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[NEWS] Oricon interview: Se7en, “The thing that I don’t want to lose the most is..”

“Love Again” – the perfect title for the first single after making a comeback

Q: When you first heard this song, how did you feel?

A: When I first heard the song, the name ‘Love Again’ was put on it. I thought that this title was perfect for the first single after making a comeback. On top of that, the song is fresh and bright and like spring. This song was chosen because of its cheerfulness.

Q: In the MV, at the casino and on the stage, you showed a cool and classy mature image. Not just through the dance scenes but through the scene at the casino, you threw the money that you had gained and ran away, grabbing the girl’s hand and I was able to feel your masculine and strong image.

A: In reality, it’s money over love (laughs)

Q: It’s actually love right?

A:… Yes

Q: But the only not so good thing was when you manipulated the roulette (laughs)

A: That was an unavoidable thing I had to do in order to help the girl who was caught by bad guys and forced to work at the casino. So in the end, I put my remaining chips and the girl on the line to snatch her from the bad guys and run away.

Q: I thought that you had fallen in love with the girl at the casino and decided to run away with her.

A: If that’s true, then wouldn’t I become the bad guy?

Q: Yes, that’s what I had thought (laughs)

A: Ah… my acting skills are still not so good

Q: But now I have confirmed that Se7en ssi is a good person who fights for justice

A: In the MV (laughs)

I am the most happy on stage!

Q: The 2nd song ‘When I can’t sing’ was a collaboration with JY Park (famous for being 2AM and 2PM’s producer) and released in Korea in February and it created lots of attention.

A: When I received the lyrics for the song, I thought for the first time how it would be like if in 10 years time, I could not sing anymore. But I did not think about it that deeply since I’m not the type to worry or think much.

Q: Se7en ssi seems to be more of a ‘doing’ person than I had thought. When I saw the lyrics, I felt that the song had in it, singer Se7en’s heart, song, and thoughts about fans.

A: But for me, it’s not ‘When I can’t sing’, it’s more like ‘Because I will continue to sing’

Q: That’s a relief. In the lyrics, there’s a line ‘Even if I lose everything’. So is singing the thing you would hate to lose the most?

A: singing, music, all my fans

Q: But in the lyrics also, there’s a line “One day, I will put down the mike for the last time”

A: I dont want to. (laughs) Because I am most happy when I am on stage, I am not going to do that.

Q: I see. But won’t there be many fans who imagine Se7en like this and cry?

A: I also thought of my fans when I recorded the song. Because the reason I exist today is because of all the fans who have supported me in everything I have done

Q: And these lyrics “no matter which era two of us were born in”, if there was a time slip, what period in history would you like to travel to?

A: 100 years from now (laughs) but that’s impossible!

Q: In ‘Doraemon’, you can go anywhere through the time machine

A: But that’s manga! (laughs)

Q: So if you go to the past?

A: Then 100 years before (laughs)

Q: So your previous life. I would imagine that you would be royalty or a prince

A: Prince….’s dog which he has raised (laughs). Although rather than being a loyal dog to its owner, I would more likely be a mixed bred dog who would sleep here and there. But I would be happy everyday with no stress (laughs)

Q: (laughs) Lastly, please give our readers a message

A: We havent been able to meet for 4 years and this year, I want to meet my many Japanese fans and ‘Love Again’. This single is my 7th single and with a new season and a new mind, I hope I can start anew with everyone. (Smiling brightly) Bye bye!

Source: oricon.co.jp
Translated by ceciliase7en

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