Saturday, May 26, 2012

[Twitter] 120524 ~ 120526

(1) expo2012: @officialse7en 1,2,3,4,5,6,7!!!!!! 세븐님을 너무너무 좋아하는 여수세계박람회 마스코트 여니수니에요!!! 내일 현대자동차그룹의 날을 맞이해 빅오 해상무대에서 만나볼 수 있게 되어 얼마나 영광인지 몰라요!! 히힛!!! 기대가득!

Translation: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7!!! It’s Yeo ni Su ni, the mascots of the Yeosu World Expo who really really like Se7en nim!! Tomorrow on the Hyundai group’s day, you don’t know how honoured we are to be able to meet you on the Big O stage on the water!! He he! Filled with anticipation!!

officialse7en: @expo_2012 수니양 내일만나요^^

Translation: Su ni yang, see you tomorrow^^ [note: 'yang' is a way of addressing a girl who is younger than you politely]

lovelyLYH: @officialse7en 오빠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 수니만 언급해주면 여니는 울겠네영ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: Oppa kekekekek If you only mention Su ni, Yeo ni is going to cry kekekekeke [Note: there are 2 mascots for the Yeosu Expo, Yeo ni is the male one and Su ni is the female one]

officialse7en: @lovelyLYH 남자한텐관심없어요7

Translation: I’m not interested in guys7

(2) Pjh79dancer: 친구 만나서 신주쿠에 샤브샤브먹으러^^

Translation: I’m meeting a friend at Shinjuku to eat Shabu shabu^^

officialse7en: @Pjh79dancer 와우!! 박허허허세

Translation: Wow!!! Park shoooooow off

(3) 와우 국민대 축제!! 열기가 후끈~ 역시 우리학교 친구들 최고예요^^ ‘세븐’이름으로 학교 발전기금 2천만원 기부했습니다!! 좋은곳에 쓰이길 바래요^^ 국민대학교 학생여러분 화이팅!!!

Translation: Wow Kookmin University festival!! The atmosphere was hot~ People from our school are indeed the best^^ I donated 20 million won to the school under the name of ‘Se7en’! I hope it will be used on a good place^^ Fighting to all Kookmin University students!!

(4) RT @SE7ENSTAFF_JPN: いよいよ今夜25:08より日本テレビ系「ハッピーMUSIC」O.A.です!遅い時間ですがテレビの前にスタンバイお願いします(^-^)写真は「ハッピーMUSIC」リハーサル中のSE7EN。

Translation: Finally ‘Happy Music’ will be shown on Japanese TV Today at 25:08! Although it will be shown at a late time, please wait in front of the TV! ^_^ This is a photo of Se7en rehearsing for Happy Music

(5) 공항가는길!!! 날씨최고다^^ 오늘 스케줄 난리났어요 여수찍고 부산!!! 여수에서 부산을 30분 만에 가야해 어떻게?? 이따 말해줄게요^^

Translation: On the way to the airport!! The weather is the best^^ Today the schedule is crazy~ Yeosu then Busan!! How can I get to Busan from Yeosu in 30 minutes? I will tell you in a bit^^

(6) 여수에서 부산까지 30분만에 가는방법… 바로 이겁니다!!!^^ BUSAN make some noise!!!

Translation: The way to get to Busan from Yeosu in 30 minutes……is this!!!^^ BUSAN make some noise!!

(7) 가수생활 10년 만에 처음으로 헬기타고 스케줄! wow! Fantastic baby

Translation: This is the first time in my life as a singer that I am catching a helicopter to fulfil my schedules! wow! Fantastic baby~

(8) Fly high ~~~~~

(9) 부산 광안리!!!! 오늘 함께한 모든 분들~ 너무나 반가웠고 즐거웠어요!! Love yall~~♥ 모두 좋은밤 보내요^^

Translation: Busan Gwangalli!! Everyone who was there together with me~It was really nice to see you and I had a goo time!! Love yall~~♥ Everyone have a good night^^

(10) 이제서울도착너무피곤하지만굉장히보람찬하루였던거같아기쁜맘으로잠을잘수있겠다 모두좋은꿈꿉시다^^

Translation: I’ve arrived back in Seoul now. Even though I’m really tired, it was a very meaningful day. I can sleep with a happy heart. Everyone sweet dreams^^

(11) SE7EN at NTV Happy Music [Love Again]

(12) 今日23時よりSE7EN出演の「K-POPアイドル登竜門」オンエアです!今日もテレビの前にスタンバイお願いします!!

Translation: Today 11 PM "KPOP Idol Gateway to Success" feat. Se7en will be aired! Please standby in front of the TV today!

Translated by ceciliase7en (except point (12) by noizumi)

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