Thursday, January 19, 2012

[NEWS] Se7en makes his comeback in Japan with Taeyang’s help

With the help of fellow artist, Big Bang‘s Taeyang, Se7en made his comeback in Japan after 4 long years.

Collaborating with YG‘s star producer Teddy, Taeyang helped produce and write Se7en’s new single, ‘Somebody Else‘ – lending Se7en a hand for his recent come back.

Although Taeyang has been receiving recognition as a singer-songwriter ever since his solo album, he has never produced a song for another artist – making ‘Somebody Else’ the first song he has produced for someone else. Through this beautifully written R&B song, Taeyang brought out Se7en’s unique style.

YG Entertainment told StyleNews on January 19th, “Se7en is currently in Japan promoting for his new single. He will be handling a busy schedule of TV programs and interviews with magazines, and will also meet with Japanese fans.

‘Somebody Else’ has already been garnering much interest in Japan as it placed #1 on the Tower Records Pre-Sale Chart a day before its release.

Source & Photo: Nate
Taken from Allkpop

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