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[Translation] 120118 Oricon Style Special Interview Part 2

Q: In this album, there are many songs about sad love. What is your ideal love?

A: …….

Q: Oh, you’re suddenly quiet (laughs). Do you find talking about relationships annoying?

A: No, that’s not the case. I’m an adult man, so I would like of course a happy relationship. Dont people around us all not want a sad relationship?

Q: Of course. But in ‘Somebody Else’, the protagonist cannot tell the other person his heart and regrets it. Are you someone who speaks your heart?

A: Ah, i dont know. Depending on the situation at that point in time.. (Suddenly becomes tense) Somebody Else is not about me but about fans who have come to like somebody else, telling them “Careful! Something is going to happen! Danger!” (laughs)

Q: (laughs) You dont lie about your own heart right?

A: (laughs) Sometimes I do

Q: So they are white lies, considering the other person right? Do you also lie with bad intentions? [like opposite of white lies]

A: Both types of lies (laughs) represents my true heart (laughs)

Q: Se7en ssi is an interesting person

A: No, I’m a cool person!

Q: For sure, you’re cool

A: Sorry, that was over the top. I am really very sorry.

Q: (Next question I’m not totally sure but the gist is, that the interviewer says that when he performs he gives off a different charisma but when he’s talking, he becomes interesting)

A: That’s the problem (laughs)

Q: Oh? What do you mean?

A: I sing and dance in a cool way but then when I start talking, I become comical (laughs)

Q: But i think that is Se7en’s attraction

A: But that is only in Japan. In Korea, I talk in a mature and cool way but in Japan, I suddenly become a primary school kid (laughs). Because the words I use and the tone I speak in sounds like a child’s, I have no choice.

Q: So the Se7en in Japan is not the real Se7en

A: No, to be honest, the Se7en in Japan is my real personality. I want to be funny and the fact that what I say can make people laugh is great.

Q: When you talk, it feels as if you’re talking to fans and everyone

A: I believe that’s the attraction in live. I would like to communicate with fans and people who I have not been able to meet. When I sing, I am also not just singing by myself but with everyone. I want to share more heart.

Q: So its going to be the YG concert soon. It’s been nearly 5 years for you.

A: I am and everyone is really looking forward to it. Because there are interesting performances and collaborations by YG family that have never been seen before, I hope everyone is looking forward to it.

Q: Everyone in the YG family is famous for getting along with each other like real siblings. Did you give your younger siblings any advice on coming to Japan?

A: If i’m at the office and a member from Big Bang or 2ne1 ask me or want to discuss with me, I do [talk to them]

Q: Coming to Japan after a long time, is there any Japanese food that you want to eat?

A: COCO壱番 Curry chicken (I think he said he had 200g 3 times?). I only finished eating it the day before yesterday

Q: What other Japanese food do you like?

A: As long as it’s yummy, whether it’s Japanese food or Korean food I like it. I eat alot.

Q: Do you cook yourself?

A: Not really…. if it’s there, then I will make it. I can cook well! But when I was in the US, everyday I would make sandwiches or stew. But because I find it troublesome to clean up afterwards, I dont make it anymore (laughs)

Q: So, what are you really into now?

A: Maybe golf? Lately I really like it and I’m really into it

Q: What is your best score?

A: That’s a secret (laughs). Even just being at the golf course is good because the air is fresh and I can recharge myself. The walking is healthy, I enjoy playing and the food I eat afterwards is yummy (laughs)

Q: Lastly, what are your goals for this year?

A: Commemorating my return to Japan, I want to perform live as a solo artist, and I want to meet my Japanese fans and everyone! I want to make my songs explosive with this in my heart this year!

source: oricon style
translated by ceciliase7en

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