizing @sj861117sj 나 권위적이지 않아 “성준아~~~^^”

Translation: I’m not power hungry “Sung jun ah~~^^”

Sj861117sj: @ianizing ㅋㅋㅋ 살려줘형

Translation: kekek save me hyung

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 너좀맞아야겠따^^

Translation: you need to get hit ^^

(31) Hwangssabu: ”Hwangssabu Rules” time!^^ let’s do it! gogogogogogo~http://twitpic.com/9goqya

officialse7en: 언제어디서나 황싸부 룰^^ “Hwangssabu Rules” time!^^ @Hwangssabu https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/198012826776903681/photo/1

Translation: Always and everywhere, Hwangssabu rule ^^

(32) きの tokyo show case ほんとに 楽しいかったよ!!! きってくれた みなさん ありがとうございます!! あしたは ふくおか あさって なごや~ たのしみましょう!!!

Translation: I really enjoyed the tokyo showcase today!! Thank you to everyone! Tomorrow is fukuoka and then Nagoya!

(33) 후쿠오카 쇼케이스 끝!! 모두모두 고마워요^^ 어린이날 기념 일곱짤 븐이 귀척 쩌는사진 휘리릭!!!^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/198709044603654144/photo/1

Translation: Fukuoka showcase has ended!! Thank you to everyone^^ To celebrate children’s day, here’s a photo of 7 year old ‘Ben’!!!^^

(34) 나고야 쇼케이스 끝!!^^ 와준 팬들 모두고마워!!! 좋은무대 함께만들어준 멋지고(?) 예쁜(?) 우리 댄서들!!! ㅋ 하이텍 & 크레이지+스위치 효정씨!! 고마워요 다들^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/199109439096242178/photo/1

Translation: Nagoya showcase has ended!!^^ Thanks to all fans who came!! The cool (?) and beautiful (?) dancers who helped create a good performance together!! keke Hi tech and Crazy + Switch Hyojung ssi!! Thanks all^^

(35) Check this out!!! “@jungsungha: I’m going crazy 올렸어요!!@officialse7en http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy5xfz6Kw-8&list=UUjWRi2qaGtKjQyoQLc4OGkw&index=1&feature=plcp

(36) 한국오면 젤먼저먹고싶은🐔!!! 오늘은 저녁엔 안양이닷!!!^^

Translation: When I come to Korea, the thing that I want to eat the most!! Tonight it’s Anyang!!^^

(37) 헬로비너스 대박나세요!! 내일 첫방 화이팅^^ RT“@ohyongzu: 헬로비너스!! 대박신인등장~http://youtu.be/zU3Ug5pw7sw

Translation: Hello Venus daebak!! Fighting for tomorrow’s first performance^^ RT@ohyongzu: Hello venus!! Daebak newcomers has appeared

(38) RT @ygent_official: 15TH Anniv. 2011 YG FAMILY CONCERT LIVE DVD_Spot:http://youtu.be/-fI7NCsCWUI @youtube 에서

(39) 오사카의 밤… 미용실 갈 시간이 없어서 호텔로 미용실을 불렀다!!! 염색중………^^ 내일 만나요 오사카!!! https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/200949706858315777/photo/1

Translation: Osaka’s night.. Because I dont have time to go to the salon, so I called the salon to come to the hotel!!! Dyeing my hair..^^ Let’s meet tomorrow Osaka!!

(40) 오사카 1회공연 끝!!! 헥헥헥~ w Hi-tech & Crazyhttps://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/201207716885180416/photo/1

Translation: Osaka first showcase has ended!! hehehe~ w Hi-tech & Crazy

(41) 요거요거… 어렵네 참… https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/201238490220994560/photo/1/large

Translation: This this…is hard…geez…

(42) 오사카 2회공연도 끝!!! 도쿄 후쿠오카 나고야 오사카!!! 응원해준 많은 팬 여러분들 너무나 고맙습니다^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/201276440170348545/photo/1

Translation: Osaka 2nd showcase has also ended!! Tokyo Fukuoka Nagoya Osaka!! Thank you so much to the many fans who cheered me on^^

(43) 마이리마우스 나쁜놈!!! 노래 진짜 좋네요!! 대박입니다!! Ps. 상추형 이제 됐죠??^^ 죄송해요 일본이라 바빠서 아직 노래는 못들어봤네요ㅋㅋ 헤롱헤롱 @SANGCHUKANGCHU

Translation: Might mouse bad guys!! The song is really good! It’s daebak!! Ps. Sangchu hyung, now it’s ok yeah? ^^ Sorry I”m in Japan so i’m busy and havent listened tothe song yet keke

(44) RT @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN ハイタッチ終了!! http://t.co/orTBuuqp

Translation: High touch session has ended!

(45) 서울 돌아가기전 오사카에서 마지막 식사 라아아아메에에엔~~ 이래도 되나.. 싶을정도로 맛있네^^ https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/201550270147215360/photo/1

Translation: Before returning to Seoul, eating the last meal in Osaka~ It tastes so good to the extent that I am saying “Can Raaaaaameeeeeen be like this…” ^^

(46) Pjh79dancer: 다같이 커피한잔의 여유~~^^ http://twitpic.com/9ki174

Translation: Everyone enjoying a coffee~~^^

(47) 배고픈 참새들 맛난 빵 먹이기작전 https://twitter.com/#!/officialse7en/status/201567430730981376/photo/1

Translation: Plan to feed the hungry sparrows with yummy bread

(48) wowokhy: 항상생각해주시고챙겨주시는동욱오빠,! 최고ㅠㅠ♥ RT @hg537: 동욱이형♥ 너무너무 감사합니다♥ 이찌방♥ https://twitter.com/#!/hg537/status/201602944037158913/photo/1/large

Translation: Dongwook oppa who always thinks and takes care of us!! The best TT ♥ RT @hg537: Dongwookie hyung ♥Thank you so much ♥Ichiban♥

officialse7en: @wowokhy @hg537 @Pjh79dancer 부끄부끄^^ 모두들 수고하셨습니다!! 짝짝짝

Translation: Embarrassed ^^ Everyone worked hard! Clap clap clap

Translated by ceciliase7en

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