Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Notice] Announcement for SE7EN Official fan club Lucky Se7en 6th membership

Hello, this is an announcement from YG Entertainment.

SE7EN returned with us after a year and a half!

We are looking for LUCKYSE7EN 6th member who can be with SE7EN and cheer for

him always.

Thank you for many fans who waiting to LUCKYSE7EN 6th,

and LUCKYSE7EN 5th member who cheer for SE7EN as always.

February 10th! LUCKYSE7EN 6th membership is starting to enrollment with renewal of

LUCKYSE7EN ZONE. Please interests to LUCKYSE7EN 6th !

※ Please understand that you cannot contact to LUCKYSE7EN ZONE on February 9th ~

February 10th, because of site renewal

Person who want to join of SE7EN Fan Club, please read the guidelines below carefully.

◆ The 5TH LUCKYSE7EN Membership Guide ◆

1. Period for Enrollment

 - 2012 February 10th (Fri) ~ 2012 February 27th (Mon) midnight

2. Eligibility of Applicants

- Whoever have YG FAMILY CARD in SE7EN New Mini Album (When I Can’t Sing)

(Non-Koreans living in Korea or in overseas can join the Fan Club)

3. Period for membership

- 1 year from 2012 February 28th (Tue) (Period can be changed depend artist schedule and condition)

4. Enrollment Fee

- Free

5. Process

- contact to LUCKYSE7EN ZONE -> click to banner ‘회원가입’ -> choice member type (over

the age of 14 / under the age of 14 / Foreigner) -> Certificate YG FAMILY CARD ->

fill out the blank of application form -> finish!

6. Benefits for Members

1. Can access to online homepage only for Fan Club Member

2. SE7EN E-Newsletter / SMS Service

3. Special event will run for Fan Club Member

4. Take priority to enter of live(visual) show

5. Event will open for official Fan-Club

◆ LUCKYSE7EN 6th Member’s Event ◆

There will be a raffle special event for the members who authorized YG FAMILY CARD through LUCKYSE7EN ZONE during 2012, February 10th ~ February 20th ! ^^ Please give us your

support and interests and stay tuned for more information in future on the notice!

◆ Attention when applying ◆

- Must apply with one’s real information for the fan club application. Please be award of that

any restrictions may be applied to the activities of 6th LUCKYSE7EN members or rejection on

application if the applicant information is under somebody else’s (family, friends, etc).

- The written consent of a parents is required after apply for children under 14. Make sure to

prepare the written consent of parents in advance to avoid from missing the period to apply.

- Make sure to enter correct email address, contacts, and address. (YG do not responsible for undelivered text message or email caused by incorrect information.)

- People who authorized YG FAMILLY CARD on SE7EN official homepage, required to authorize

again for this application.

- Once YG FAMILY CARD is authorized, it cannot be used again for the fanclub authorization.

- Please be award of that YG will disqualified for the application if false YG FAMILY CARD

numbers are entered.

- Checking for the LUCKYSE7EN member after the fanclub application is available only

accompany with ‘LUCKYSE7EN 6th member’s application report page print’ + ‘Authorized

YG FAMILYCARD’. Therefore, please enter the personal information (name, DOB, address)

correctly and pay particular attention to the loss of YG FAMILY CARD.

◆ Help ◆

* Please contact email for any queries.

* Please read the notice before send a mail.

We cannot respond that queries included notice.

Mail address :

Mail title : Queries about LUCKYSE7EN 6th

Mail contents : Name / birth / ID (email address) / your queries

Thank you!!

(taken from via ceciliase7en

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